Jun Jiuling – Chapter 262

Ru’nan as Evidence

In any case, discussing Miss Jun had made the atmosphere not good. Third Madam Ning smiled and got up to break the awkwardness.

“Okay, let’s go, I’ll go with you and write to your brother.” She wrapped her arms around Ning Yunyan’s shoulder and smiled, leading Ning Yunyan out.

Fourth Madam Ning also got up and retreated, and the maids and servants hurriedly followed out of the house.

In tea houses and restaurants in Yangcheng was a constant discussion about the storyteller, and in the streets and alleys there was talking everywhere, and the servants of the Ning family in Beiliu Town naturally knew of it.

“Still talking about the Divine Doctor.” Fourth Madam Ning pouted at the servant woman, “I wonder if she’ll open a hall for a consultation? Let everyone see her magic skills.”

The servants all laughed.

“How would she dare?” They said, “It’s easier to be a wonderful woman if she hides at home.”

Fourth Madam Ning laughed and led the people away.

At this time, Yangcheng was also very lively.

The freshness of Fang Dechang’s story of saving the first emperor has passed, and the story of Miss Jun, the young mistress of the Fang family, had set off a new wave of excitement.

“So it is to say that Miss Jun didn’t come to our Yangcheng city because she was alone and desperate to seek refuge with a relative?”

“Yeah, it was said that she was going back to Ru’nan, and that in Ru’nan she has a family and a business and a reputation, but she came here to treat the young master of the Fang family.”

“Does that mean that the marriage contract and the entanglements with the Ning family are all fake?”

“The marriage contract is not necessarily fake.”

“What? Then in order to treat her cousin’s illness and avenge the Fang family, Miss Jun even gave up the marriage contract?”

“Yeah, otherwise why would they call her an odd woman.”

“I think it’s nonsense.”

The tea house at the gate of the city was full of people resting their feet to escape the summer heat, and the talk was naturally about the latest story. There were various perspectives on the whole thing.

“Making up stories must also have a limit. Now that their family is different from the past, it is understandable that they want a decent young mistress. But to put aside a bad reputation is good too. Even if they only said that she came here to endure humiliation and burdens in order to help the Fang young master cure his illness, that’s fine. Why should they say that she is a divine doctor?” The man shook his head as he said, “Do they really know what divine doctor means?”

This argument had existed since the first day of the brilliant scheme.

The story was wonderful and bizarre, but the words “divine doctor” had not been ignored by everyone.

So Young Master Fang was not cured by chongxi1, but by this Miss Jun?

In fact, the Fang family had said this when they took out the holy will and were questioned by Ma Zhifu on the street. However, everyone only thought that this was the Fang family’s evasive remarks to the government official.

In the past ten years, so many doctors have pronounced that the young master of the Fang family would not be able to live to be fifteen years old. Was he cured by this Miss Jun?

Were these famous doctors also putting on a play for the past ten years, or were these famous doctors not skilled?

They’re obviously playing a joke.

“I’m not kidding, I’ll find out if I go see Miss Jun when I’m sick.” Someone laughed.

This also attracted a blank stare.

“Just kidding. You go and try it.”

“That’s the Fang family, they have the imperial decree in their hands, and if they can’t cure whatever, they can say it is cured. What can you do?”

The laughter in the tea house was lively. A carriage came from a distance on the creaky road and stopped in front of the tea shed.

The driver of the car was a young lad. Rushing against the big sun, his face was covered in sweat, and his face was red.

“Shop keeper, come three bowls of tea.” He said out loud.

The shop keeper’s response was to greet the young man while serving tea.

“Come in and sit.” he said.

The boy didn’t come in. Instead, he carefully lift the curtain.

“Mother, how is Father?” he asked.

The shop keeper was also bringing tea and looked curiously into the carriage. He was so frightened that he cried out, which stopped the excitement of the tea house. Everyone looked over.

The young man’s face was even more flushed, and he lowered the curtain with a little embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, father is sick.” He said, looking at the retreating shop keeper and hesitating to reach out to take the tea.

The shop keeper had already recovered his senses, and gave apologies one after another as he handed over the tea.

“I’m the one who made a fuss.” He said hurriedly.

The young man was also extremely thirsty, and did not refuse to pass the tea into the car to give his parents two bowls, and he also took a bowl and drank it.

“Young man, do I hear that your accent is from Henan?” The shop keeper couldn’t help but ask curiously.

The young man smiled sheepishly.

“Yes, I am from Ru’nan, the capital of Caizhou Prefecture.”


These two words came out, and there was a humming in the quiet tea house.

“How did someone from Ru’nan come to our Yangcheng City?” The shop keeper had already asked first, looking at the carriage, “And with a sick old man.”

He asked this sentence, and the young man showed a strange look, as if his question was puzzling.

“We have come to see the doctor.” He said, “Miss Jun Jiuling has come to her grandparent’s house in Yangcheng now.”

There was silence in the tea house.

The young man didn’t care. He put down the tea bowl and gave the money.

“Where does Miss Jun live?” he asked.

No one answered him.

The young man looked at these people with some puzzlement.

“Don’t you know?” He said, “Miss Jun is so famous. ”

Miss Jun was indeed famous, but everyone seemed to understand that being famous didn’t hold the same meaning.

The shop keeper was the first to regain his senses and show him the way, and the young man rushed into the city with great gratitude.

When he left, someone grabbed the shop keeper and asked what the people in the carriage looked like and how it was able to frighten him so.

“There is a sore on his face.” The shopkeeper reached out his hand and gestured, with a bit of lingering fear, “It’s so big.”

There was an immediate uproar in the tea house.

“Real or fake?”

“They came from Ru’nan.”

“Just like Mr. Storyteller, he’s a shill for the Fang family.”

“He said that she is a divine doctor and that they came for medical treatment. What kind of a coincidence is this if he’s not a shill?”

“I wonder how many the Fang family invited? This one is not interesting.”

The sneering words spoken by this person were quickly fulfilled, and after that, many people from Ru’nan came to Yangcheng one after another, and all of them asked for directions the same way.

Where is Miss Jun Jiuling’s residence?

This made the excitement that had just set off in Yangcheng even bigger.

“Liar? We’ve come so far just to lie to you!” Faced with questions from the people, the tired and hot Ru’nan people who were in front of the city gate were very annoyed, “What’s fake about Miss Jun being a divine doctor?”

He looked at these people with irritation and sarcasm and pity.

“We originally envied you. Miss Jun is here with you. You really have a fortune, I thought. You are blind and don’t even know it.”

After that, the locals looked at the foreigners and the city people could see the contempt of the people from the country.

“It is truly seeing is believing.”

What seeing is believing? They hadn’t seen anything yet to believe, okay!

How could a young lady who could only clamor to marry the most famous son in Yangcheng be a divine doctor?

Even the most knowledgeable people can’t take pity on these two.

The people of Yangcheng felt aggrieved and unfair.

“Then let’s increase our knowledge.”

The people of Yangcheng who refused to accept it also followed these medical seekers from Ru’nan to the Fang family.

But unfortunately, no one could see anything now, because Miss Jun was not at home.

Those people from Ru’nan who came to seek medical treatment were properly accomodated by the Fang family, and the young master of the Fang family personally received them, and promised to write a letter to Miss Jun with their condition description, and if they were willing to wait, they could wait here for Miss Jun to return, and the Fang family would bear the burden.

This promise put the Yangcheng people in an uproar once again.

“This is not what a shill does!”

“How can anyone who seeks medical treatment be treated as an ancestor!”

“They eat and drink, so is it still free to treat the disease and give medicine?”

However, the uproar of the Yangcheng people was once again scorned by Ru’nan’s medical seekers. Regarding the Fang family’s promise, the people from Ru’nan were calm and did not faint with excitement.

“Is this an exaggeration?” They looked at the excited Yangcheng people with condescending contempt, “You are really ignorant.”

Why do you know this?

Have you ever seen such a thing before?

The people of Ru’nan laughed when they heard this question.

“Of course I’ve seen it.” They said, “Miss Jun and Young Master Fang did this when they were in Ru’nan.”

When in Ru’nan.

The people of Yangcheng all thought of it. The storyteller told the story of the strange woman who was sick and weak, brought the old and the disabled, and traveled back to Ru’nan.

Is there also an old legend in Ru’nan?

“Absolutely.” The people of Ru’nan were full of memories, “The old story of Ru’nan is legendary.”

Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 冲喜 – chōngxǐ – save a patient’s life by giving him a wedding to counteract bad luck

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