Jun Jiuling – Chapter 225

Three Stopping with Etiquette

Everything happened so suddenly.

Obviously speaking, it was not good. But to be fair, Fang Chengyu’s coercion and inducement were not considered too much during torture.

The only thing excessive was Fang Chengyu’s identity as a suffering master and a civilian, and how he had killed the man under the eyes of these officials.

The blood was still flowing out, and the person who had been talking was dead.

Song Yunping at the side screamed.

The officials who were sitting stood up with a look of shock.

Fang Yuxiu stretched out her hand to cover her mouth and blocked the scream in her throat, sweating coldly.

Old Lady Fang also looked shocked.

No one expected Fang Chengyu to kill him, including herself who had shouted to kill.

Her shout had been a burst of emotion. If she had stood there herself, she would have definitely done the same.

However, Chengyu…

Chengyu, who had been ill for nearly ten years and who had been like a prisoner in his own home.

She didn’t expect him to do such a clean and neat job.

With such a grandson, what else did she have to worry about?

Old Lady Fang’s tears suddenly welled out.

“Chengyu.” She shouted and staggered over.

Fang Chengyu held her. He still carried a knife in his hand and his face was splashed with blood.

The soldiers stood in front of the officials.

“Bold, bold, dare to commit murder.” Officials shouted one after another, “Take it.”

The soldiers did not move, which embarrassed the officials who shouted this. They looked at prefect Ma.

Of course, prefect Ma was no longer sitting.

“How can you kill someone?” He said.

This is the first sentence he said after coming in. Although it sounded like an inquiry, his tone was plain and there was not even a trace of anger.

Fang Chengyu held the knife in one hand. He stroked Old Lady Fang with the other.

Hearing the question from prefect Ma, he helped Old Lady Fang kneel down. He raised his head in tears and his face was full of grief.

“My Lord.” The sudden change shocked the officials.

Obviously, he had used torture just now to extract a confession and even killed a person. His face was still stained with warm blood that could scare a person to death, and suddenly he had turned into a poor child.

“My Lord. How many people did he kill in my family? Oh, my god, today was really an eye-opener.” Fang Chengyu cried, kneeling down and walking forward.

Because he still held the knife in his hand and the knife was stained with blood, the officials couldn’t help but step back nervously.

This seemed to be too sad and crazy.

A person had been killed. It would be terrible if there were any more violence.

“Take his knife.”

“Take his knife.”

Officials shouted one after another, and some people blocked in front of prefect Ma.

The scene was chaotic again. This time, without waiting for prefect Ma to open his mouth, the soldiers took the initiative to take Fang Chengyu’s knife, but did not embarrass him.

Prefect Ma was not panicked and pushed everyone away.

“You have grievances and people have allowed you to say them.” He said in a light voice, “You also said that you know the laws and rules of the country. Do you know what national law is? Why do you ignore the national law and commit the crime of murder yourself?”

Fang Chengyu kowtowed while crying.

“I know the laws of the country.” He raised his head, “But more than ten years of hatred, the tragic death of my grandfather and father, my illness for ten years, I am really unreasonable if I tolerate such villains. I just want to kill my enemies, and only want to eat their flesh and drink their blood. It is difficult to dispel my hatred.”

He went over to Magistrate Li. His face was twisted and full of tears and blood. He stretched out his hands and opened his mouth, looking really like he was going to bite.

Song Yunping, next to the Magistrate Li, screamed again.

“Stop him, stop him.” The officials also shouted quickly.

Old Lady Fang rushed over first and hugged Fang Chengyu.

“Chengyu, we avenged your father and grandfather.”

Fang Yuxiu also rushed over.

The crying of the women in the cell suddenly stirred up.

It was annoying for the officials to see that the soldiers did not stop Fang Chengyu anymore.

“That why it’s said that the suffering master can’t participate in the trial. What’s the point of talking about this deep hatred?” Someone shook his head and said.

“Now that he has been killed, how to explain it?” Someone asked.

“Yes, such a big case. Soldiers and horses were mobilized, and it was like a major rebellion. Now the perpetrator died during interrogation. How can it be explained?”

Discussion became louder.

Prefect Ma turned his head and looked at them, and the discussion stopped.

“How to explain?” He said, “After mobilizing soldiers and horses, more than ten years of blood feud had killed nearly three people. Evidence is chiseled in stone. Can’t criminals commit suicide in fear of sin?”

The officials present were stunned.

Is that okay?

Prefect Ma pointed to the three who were crying together on the ground.

“Look, father and son, three generations, it’s terrible.” He said, “Who would have thought that someone would pull such a trick behind their backs? For more than ten years, it’s chilling to think about it.”

After saying that, he looked at the dead county magistrate Li.

“This villain.” He snorted coldly, “It’s enough to die. Even if this child hadn’t, my Shang Fang’s sword could have killed him.”

After saying that, he shook his sleeves.

“Song Yunping will be detained in prison for beheading.”

After saying that, he strode out.

The officials looked at each other in consternation.

That’s fine.

The officials understood and had to follow, but some people still frowned.

It doesn’t seem right.

Is it really because of a blood feud?

Looking back, it seemed that County Magistrate Li wanted to say something, and then…

“Kill him.”

The old lady had screamed.

Then, the youth slashed his knife.

They looked at the grandparent and grandchildren who were still crying.

The white-haired face was wrinkled, the black hair tender faces were naive. Crying was the most unbearable scene.

But at the same time, they were also the masters of Deshengchang, a rich ticket in Shanxi.

Which blessing in the world does not also lead to spoil.

Obviously, Magistrate Li plotted against the Fang family because he glimpsed a secret. This secret must be the cause of the Fang family’s fortune, and this reason was elusive.

Blood feud was one aspect, and killing was another.

Didn’t everyone figure this out?

An official looked around again, and then at prefect Ma, who was striding forward.

Come on, let’s see who of these people is stupider than the other.

If no one else speaks, why would he stand up? The dead person is not his father.

He coughed gently and smoothed his eyebrows and walked up quickly.

The officials left, and the soldiers cleaned up the body of the county magistrate Li and erected Song Yunping.

“It’s none of my business. I was instructed by Li Changhong,” Song Yunping shouted hysterically.

Now that County Magistrate Li is dead, all sins can be blamed on him.

Soon the soldiers left, Song Yunping’s voice gradually faded away, and the prison returned to coldness.

Fang Chengyu raised his head, stopped crying and his face was calm.

“Grandma, second sister, don’t cry.” He said, “Now we should laugh.”


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