Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 85

No More Changes

Mo Liancheng watched her indifferently insert the golden order at her waist and said nothing. He turned his eyes to her outstretched hand, but his eyebrows were raised gently.

“Do you want to take back your words?” Qu Tan’er squeezed the corners of her mouth, staring at him in disbelief.

Sure enough, if a man’s words are to be trusted then pigs will fly.

“Did Benwang agree?”

“You just now obviously…”

“Does Benwang have any documents?”

“You…” The man kept a poker face, and she understood.

“Since there are none, the divorce document will naturally not be given to you. You are still the eighth princess of Benwang.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly and didn’t mind her misunderstanding at all.

“Then what you mean is that the bed in your bedroom won’t be given to me?” Qu Tan’er narrowed her eyes and swept a gloomy look over. If he really dared to say yes, then she would fight with him. At this time, she clenched her fist and her anger rose wildly. She couldn’t help wondering whether after enduring all these emotions for two years, she wouldn’t just break on the spot.

“Benwang said that since you like that bed, it will be given to you.”

“Finally, you said something a human would.” Qu Tan’er took a deep breath and held back for a long time. At this moment, she finally eased up. Money she could take or leave, divorce she could take or leave, but the bed she couldn’t do without.


“By the way, I won’t return the gold you gave me. Now that it’s in my pocket, don’t expect me to spit it out.” The money had been collected and she is asked to vomit it back up? No way.

At worst, he would be unhappy and gave her a letter of divorce.

“Benwang didn’t say I wanted to take it back.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly, and his eyebrows did not even frown. He directly gave her the “golden order”.

“If it’s okay, I’ll go back.” Qu Tan’er stared at him. She really didn’t want to keep staring at him anymore. It would be better to go back and pile up the pillows and think about how to get back to the future.

“The good play has just been staged. Why don’t you stay with Benwang to watch it?”

“I don’t want to watch. Keep it for you…”

“Brother Liancheng, so you are here. You made Qingyun look for you for a long time.” Zhao Qingyun appeared not far from outside of the courtyard. Even before the person arrived, her voice carried over.

Qu Tan’er was just about to leave, but Zhao Qingyun’s sudden arrival disrupted her original idea and made her unable to leave for the time being.

“She’s also quite good. Why don’t you marry her?” Qu Tan’er asked. She really didn’t understand why he would refuse to marry a person who was so infatuated with him?

“Do you think she will be happy if Benwang really married her?”

“Indeed.” Entering the Eighth Prince Mansion might not lead to happiness. Even if outsiders think it looks happy and beautiful, in fact, only the person themself will know.

It seems that… the man still had a little conscience, which was not too annoying.

“Brother Liancheng.”

As soon as the dialogue between the two ended, Zhao Qingyun flew into the courtyard with only one goal, trying to rush to Mo Liancheng’s arms.

It’s just…

“Ah!” Qu Tan’er was inadvertently pulled over, and her whole body was slammed against a certain chest. In the end, though she was still confused at how it happened, she ended up sitting on the stone stool.

Zhao Qingyun’s speed had not been slow, but Mo Liancheng’s movements were faster than that. He had stretched out his hand and pulled Qu Tan’er, then gently sat her down next to him.

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Note: I don’t have any kind of update schedule planned. I just remembered really liking this story (at least what had been translated) and wanted to revisit it. I figured I could translate as I go for other readers who also hate reading unedited MTL as much as I do.

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