You Are My Glory – Chapter 11

After three days of 1v1 matches, Yu Tu began to have her play 3v3 against the AI, saying it was to practice small-scale team battles. Qiao Jingjing found that she won easily and it boosted her confidence.

Then she began actual 3v3 combat mode, which was immediately more difficult. Not because she didn’t have the skill, but mainly because Yu Tu didn’t work with the team at all! He was always running off to fight wild birds, pigs and monsters, so that she and the poor randomly matched stranger were basically playing a game of 2v3. When she and her unfortunate teammates couldn’t stand it anymore, only then would Yu Tu run over to show off his skills.

It was a beautiful exercise in resisting stress under pressure.

However, after all, a god-level student is still god-level. Qiao Jingjing learned a lot, not only the heroes’ skills, but also details that she never paid attention to before that were actually very important. For example, when replenishing troops, adjust the equipment according to the opponent.

Previously, when she played with Wang Zhaojun, she basically only ever used one set of equipment to fight to the end.

The afternoon sun shone just right, shining warmly into the living room. Qiao Jingjing nestled in the sofa and seriously played the game.

It was another 3v3 actual combat. She was playing with Sun Shangxiang.

Her teammate was dead. Yu Tu was playing Zhang Fei and he finally came from the jungle to rush up and attack an opponent when she heard Yu Tu’s phone ring.

Qiao Jingjing immediately retreated to protect the tower.

Every time there was a call during the game, it caused a lag. Even if the call was hung up immediately, the character in the game would still get stuck for a few seconds. In team battles, this was basically equivalent to death.

She gave up her intention to pursue and happened to glance at Yu Tu’s phone, only to see a familiar name flashing on the caller ID – Xia Qing.

Was it Xia Qing?

Qiao Jingjing didn’t have time to think any further before Yu Tu pressed decline. Qiao Jingjing was a little surprised, “You don’t have to answer?”

Yu Tu’s expression was calm as he played Zhang Fei, “When the fight is over.”

The game ended quickly and Yu Tu stood up, “I’m going to make a call.”

He went to the balcony to make his phone call and soon came back. He said to Qiao Jingjing, “I’m going out for a bit.”

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help but be curious, “Is Xia Qing also working in Shanghai?”

Yu Tu’s answer was a little nebulous, “She should still be in Beijing.”

Should be?

Qiao Jingjing thought about it as she waved goodbye, then she went to play a match. When the game ended, she put down her phone and suddenly became a little worried – although he had said “should be”, it sounded very uncertain. Would she no longer have a teacher starting tomorrow?

Xia Qing was not far from Qiao Jingjing’s house. Yu Tu was not late, but Xia Qing was already in the cafe when he arrived.

He nodded and sat down. Xia Qing said, “I ordered an Americano for you.”

“Thank you.” The waiter had just delivered his coffee when he asked her, “Are you here for business?”

“In fact, my trip is to Hangzhou.”

She paused and Yu Tu picked up his coffee, but he didn’t keep asking her why she had come to Shanghai.

Xia Qing pulled the corners of her lips, “Why are you here in Lujiazui?”

“I have business here.”

“Oh, I thought you had an interview.”

Yu Tu’s hand holding the coffee paused.

“I had a meal with Baobao in Hangzhou. He said that you are going to resign from the space agency.” She stared at Yu Tu, “Is it true?”

“That’s the plan.”

“Why?” Xia Qing’s tone suddenly intensified, “You didn’t hesitate to break up with me back then, but now you give up so easily?”

Yu Tu was silent.

Xia Qing smiled and leaned against the sofa. “I hope you stick with it, otherwise it’s like I have no status in your heart. It turns out that the work wasn’t impossible to give up, I just wasn’t worth it.”

Yu Tu sighed, “Before you and I got together, you knew that I was preparing for the aerospace postgrad exam.”

Xia Qing laughed to herself and said, “What is that saying? The most ridiculous fantasy in the world is to think you can change someone.”

Yu Tu took a sip and changed the topic, “Are you still at QE?”

“I changed jobs a long time ago. I was recently promoted to MD. The salary is double compared to what I made when I graduated. The work has doubled as well.”

“You have always excelled.”

“But I’m very tired. I often wonder, I’m a woman so why am I so tired?” Xia Qing bowed her head and stirred the coffee. “Which specialty are you going to work in? I heard that DF headquarters gave you an offer.”

The DF headquarters was in Beijing.

Yu Tu said, “I turned it down.”

Xia Qing’s tone was calm, “You did?”

She took a few more sips of coffee, put down the glass, looked at the time and said, “My plane leaves in two hours. I should go.”

The cafe was in the mall, so they had to go through the rest of the crowded mall when leaving. The two walked silently among all the people. Xia Qing suddenly stopped and looked a huge poster hanging from the third floor.

“Look, Qiao Jingjing.”

Yu Tu looked up. Qiao Jingjing’s phone was held up to her face and she was smiling down at the crowd.

“Do you think she would find us ridiculous if she thought of us now? In the past, we had the best grades in class but now we can’t even compare to one of her fingers.”

Yu Tu withdrew his eyes from the poster and said, “No.”

Xia Qing was a little surprised. She didn’t expect that Yu Tu would answer her.

“You are very confident.”

Once they were out of the mall, Yu Tu said, “I’ll take you to the train station.”

Xia Qing was stunned, shook her head with a smile and said, “Yu Tu, you are stuck in the past.” She tied up her hair and said, “I haven’t taken the subway in years. I’ll be getting off the plane to meet others later, so I won’t bother squeezing in with people.”

Yu Tu nodded, stopped a taxi and politely held the door for her.

Grabbing the door, Xia Qing stopped again and turned around, “You understand my intentions, right?”

Yu Tu could only remain silent.

“In your eyes, emotions are like the sky above, aren’t they? Everything is as insignificant as dust and not even worth mentioning at all?”

Yu Tu frowned slightly, “Why do you feel the need to mock me?”

Xia Qing smiled and said, “Oh, it’s not mocking, but perception. Yu Tu, you shouldn’t delay others.”

Qiao Jingjing was shocked when she opened the door and saw Yu Tu standing there. She thought it was Xiao Zhu.

“How come you’re back?”

She glanced at the decorative clock hanging in the living room and saw he had been gone for less than an hour. Did things go too smoothly, or was there a rift between them?

Yu Tu said, “Didn’t you say that works ends at nine o’clock?”

She had said that before, but she really didn’t expect that he wouldn’t leave till nine every day…

“I was talking nonsense, if you have something to do…”

“It’s okay. Let’s continue.” As he spoke, he took off his coat and hung it up, and then walked inside. Qiao Jingjing followed him and thought there was indeed a rift.

The two sat in their usual spots. Yu Tu had Qiao Jingjing join a 3v3 match to play with strangers and had her play with a new hero. He watched the battle. After a few rounds, he asked her to change heroes again. Qiao Jingjing saw that I’m so Panicked was online and she pulled him in to a match.

After he entered the game, I’m so Panicked sounded disgusted, “Why 3v3? It’s so boring.”

“Practicing small-scale team battles.”

“Very diligent, but~~~” I’m so Panicked said, “Little Cotton, would you consider bowing to me as your teacher instead?”

Qiao Jingjing asked, “Why?”

I’m so Panicky, “Because Jade Rabbit god is about to get a girlfriend.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

She looked at Yu Tu.

I’m so Panicky, “He leaves early and comes back late these days. I’ve been wondering what he’s up to and today, Slime Bag said that there’s probably something going on, though I can’t disclose the specifics. Anyway, you’d better grab on to me in the future because he probably won’t have the time to teach you.”

He revealed so much…

Qiao Jingjing’s beautiful eyes looked mischievous as she smiled, “Really, he leaves early and comes home late? He must be restless…”

Fingers suddenly brushed past her hair, turned of the microphone and speaker on her phone screen, and the room was suddenly quiet.

Yu Tu’s deep voice rang in her ear, “Concentrate.”

Even though his hand was pulled back, she still had a vague sense at the tip of her hair. Qiao Jingjing suddenly felt that her cheeks were a little numb. The hero that she was playing inexplicably stopped pursuing the low-health enemy and instead ran to the jungle.

She quickly turned her body to the side to block Yu Tu from seeing her messy gameplay. Fortunately, just then the doorbell rang. Qiao Jingjing cleared her throat, “Xiao Zhu is probably here with dinner.”

“I’ll get it.”

Yu Tu got up to open the door. However, as soon as the door was opened, it was not Xiao Zhu standing outside, but a strange man about the same height as him.

The man wore a tailored suit and when he saw Yu Tu, a trace of surprise flashed across his handsome features. His eyes looked past Yu Tu and since Yu Tu didn’t know his intentions, he slightly turned his body to block the entrance.

The pace of a 3v3 game is relatively fast. Qiao Jingjing quickly finished, threw her phone aside and came to the door, “Xiao Zhu, I asked you to bring yogurt…”

Her sentence ended abruptly when she saw the man standing outside the door and for a moment, she didn’t move.

What is this situation? Why did he come here?

The man glanced at Qiao Jingjing’s messy hair, casual home attire and slippers, and finally nodded and said, “I saw a light while driving by, so… sorry to disturb you.”

Then he left very elegantly.

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

Yu Tu looked at Qiao Jingjing, “You don’t need to explain to him?”

“Who wants to explain to someone they broke up with two years ago.” And someone so pretentious~ But what day was it today? Ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends both showed up, so is it Nostalgia Day?

Belatedly, Xiao Zhu rushed out of the elevator and said, “Jingjingjing, who did I see downstairs just now… Er, Teacher Yu.”

She immediately stopped talking.

Qiao Jingjing had just been about to look for her, “How did he come up. Weren’t his fingerprints deleted from the elevator?”

Xiao Zhu, “But there is still a password that let’s people come up. The password had been changed, but you kept forgetting the new one so you changed it back.”

“Go to the property management and change it to 1316. Go now.” Qiao Jingjing urged her.

“What’s that?”

“My best record, 13-1-6.” Qiao Jingjing was proud, “I won’t forget it. Don’t worry.”

Xiao Zhu was chased away to change the password and Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu sat face-to-face on the floor in front of the window to eat. At usual, Yu Tu’s dinner was full of calories, three dishes and one soup. Qiao Jingjing had her sad fruit, leafy vegetables and basic protein. The contrast was bleak, and she felt like she needed to chat to increase the nutrition.

Qiao Jingjing felt that she and Yu Tu were both feeling embarrassed today, and since they were both embarrassed then neither of them needed to feel embarrassed. Anyway, Yu Tu already saw everything, and Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help but complain.

“I dated him for more than half a year. One day, he suddenly told me that his family was conservative and might not like my profession. He hoped that I would quit the entertainment industry first before I met his family.

“Then I said, my family doesn’t like people in business because they think the risk is too big, and they could easily go bankrupt. Either you resign first, or my family will not agree.”

Yu Tu smiled and said, “Mr. Su is actually very talented and has a good reputation.”

Qiao Jingjing was a little surprised. “You know him?”

“I studied finance in college, and I still pay attention to news.”

“Oh~~~ Then you must not know how narcissistic he is.” It had been two years and Qiao Jingjing was not angry, but she poked the fruit harder, “How about you?”


“Why did you break up with Xia Qing?”

Yu Tu looked up at her. Qiao Jingjing’s eyes were full of curiosity.

“I heard Peipei say that you got together as juniors. Oh, Peipei often gossips about all our classmates.” Qiao Jingjing did not hesitate to sell out her best friend, “If it’s inconvenient to say, treat it like I didn’t even ask.”

She pressed her chopsticks to her mouth craftily.

It wasn’t inconvenient to say. In fact, the reason was similar to hers. When she graduated from her undergraduate degree, she had several high-paying offers, but he still wanted to study the degree that his parents had initially rejected for him. He and Xia Qing got together when he was a junior and at that time, he was already preparing for the postgraduate examination. He thought she had accepted this whereas she thought he would change. But really, neither of them changed.

“Because of work. After graduating from undergraduate, I left Beijing and chose to study as a graduate student in the field of aerospace.” That was it in a nutshell.

It turned out to be because they lived apart. Qiao Jingjing turned her curiosity to something else. “Actually, I found it quite strange that you applied for a finance major in the college entrance examination. I always remembered that your dream was the sea of stars. Why did you suddenly study finance?”

Yu Tu’s eyes moved slightly, and he was a little surprised as to how she knew. He reflected on what he remembered, and there was a strange clarity in his heart.

“When filling in the major, my parents didn’t agree. I thought I could take both. At that time, I was a little young and frivolous.”

“But you really got it done. Then you went on to graduate school. You really were top of our class.” Qiao Jingjing was a little excited, “Then why are you on vacation for so long? Shouldn’t you be busy with research?”

“Because,” Yu Tu said, “I’m going to give up the sea of stars.”

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