Jun Jiuling (君九龄) by Xi Xing (希行)

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Standing outside the rubble of the dilapidated house, she only cared about one thing. 

As she bent over to take the fallen sign into her hands, the whispers from the crowd around her intensified, "Is she really a doctor?"; "Is the medicine really free"; "Has she really come back to renew the prosperity of Jiuling Hall?"

All of these were true. But she only cared about one thing.

"My name has come back to me," she thought, as her fingers traced over the name on the sign.

Jiuling Hall.

She had once been Princess Jiuling.

She had lost her name, along with her life, after her unsuccessful attempt to kill the current King for his sins against the late King, her father.

And after she had died, she had woken up into the body of a silly and tempestuous young lady. A recently orphaned daughter who had, on her father's side, an ancestral family of doctors and on her mother's side, the powerful backing of Yangcheng's strongest merchant family.

Princess Jiuling might be dead, but her grudge was not forgotten.

With her unparalleled medical skills, fantastic wit, and her newfound identity, she will need to first disentangle herself from the petty grievances of an arranged marriage, earn the trust of her maternal family, and make her way back to the capital in time for her sister's marriage to the head of the King's trusted imperial guard, who also just so happens to be Princess Jiuling's former husband.

Too easy.

You Are My Glory (你是我的荣耀) by Gu Man (顾漫).

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Qiao Jingjing is a star. Her face can be seen on bus stops, in shop windows, and, more to the point, on advertisements for the game Kings of Glory. And in just a little over a months' time, she'll be featured in an exhibition match to show everyone her skills as the game's spokesperson. There's just one problem...

She has none.

What problem? No problem! After all, learning the game can't be any harder than going to the gym, or so she thinks. So she dedicates herself with fervor, even digging up an old QQ account from her high school days and logging on with this alternate ID to practice in secret, away from the eyes of fans and haters alike.

But logging in with an account from her past also brings a person from her past...

Yu Tu, the shining star of high school, and her long-forgotten QQ friend, ends up taking her by the hand to raise her rating and skill level and, in the process, rekindles the torch she carried for him through her youth.

He had rejected her confession in high school to pursue academics, and now he's struggling with economic instability and uncertainty about continuing to pursue his dreams.

Coaching Qiao Jingjing to play Kings of Glory might have begun as a distraction, but he can't help but reflect on what he was like in high school, and on the passion that drove him... and on the girl who confessed to him too soon.

What's written in the stars for these two? Time will tell.

Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce (爆笑宠妃:爷我等你休妻) by Fan Que (梵缺).

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