Jun Jiuling – Chapter 227

Joy is the Most Important Thing to Leave People

When the echoes outside the door came in, the Fang family’s mansion was not disturbed.

In fact, everyone was already waiting in the yard in front of the gate.

When Fang Chengyu had first entered the city, the entourage who entered the county government office had reported it. The news had also been reported day by day. She had calculated it day by day, but she didn’t count that he would arrive this day.

Lady Fang almost fainted with excitement.

“Mother, let’s pick up little brother from the county office.” Fang Yunxiu cried happily.

Concubine Yuan was just about to call for a carriage.

“No.” Lady Fang stopped crying, wiped her tears and sat upright. “He went to the county government office to help his grandmother. If we don’t want to cause trouble, we will wait for him at home.”

It really took a long time to wait.

Having never left her son for so long, and now that he had finally he came back and was not far away, less than half an hour away.

Lady Fang felt it was longer than waiting for these past two months.

When she heard the voice of the young master coming back outside the door, Lady Fang felt that her whole life was over.

The servants on both sides shouted happily, and many people ran to the gate.

Concubine Yuan and Fang Yunxiu were supposed to welcome him at the gate, but when they saw Lady Fang sitting still, they stopped their feet and looked at her happily.

However, it was not that Lady Fang didn’t want to get up to greet him, but that she didn’t have the strength to get up at all. She held the armrest and looked at the door.

A teenager appeared in sight.

Lady Fang’s tears blurred her eyes in an instant.

She didn’t have to see clearly. She recognized her son.

He was similar to his father when he was young.

She couldn’t remember her husband clearly, but when she saw this figure, her memory came back.

At the beginning, when her husband died, she survived the pregnancy until she gave birth smoothly. Looking at the infant child, she wondered countless times whether he would grow up like his father.

He can laugh, can stagger, crawl, and leave. Growing up day by day, she looked forward to and imagined the future day by day.

Then everything stopped abruptly when the child was five years old.

All the expectations were gone. She didn’t expect him to make any great achievements, and didn’t expect him to take on the heavy responsibilities of the family. Her only prayer was that he could live one more day and live two more days and three more.


The voice of the youth rang in her ear.

Only then did Lady Fang see that Fang Chengyu was standing in front of her.

“Madam.” Concubine Yuan stretched out her hand to help her.

Fang Chengyu had reached out and held her arm first, and he knelt down.

“Mom.” He looked up at her and smiled. “I’m back.”

The healthy and promising child of tomorrow is back.

The happy days of longing for joy on the chessboard are back.

Lady Fang stretched out her hand to hug him and cried.

“Chengyu, I’m sorry. I hurt you in the first place.”

After all these years, she was finally able to say this sentence herself.

Fang Yunxiu leaned against Concubine Yuan’s arm and couldn’t stop from crying. As Concubine Yuan patted the girl, she also burst into tears.

The girls in the yard cried one after another.

Old Lady Fang and Fang Yuxiu, who had been slowly following Fang Chengyu and had just returned, couldn’t help crying again when they stood at the door.

There was a lot of crying in the Fang family’s house. If previously one had heard it on the street outside, they would only think that the Fang family curse had struck again, but now no one would think so.

“Weeping with joy.”

“I really have to cry. Although it has nothing to do with me, I want to cry.”

People who were following the fun outside said one after another.

But in this festive crying, there was a shrill shout.

“Where’s my young lady?”

Liu’er ran out and bumped into the crowd, but she didn’t find Miss Jun.

The little girl didn’t cry. She turned her head and raised her eyebrows and stared.

“Did you throw away my lady!”

The sad atmosphere suddenly dissipated. Looking at Liu’er, the girls did not dare to stop her. Fang Chengyu let go of Lady Fang and turned around.

“No, I came back quickly because I had something to do. She didn’t hurry and is walking slowly. It won’t be too hard.” He said with a smile.

Liu’er looked at him with a disbelieving face.

“Is that real or false?”

Fang Chengyu took out a letter and handed it to her.

“This is what your lady wrote for you.” He said.

Liu’er stretched out her hand suspiciously.

“I tell you not to imitate my lady’s handwriting. I read and write with my lady.” As she spoke, she opened the letter, “Take that bed of green radish bedding. The tent is made of lotus spinning, and you can choose the flowers in the greenhouse. Just fresh ones are fine…”

She read and the worry and anger on her face dissipated and was replaced with a bursting smile.

“… I’ll arrive about the day after you see the young master.”

Seeing the last sentence, she took the stationery in her hand and turned around and ran away.

“Put the house as the young lady ordered.”

She ran away. The atmosphere had been interrupted and couldn’t pick back up.

“Young master is tired, too. Come on, let’s go in and talk.” Concubine Yuan wiped her tears and smiled.

The sadness dissipated, leaving only joy. The whole family went in feeling lively. The maids happily prepared for the banquet. Now there are only these people in the family, and Old Lady Fang did not hide that Fang Chengyu killed Magistrate Li.

Lady Fang took a deep breath with a mixed expression of sadness and indignation.

Fang Yunxiu also raised her hand to wipe her tears.

“It’s really cheap for him. He died so happily.” Concubine Yuan wiped her tears and spoke with hatred.

Lady Fang stretched out her hand to hold Fang Chengyu with gratification and pity.

“You could avenge your grandfather and father yourself. They can close their eyes,” she said.

“Yes, I didn’t expect my little brother to do it so happily.” Fang Yunxiu said, “Dare to kill people in front of so many officials.”

Fang Chengyu gave an explanation for this matter saying that blood feuds could not be eliminated.

But it’s not easy to do this. After all, it’s still killing a person.

Fang Chengyu smiled.

“Sister, I’m the most courageous about life and death.” He said, “Don’t forget, I’m the person who came closest to death.”

First, he was sick and waiting to die, and then he was bait on the road and waiting to die.

He had sat in the carriage with the fighting outside, blood splashing on the curtain over the window.

Although a knife did not cut him, it seemed that he was cut.

He didn’t hold a knife, but he came out of this bloody battlefield and killed countless people in his heart.

As night fell, the noise outside was silent with the occasional laughter, and the sound of girls running.

“Come on, hurry up, the young master will give the red envelope himself.”

A girl shouted at the gate of the yard.

Fang Jinxiu sat by a window with dull eyes. Hearing this, her eyes lit up all of a sudden.

Young master?


She grabbed the window railing suddenly.

“Who?” She shouted.

She hadn’t spoken for a long time. Her voice was a little hoarse and stiff, which was very strange.

The little girls heard it and looked at Fang Jinxiu by the window, looking hesitant.

“The young master is back.” One girl finally said. She pulled the other girl and ran away.

Was Chengyu back?

It turned out that the crying outside during the day was because Chengyu had come back.

“How is he? How’s he doing?” She stood up and leaned out of the window, and shouted eagerly.

The little girls had already gone far away, and no one was paying attention to her.

Fang Jinxiu raised her foot and jumped down from the window.

Because she was weak, she fell to the ground. So she pushed herself up.

Go and take a look. Go and take a look. How’s Chengyu?


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