Jun Jiuling – Chapter 261

What is the Intention of This Story?

Absurd or not, crazy or not, it is just one family’s word.

The storyteller folded the fan and his voice was clear.

“It can be said that good and evil will be paid back in the end. Good deeds always come together.” He said in a loud voice, “This Miss Jun had finally repented and taken the right path, and she had obtained this good son-in-law and a good family.”

The audience in the tea house did not know whether to express joy or sorrow. They looked at the storyteller on the stage with a wooden expression, and felt a little nostalgic for the arrangement with the Jinyiwei, remembering how that time there was also a little girl who stood up and took the initiative to ask a question and provoke the atmosphere, so that everyone also knew how to behave.

Why wasn’t it more well arranged this time? What’s the right way to react?

There was a crisp sound that startled the crowd, but it turned out that the storyteller slapped the folding fan on the table.

“But chivalry has always been in this unique young lady. Doing good deeds in a way that rewards everyone, what a special woman.” He said, “To say that this Miss Jun is special, we must start from a more advanced time, and these events, whether her infatuation with the Young Master Ning, her acting crazy and vulgar, or, even more so, her final marriage with Young Master Fang, were all the arrangements made earlier by Miss Jun.”

What did that mean?

The people in the tea house were stunned again.

“This has to start with the origin of Miss Jun.”

“Do you know who this Miss Jun is?”

“You only know that she is the granddaughter of the Fang family, and her father was a good Qingtian man who devoted himself to the country and the people, but do you know that her Jun family has been practicing medicine for generations, and her grandfather Jun Fengchun was a famous divine doctor in Runan?”

“She has been hiding deep in the boudoir, hiding deep her true inheritance of the teachings of the Runan Divine Doctor Jun Jiuling.”

The people in the tea house were dumbfounded.

Divine doctor?

Divine doctor!


Several people in the Ning family’s house were also stunned, looking at the servant woman who was describing what the storyteller said.

“What a mess!” Third Madam Ning was the first to reply, “This fabrication is too outrageous.”

“What kind of divine doctor, it is better to simply say that she is an immortal.” Fourth Madam Ning also laughed, “Which of the divine doctors are who they say they are anyways?”

Madam Ning didn’t say anything. There was a slight smile of contempt at the corner of her mouth.

“And then what?” Master Ning was very interested, “So why did her father and mother die then?”

When his words fell in the room, and both Third and Fourth Madam Ning laughed, and the smile at the corner of Lady Ning’s mouth also scattered.

“Don’t say this, people’s lives are fated and can’t be changed by a divine doctor,” she whispered softly.

The laughter in the room still did not stop.

“Go on.” Master Ning waved his hand and said.


“Miss Jun had the heart to save her father and was endlessly grief-stricken by her inability to stop his return to heaven, so she devoted herself to the study of medicine. She was going to return to Runan at the time when her grandmother Fang came to meet her.”

“Miss Jun wanted to inherit the family business and return to Runan to reopen Jiuling Hall. She originally wanted to refuse the kindness of her grandfather’s family, but then she heard people describing the various sorrows of the Fang family. She heard that her grandfather and uncle were victimized, and her cousin did not have an incurable disease but was poisoned and his life was short.”

“Miss Jun deeply felt the pain of her relatives, and knowing that the Fang family was in crisis, she was determined to save her cousin and help the Fang family survive, so she set up a plan.”

“Since then, she has come to Yangchen and was first entangled in the Marriage of the Ning Family, which everyone knows about, after which it seemed logical for her to marry her cousin. For the Fang family and for her, it looked like they were desperate. No one was suspicious, and the enemy was even more complacent.”

“Miss Jun used their status as husband and wife to cover everyone’s eyes and ears and to detoxify and cure Young Master Fang. This is what you and I have seen, all the laughter and all the drama was arranged by Miss Jun.”

“Even in order to lure out the mastermind Li Changhong, Miss Jun did not hesitate to risk her life.”

“Carrying the sick and weak with the old and disabled, she trekked back to Runan, met the ambush, broke the trap, and staggered through the killing field.”

“Only then was the case of Li Changhong, Wang Jiang, and the six officers and men who had colluded for more than ten years finally exposed in one fell swoop.”

“For all her playing the fool and selling herself as crazy, the daughter of the Jun family’s fake marriage plan was exquisite!”

“This is why when the clever daughter did not return overnight, Old Lady Fang did not hesitate to turn over the city with the imperial edict!”

“That’s because Miss Jun is a person of great merit in this family.”

With a crisp snap sound, the storyteller fanned his clothes and stood solemnly.

There was silence in the tea house, and then there was raucous applause.


Madam Ning’s room was silent, and she looked at the servant woman with a stunned expression.

“It’s really ingenious.” Master Ning murmured and nodded, “One ring after another, one ring after another, one ring after another, not only explaining the Fang family’s secretly planned revenge, but also explaining why they had hidden an imperial edict for so many years, but they used it to make a big fuss for a woman who did not return at night. It is not ridiculous, she is not naughty and foolish, everything has a cause and effect. It was a reward.”

Madam Ning and the others were no longer smiling.

“It’s still just a story.” Third Madam Ning shook her fan vigorously and said, “Everyone knows how good and powerful their Fang family is. They are still just spinning stories into different shapes.”

“This means that Miss Jun is not the wife of the young master of the Fang family, and the marriage is fake.” Ning Yunyan’s voice rang again.

The room froze.

“So what?” Madam Ning said in a stiff voice, clutching the fan in her hand.

“That is to say, Jun Zhenzhen is not yet married, and she can still marry.” Ning Yunyan raised her hand and narrowed her eyes, “She can still come and haunt brother.”

With a snap, Madam Ning knocked the fan on the table, and the handle broke.

“Who does she think she is!” She exclaimed, “What is she doing!”

This time it was possible for them to use the imperial edict.

The other people in the room had this thought in their minds at the same time.

Madam Ning obviously thought about it too, and her face stiffened.

“Imperial edict or not, it can’t make us marry another woman into our family.” She said, “Just by making up that nonsense about a divine doctor who heals the sick, they want to turn a woman who has worshiped heaven and earth and entered the bridal chamber into a virginal young maiden again and shove her at us. Heaven forbid.”

“Yeah, it’s too bullying.” Third Madam Ning said indignantly, “What do they take our Yunzhao for?”

“There is no need to worry. The Fang family just made up the story to coax the people. I don’t believe they would dare to come to our house to make trouble.” Fourth Madam Ning said, looking at Master Ning, “Big Brother, what do you say?”

Master Ning was not as angry and nervous as Madam Ning.

“Of course,” he said with a smile.

When his words had calmed the women’s hearts, the atmosphere eased a lot, and the servant woman was instructed to continue to pay attention to the movements of the Fang family in the city and was made to retreat with a hand wave.

“Then, shall this be written about in the letter to brother?” Ning Yunyan asked abruptly.

Madam Ning, who had calmed down, was furious again.

“Tell your brother what! What has this to do with him?”

Ning Yunyan trembled and bowed her head in grievance.

Ever since she was betrothed, her mother did not spoil her as before. Sure enough, a married daughter is like spilled water. She had not even married, and the family was already not so friendly to her.

Although the family did not say, she felt the sudden betrothal must have been a reaction related to the incident at the Jinyun Tower on March 3rd.

Probably Lin Jin’er had been scared into exposing the matter.

Lin Jin’er, that lowly maid, was still dragging her down even when she was on death’s door.

And the reason why Lin Jin’er was able to drag her down was naturally on account of Jun Zhenzhen, that cheap servant, who harmed others.

She was completely dejected1 to see that Jun Zhenzhen had turned into a special woman today.

Ning Yunyan was aggrieved and resentful, and had lowered her head after being yelled at by her mother, but she was not angry. Instead, she felt more at ease.

So what if she was special? She couldn’t even think about getting involved with their family because in the eyes of her mother and brother, she was still a toad.

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Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 灰头土脸 – huī ​tóu​ tǔ ​liǎn – “head and face filthy with grime”; dejected and depressed

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