Jun Jiuling – Chapter 226

Swaggering Through the Market

Now it’s our turn to laugh.

The enemy has been cut down, the root has been pulled out, and the grandson has recovered. This is really a great joy for heaven and earth to celebrate together.

Old Lady Fang laughed loudly.

Although Fang Yuxiu couldn’t make such a forthright laugh, she also squeezed her lips and smiled, took out a handkerchief and slowly wiped away her tears.

“Yes, we want to laugh.” She said, “No matter how sad the past is, it’s time to be happy now, and we have to laugh.”

Fang Chengyu nodded with a smile, pulled Fang Yuxiu up, and they helped Old Lady Fang up together.

Old Lady Fang looked at Fang Chengyu and there was a surge in her mind and her mouth.

“Grandma, this is not a place to talk. Let’s go back and talk about it. Mother and elder sister are anxious to wait,” Fang Yuxiu said.

Yes, this is not a place to talk, Old Lady Fang nodded.

“Go, go.” She said, holding Fang Chengyu’s hand.

Fang Chengyu did not take steps.

“Grandma, wait a minute.” He said, with a little grievance and shyness on his face. “My face and clothes are dirty. I need to change it.”

Fang Yuxiu and Old Lady Fang were stunned.

Fang Chengyu’s face was stained with blood, which looked a little scary.

“It doesn’t look good going outside like this.” Fang Chengyu continued, “How sorry it would be if someone saw it.”

People may dare to kill, but they still care very much about whether they look good or not.

Old Lady Fang and Fang Yuxiu couldn’t help laughing.

“Okay, you change your clothes and wash your face.” Old Lady Fang said.

When they saw the three coming out again, the officials sitting in the official hall saw they were refreshed. They had actually used Magistrate Li’s back house and furniture rudely.

“When the feud is big, the hatred is greater and needs to vent.” Some officials had to explain to themselves, “This is not taboo, we do not care.”

Old Lady Fang knelt down and kowtowed.

“Thank you, Mr. Qingtian.” Her voice choked excitedly.

Fang Chengyu followed her closely and was as clever as the lady of the Fang family.

If it hadn’t been that they had seen him use torture to extract a confession and raise a knife to kill a person, he would really have been taken for just a sick child.

Even so, many people present speculated in their hearts whether the child was really impulsive. Is he a sick child?

After all, his posture of holding a knife showed that it was the first time. Very strange.

It was murder.

For ordinary people, don’t even mention killing people, they dare not kill a chicken.

But the young man was calm, as if he were used to killing people.

It was really confusing.

However, one has heard that some people look honest, but in fact they are very fierce. Commonly known as barking dogs do not bite, biting dogs do not bark.

Fang Chengyu and Fang Yuxiu also kowtowed to thank them.

“You go back. We will soon make this matter public,” prefect Ma said.

The grandparent and grandchildren thanked him again. Fang Chengyu and Fang Yuxiu quickly helped Old Lady Fang get up, and they left the official hall together.

Seeing them coming, the soldiers guarding the county government office stepped forward to open the door.

The door opened slowly. As soon as the three of them raised their feet and stepped, they heard a shout.

“Coming out!”

With this shout, the noise surged like a tide.

“Look at it.”

“Where did you come from?”

The Fang family were shocked. The front of the county government office was full of people. It seems that all the people in Yangcheng had come out.

What’s going on?

Old Lady Fang looked at the crowd.

When the soldiers and horses had entered the city and pushed down the county government office, the people had almost abandoned the city and fled in horror. They had cowered at home until pacified.

Why did they come here without thoroughly understanding the situation and ensuring their safety?

Fang Yuxiu suddenly sneered.

“Little brother, they all came to see you.”

Old Lady Fang looked at Fang Chengyu.

“Oh, yes, I was walking when I entered the city.” Fang Chengyu said, smiling, “Someone has probably…”

He didn’t say “recognized me” because there was a bustle in the crowd.


“I saw a smile!”

“Is it the same as the fifteenth day of the first lunar month?”

All kinds of shouts and inquiries poured in.

Fang Yuxiu sighed.

“What should I do? This loss will be huge.” She suddenly said.

Old Lady Fang and Fang Chengyu both looked at her.

“We didn’t prepare a flatbed cart.” Fang Yuxiu said seriously, “We can’t carry home all the melons and fruits.”

When a beautiful man goes out, people will throw fruit into his cart.1

Old Lady Fang and Fang Chengyu both laughed.

Fang Chengyu looked at the lively people in front of the county government office, with a bright look in his eyes.

“There are more people than that time.” He said, “Grandma, look, I said it was right to wash and change clothes.”

This is the second time that Fang Chengyu has been watched. That time was the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, but at that time, he was riding in the car and waiting to die.

Everyone was looking at a dying man, but now it’s different.

Old Lady Fang’s stopped tears were about to pour out again.

Today, she had shed more tears than in the first half of her life combined. When did she become so fragile? It was a joke to let people see.

“Grandma, don’t worry. In the future, you can cry and laugh whenever you want. No one will look at you.” Fang Yuxiu said aside, “Everyone is looking at Chengyu.”

Old Lady Fang was teased again.

“You mean I’m old and ugly.” She said.

Fang Yuxiu squeezed her mouth and reached out to stroke her face.

“I’m not as young and beautiful as my younger brother.” She sighed, “Let’s not go out with my brother in the future.”

Fang Chengyu smiled.

“You don’t have to go out in the future. Just let me do anything, Grandma Second Sister. Go and take the carriage. I’ll go back. I will get to know Yangcheng, which I have lived in for so many years.” He said, brushing his sleeves and stepping across the threshold, “Let Yangcheng get to know me, too.”

He let go of Old Lady Fang and walked out of the county government office step by step. As he came out, the originally noisy people calmed down, and countless eyes condensed on him.

“Are you the young master of the Fang family?” An old man standing in front asked curiously.

“Yes.” Fang Chengyu said with a smile.

Although they already knew it, the crowd was still noisy when they heard him say it himself.

“How are you?”

“Where have you been?”

“How did you get cured?”

Countless questions and people poured in, and the escorts came forward to block them. Fang Chengyu did not speed up, but answered the questions he heard one by one while walking.

“I’m going to treat the disease.”

“I’m ready.”

“It’s really good. Look at my legs.”

He also stretched out his hand to pick up his robe, stretched out his legs to show everyone, and then jumped.

The amiable and naive childishness of some children immediately caused laughter in the crowd.

“Master Fang, Master Fang, you still don’t recognize me? I saw you when you were a child.”

Someone was shouting on tiptoe a little farther away.

Fang Chengyu looked over with a smile.

“I was too young to remember when I was sick, but I’m old now and will come out often in the future, so I will know you.” He also replied loudly.

Laughter broke out again in the crowd.

More people inquired in the street, but unlike the pitiful or curious looks at the Lantern Festival, this time it was more amazement.

Because he walked through the crowd and talked from time to time, it took Fang Chengyu more than an hour to walk from the county government office to Fang Zhai, which originally should have taken less than half an hour.

The door of the Fang family had been opened, and there were excited guards in front of the door. Seeing Fang Chengyu and his party from afar, they immediately shouted in.

“The young master is back!”

“The young master is back!”

The young master was back.

The young master, who once carried the hope of the Fang family, had came back.

Fang Chengyu stopped in front of the door and watched the gate step as he stepped forward.

1– I think this phrase relates to this story: “” ‘ So handsome as to have fruit thrown to him, enough to fill his chariot’. This refers to P’an An of the Sung Dynasty, the most beautiful youth known to Chinese history or legend. Whenever this Apollo appeared upon the streets in his carriage, the women gazed upon him with admiration, and threw pears, peaches and other fruits, so that his cart was filled with them. The expression is used in praise of masculine beauty.” source


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