Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 107

Calmly Countering Every Trick 5

Since Qu Tan’er had just lowered her head, she didn’t see Mo Liancheng’s line of sight and naturally she didn’t understand what Jingxin meant.

“Master, the lord is asking you something.” Jingxin whispered back, and after she finished speaking, she took a peek at Mo Liancheng.

“Huh?” Qu Tan’er was stunned. She immediately raised her head and looked at Mo Liancheng suspiciously. It turned out that Mo Liancheng really was looking at her. No need to guess, what he said just now was indeed a question for her.

“What do you think?”

“It’s up to destiny.” Qu Tan’er also copied what he just said.

“Oh?” He raised his eyebrows with a hint of humor.

“Isn’t that what you said?”

“Indeed, you understand what Benwang means.” Mo Liancheng seemed quite satisfied with her answer.

“If I am able to speak your mind, wouldn’t you silence me?” Qu Tan’er raised her face and pretended to be careful. Men are fickle, she had learned it now, and simply more difficult to deal with than women.

“If you don’t want to live, then Benwang can fulfill your wish.” Mo Liancheng gritted his teeth inexplicably.

“Thank you, no, I still want to live a hundred years.” Qu Tan’er laughed dryly, but the topic that had just been cut off continued: “The question of whether destiny is only known by the heavens or if it is a man-made destiny, that seems hard to say. Hehe.” She said, accompanied by a sinister smirk.


Mo Liancheng sprayed out the wine that had just entered his lips, and then, under the stunned gaze of everyone, he took out his handkerchief, wiped his lips lightly, and then stared at her with a half-smile and said, “You understand Benwang’s mind so well? How can you manage it…”

“That…you asked me to tell you just now, so you can’t find fault, let alone silence me!” Qu Tan’er glared at him, her pink fist clenched, and she was a little angry. Just making fun of me. He really thinks that I am easy to bully. If I had known this earlier, I might as well shut up and not bother to pay attention to him.

“Eighth sister-in-law, how could Eighth brother be willing to kill you? There’s not even enough time to appreciate you.” Mo Jingxuan laughed suddenly. As for the doubts just now, they were all put aside at this time because there was nothing more interesting than her expression.

“That’s hard to say.” Qu Tan’er pouted.

“I promise.” Mo Jingxuan patted his chest with a serious look on his face.

“Promises can’t be eaten.” Promise? If the promise could be sold for money, that’s fine.

Moreover, she is not a three-year-old child and does not play this kind of game.

“Eighth…” Mo Jingxuan smiled and stretched out his hand, and was about to embrace Qu Tan’er’s shoulder, but from the corner of his eyes he caught the cold eyes that Mo Liancheng swept towards him. He stopped the hand that touched Qu Tan’er’s shoulder abruptly in mid-air, and then put it down again. The corners of his mouth twitched, “Eighth brother, your natural enemy is here.”

Because of a certain figure running towards them from not far away, this embarrassing moment suddenly had a turning point.

Qu Tan’er followed Mo Jingxuan’s line of sight, and just happened to see someone rushing over… But, could it be that Mo Fengyang wanted to fly into the arms of Mo Liancheng’s ?

“Brother Liancheng.”

Mo Fengyang rushed over, but unexpectedly didn’t do what Qu Tan’er thought. She just stopped in front of Mo Liancheng and looked at him excitedly.

“…” Qu Tan’er glanced at Mo Fengyang and Mo Liancheng, and the mood of watching a play resurfaced.

“Why are you not over there, but came here instead?” Mo Liancheng still smiled gently. No matter who it was, the smile on his face never faded.

8/18/22 I wanted to let any one who has come this far to know that Hilarious Pampered Consort is more-or-less shelved for now. I might post chapters randomly as I feel like it, but I doubt I’ll be able to focus on it any time soon.

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