You Are My Glory – Chapter 15

Qiao Jingjing’s mind went blank for a moment… After a long time, she answered, “No,” and moved her legs to let him in. Qiao Jingjing vaguely felt that he seemed to smile. He went in and sat down beside her, and his body heat and hot breath were felt by all her senses. After theContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 15”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 14

The next day was Double Eleven, a day that brought great turmoil for many people, but Qiao Jingjing just got to watch the video of herself playing as Niu Mo. Yu Tu really had recorded it. He turned to the computer to analyze with her what she did right, what she did wrong, and whereContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 14”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 13

She didn’t know if it was just her illusion, but Qiao Jingjing felt like she had been getting along differently with Yu Tu since they drank wine that day. There wasn’t anything specific but, for example, sometimes he would take the initiative to ask if she wanted him to bring her breakfast? For example, heContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 13”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 12

On the computer screen, the battle between two professional teams was in full swing, but Yu Tu was a little distracted. He kept thinking back to the moment when he said he was going to give up and to Qiao Jingjing’s unexpectedly regretful eyes. He didn’t understand. Why did she feel sorry when he wasContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 12”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 11

After three days of 1v1 matches, Yu Tu began to have her play 3v3 against the AI, saying it was to practice small-scale team battles. Qiao Jingjing found that she won easily and it boosted her confidence. Then she began actual 3v3 combat mode, which was immediately more difficult. Not because she didn’t have theContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 11”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 10

Qiao Jingjing’s frustration would only last through one meal at most. Then she’d finish full of confidence. In the past, when she wasn’t good at acting, she asked her teacher to give her half a year of serious learning and… her acting got better? When she was ridiculed for weighing 95 catties, didn’t she trainContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 10”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 9

When Yu Tu came home, Zhai Liang was playing games with Qiao Jingjing. He glanced up briefly while staying focused on the game, “He’s back, don’t worry.” Qiao Jingjing’s voice came from his phone, “What took so long?” Yu Tu, “The subway was stopped. I needed to transfer.” Qiao Jingjing was distracted. Wang Zhaojun accidentallyContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 9”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 8

After a while, Yu Tu regained presence of mind and said, “Long time no see.” Qiao Jingjing nodded and said, “Long time no see.” Yu Tu was silent for a moment, then suggested, “Let’s go and see your purifier?” Qiao Jingjing, “…” Qiao Jingjing coughed, “I haven’t gone out of the house for several days.Continue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 8”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 7

Peipei didn’t know the answer and wasn’t replying. Qiao Jingjing couldn’t wait to wring her neck through WeChat. Peipei: It seems that Yu Tu works at Shanghai’s Aerospace Institute. Aerospace… Is he in aerospace? Qiao Jingjing sat up straight and asked anxiously: But didn’t he study finance in university? Peipei: Why do you remember soContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 7”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 6

Yu Tu responded immediately with just a “?”. Qiao Jingjing held her phone and thought about it. The more she thought about it, the more she thought her idea was brilliant. She had already realized that although Yu Tu was only Diamond ranked, his capabilities were actually much higher than A Guo’s and following hisContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 6”