You Are My Glory – Chapter 10

Qiao Jingjing’s frustration would only last through one meal at most.

Then she’d finish full of confidence. In the past, when she wasn’t good at acting, she asked her teacher to give her half a year of serious learning and… her acting got better? When she was ridiculed for weighing 95 catties, didn’t she train hard for three months and get (the beginnings of) defined abs?

Oh no, actually all those gains had already been lost because of her diligence (addiction) in playing the game.

… none of that matters. Anyway, she will get to Strongest King level.

Yu Tu ate across the table from her and watched as Qiao Jingjing’s whole demeanor changed from a small blade of grass into a confident poplar tree. After eating, Qiao Jingjing looked at Yu Tu. “Start?”

Yu Tu stood up and cleared away the bowls and chopsticks. Qiao Jingjing was embarrassed to tell him that Xiao Zhu would come clean up everything later that night, so instead she went and helped. The two cleaned up everything and then grabbed their phones and entered the game.

“Let’s battle 1v1.”

“Ah, let me fight you? I definitely don’t have the skill to beat you.”

“Through fighting, you can become familiar with each hero’s skills, damage output, cool down time and other operational details.”

“…Every hero? Aren’t there seventy or eighty heroes in Honor of Kings?”

Yu Tu said, “Well, so not very many.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

Yu Tu opened a room and sent her an invitation, “Come in. I also want to see what kind of hero you are most suitable for.”

Qiao Jingjing was abused all afternoon and began to doubt her decision to ask him to be her teacher. She put down her phone and said seriously, “I don’t think it’s fair.”

Yu Tu waiting for her to say more.

“I’m not at level 30, and my arcana is not full. You have more arcana than me. Of course I can’t beat you.”

Yu Tu showed her his phone, “I don’t have much.”

Qiao Jingjng clicked on it and saw there really wasn’t much and most of them were still level three or four… It turned out that he had never had much, but his gameplay was still as such?

Qiao Jingjing, who had no more excuses, was abused for several more rounds and resolutely left to use the bathroom. When she game back, she saw that Yu Tu was watching something on his phone. From the sound effects, it should be a video of Kings of Glory.

When she walked over, she saw that it was the video of her playing with Xiao Qiao. Qiao Jingjing blocked the screen with her hand, “Don’t look.”

This was her dark history, especially after she learned how to play the game~~~

Yu Tu closed the video, looked up and said calmly, “Let’s practice Xiao Qiao.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

At six o’clock, Xiao Zhu brought dinner. As soon as Qiao Jingjing opened the door, she said, “Today I want to eat meat.”

“There is boiled white chicken breast.”

“No, braised.”

Xiao Zhu was very embarrassed, “But I didn’t prepare any for you, only for Mr. Yu. And you have eaten two pieces at noon, you can’t eat more at night. Be good.”

Xiao Zhu, like she did at noon, left after delivering the meal. Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu ate across from each other in the dining room, and the lunch boxes were arranged in front of them. The contrast of their two dinners was stark.

At lunch, Yu Tu had felt that she ate very little, but that the food she ate was normal. At dinner, it was full of leafy vegetables and only a few thin chicken breasts.

He suddenly had a little difficulty eating. He put down his chopsticks, pushed his lunch box to the middle of the table and asked, “Would you like some of mine first?”

Er, did he overhear her conversation with Xiao Zhu?

Qiao Jingjing looked at his rich lunch box and yearned for a bite, but she shook her head restrainedly, “No, you can eat.”

She sighed and said to herself, “I’ve gained weight again these days.”

Yu Tu looked at her wrists which seemed so thin they could break, “…”

After dinner, she continued to practice. Once the game interface was opened, Qiao Jingjing was flustered to be invited to a 5v5 match. She looked at Yu Tu who nodded and said, “Let’s play for a while.”

It was really relaxing to play on a team with all the others now. Qiao Jingjing was moved.

Entering the game, she heard on the chat, “Where have you been today, Yu Tu? No one has seen you since the early morning.”

Yu Tu didn’t turn on the speaker or microphone, and naturally ignored him.

Qiao Jingjing also turned off the microphone, “What does Panicky do? He seems to be very idle.”

“He is my college classmate. He used to work in a hedge fund company, but he’ll be going abroad next month.”

Oh, no wonder he was so idle.

At the end of the match, Yu Tu said, “Just now the other team had Zhuge Liang. You should have blocked the ultimate for your teammates when you are full of health points.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…I didn’t know.”

“These are the most basic strategies that you have to know.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded and asked expectantly, “Did you figure out which kind of hero I’m suitable for?”

Yu Tu looked at her, “Let’s play for two more days.”

Qiao Jingjing automatically translated that into two more days of one-sided abuse. Her eyes were dark and dejected.

The following day was the same as the first. Qiao Jingjing lost over and over for two consecutive days. In a mood, she said angrily, “Can’t you let me win for once?”

Yu Tu took at look at her and then stopped moving his fingers.

Originally, his hero had been flying all over the place and then suddenly it stood quietly in the center of the map…

Qiao Jingjing, “…I didn’t mean let me win like this.”

Yu Tu thought for a moment, “Then you are asking too much of me.”

Qiao Jingjing wanted to cry.

She clicked on her achievements to show Yu Tu, “Look at my record.”

Yu Tu looked at it and saw that her win rate was indeed a little pitiful, “Then all you can do is go and fight others.”

… If you want to win, you have to fight others. Although it’s the truth, isn’t it a little too obvious to say it so openly?

Qiao Jingjing complained in her heart, but she was eager and a little worried, “Solo match with others? Can I beat them?”

Yu Tu, “Give me your phone if you can’t.”

Qiao Jingjing immediately went to fight others.

Qiao Jingjing chose Yu Ji who she’d been having fun playing the last two days. The enemy team chose Wang Zhaojun. Qiao Jingjing was familiar with Wang Zhaojun and she skillfully avoided their skills. After upgrading to level 4, her second skill let her get close to the opponent where she used another skill to kill Wang Zhaojun directly. Qiao Jingjing couldn’t believe that she won so easily. She couldn’t help taking a look at Yu Tu, Yu Tu…

Didn’t react at all.

Well, Qiao Jingjing tamped down her excitement and calmly fought another two rounds, killing the enemy till they surrendered.

At the end of the game, she was a little bit confused. How could she win so easily?


Qiao Jingjing opened another game, her eyes bright. This time, she still used Yu Ji, but she was beaten to pieces by the enemy’s Monkey King. Qiao Jingjing was a little unconvinced and smashed the buttons, completely forgetting that she could shove her phone at Yu Tu. It was not until the crystal was about to explode that she remembered that there was a master next to her, and she immediately stuffed her phone in his hands.

At this time, she was already at a huge disadvantage.

After Yu Tu took the phone, his movements were flexible and he quickly cleaned up the line. The Monkey King could only retreat and wait for the next wave of troops. He probably underestimated the enemy so much that he just stood still in front of the crystal, which let Yu Tu use a series of moves to directly kill him.

Qiao Jingjing watched him play. When the Monkey King regenerated, Yu Tu wandered around eating away at the Monkey King’s health points and saying, “You died too many times in the early stage, and your economy and equipment are worse than his. At this time, don’t go hard, take time to make him consume his energy. Pay attention to cleaning up the line and don’t let the enemy enter the tower.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded.

Although it took a while, Yu Tu still turned the situation around. The Monkey King was also surprised and couldn’t help asking a question at the end.

Canlong Aoxue (Monkey King): Were you just playing with me at the beginning?

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help but laugh. Yu Tu didn’t reply. After the end of the battle, he gave Qiao Jingjing the phone.

“The second skill of Yu Ji can make her immune to physical damage. Keep it in reserve for the right time when you’re fighting on the line. I’ll use an assassin and you use Yu Ji. Let’s continue.” He looked at the time, “Until you can avoid the damage accurately.”

It was almost ten o’clock when Yu Tu left. Xiao Zhu rushed over to help clean up the leftovers and dishes, and saw that the kitchen and dining room were already so clean, while Qiao Jingjing was humming song happily and playing with her phone.

Xiao Zhu, “Is the practice going well?”

Qiao Jingjing nodded with a pretty expression on her face, “The top student not only taught me math, but also helped me… Oh, do my homework.”

Xiao Zhu, “???”


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