Jun Jiuling – Chapter 271

Coincidence They crossed the alley and came to another street. Compared with the main street, this street was narrower and quieter, and the night was darker. There were only sporadic stalls with lanterns. The boss was sitting and dozing behind the fire when he heard footsteps. He stood up and rubbed his eyes. “What wouldContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 271”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 270

NIGHT LEISURE TOUR The night in the capital was different from that in Yangcheng. It seemed that there was never a time when it was quiet. It really was a city that never sleeps. Miss Jun calmed down and got out of bed. Liu’er slept soundly by the window. This was an ordinary inn. ItContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 270”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 269

LOVESICKNESS IS NOT FAR Within ten miles of the capital, the places had already become more prosperous than the towns they encountered along the way. This place was called Beiguan. It was full of shops and everywhere was crowded. Miss Jun led Liu’er and the horse through it. Liu’er’s two eyes couldn’t see everything, andContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 269”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 268

GOSSIP IS ALSO REASONABLE The girl who makes tea! The young people in the room were stunned, and immediately looked excited. This was really incredible news. “What’s going on here? Is it a continuation of an old relationship or a first meeting?” “I think it’s an old relationship. Isn’t this Thousand-Man Commander Lu from aContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 268”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 267

EVEN SMALL THINGS HAVE BIG THOUGHTS This map was no stranger to Liu’er. This map was given by Manager Gao. Later, the lady told her to return it to the Manager Gao, yet unexpectedly took it back. But she didn’t quite know what the map was for. “This map shows all the places to eat,Continue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 267”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 266

UNSATISFACTORY NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN When Concubine Su was uncovered as a culprit, Lingzhi had been locked up like Fang Jinxiu. At that time, in order to draw out Song Yunping, it was claimed that Lingzhi was pregnant, but was killed by Concubine Su. Of course, now the family already knew that Lingzhi fakedContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 266”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 265

EVERYONE IS WORN WITH AGE The people overthinking became confused, but General Tian, ​​whose thinking was simple, understood it very well. Because he knew what he wanted to hear, his face was full of regret. Would he be really be disabled from then on? “Don’t worry, Lord Tian, ​​I don’t feel sad or regretful.” LeiContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 265”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 264

WHICH ONE IS THIS AGAIN? A Righteous Friend. Many of the young people who came around didn’t know the name, but some of the older people still had some impressions. It was created by Zhang Peng, an old boxer in Shanxi. Zhang Peng’s pair of fists was famous in Shanxi, and let him to beContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 264”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 263

This is beyond doubt Yangcheng storytellers have been very unhappy lately. It was only two days ago that the clever people set up a clever ruse but suddently, during what should have been the most lively and popular time, the teahouse audience was reduced by half. This was because there were a lot of foreignersContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 263”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 262

Ru’nan as Evidence In any case, discussing Miss Jun had made the atmosphere not good. Third Madam Ning smiled and got up to break the awkwardness. “Okay, let’s go, I’ll go with you and write to your brother.” She wrapped her arms around Ning Yunyan’s shoulder and smiled, leading Ning Yunyan out. Fourth Madam NingContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 262”