Jun Jiuling – Chapter 237

If You Want to Leave, Stay Still

Fang Jinxiu didn’t bother to pay attention to Chen Qi’s muttering.

She walked along the street, looking for the right inn while thinking about where to go.

Chen Qi followed and only took two steps when Fang Jinxiu stopped again.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Qi asked, looked at both sides of the street and said, “It’s better to not to choose too good of an inn. Even if you have money now, you still need to save some. Unlike before, the money is not inexhaustible. If you use less…”

Fang Jinxiu didn’t interrupt him, but a voice came from in front.

“Third Miss.” Liu’er’s eyes lit up at Fang Jinxiu, and she ran over in a hurry.

Damn it, why do you always meet this master and servant today?

Fang Jinxiu was about to turn around when Liu’er opened her mouth.

“Have you seen my lady?” She asked.

The voice was full of anxiety.

Fang Jinxiu’s raised foot paused midair.

Liu’er didn’t notice that she was being evaded, and she looked around anxiously.

“She said she was coming this way. Why can’t I see her? What’s going on?” She said.

This had nothing to do with herself. It was like this from the beginning, but it was even more so now.

Fang Jinxiu stretched her face and didn’t say anything.

“Could it be that something is really wrong?” Liu’er said anxiously.

“Why would something be wrong?” Fang Jinxiu blurted out. She wanted to slap herself in the face after saying these words.

Liu’er didn’t notice her regret.

“I don’t know either. The young lady said that something might be wrong. She was going to have a look and had me go back to tell the old lady. I already told the old lady and was busy looking for her, but I can’t find her.” She said, “I’ve been looking for a long time, and passers-by said they saw her coming this way.”

Jun Zhenzhen has a crow’s mouth.

Fang Jinxiu clenched her hand. So much of what she had said had been fulfilled.

“What was wrong? What did she see?” She asked.

“It’s nothing. Miss and I went back after watching the beheading. On the way, we met a group of officials from Taiyuan Prefecture. The young lady looked at them and said that something was wrong.” Liu Er said, “She told me to just go back and report to the old lady, and she will go and have a look first…”

Again! This person had always been self-righteous.

“See if she can.” Fang Jinxiu said with a tense face.

Liu’er didn’t like hearing this.

“My young lady is very capable.” She hummed and felt it was nice to hear. With a little impatience she said, “So have you seen her or not?”

Fang Jinxiu stared at her.

“She left with Master Lin.” She said.

The name of Master Lin was so unexpected that Liu’er didn’t realize who he was for a moment. After thinking about it for a while, she suddenly realized.

“With him, Master Lin? What is she doing with Master Lin?” She asked.

“How would I know?” Fang Jinxiu said angrily.

Liu’er curled her lips and looked at Fang Jinxiu.

“Really? You’re not lying to me, are you?” She questioned.

“Why would I lie to you?” Fang Jinxiu said angrily.

Liuer’s eyes flickered.

“You were kicked out by the Fang family. You should hold a grudge.” She said.

Fang Jinxiu was furious.

“Believe it or not.” She shouted, pushing Liu’er away and striding forward.

Chen Qi hurriedly caught up with her, the sugar man on his shoulder.

Liu’er looked at Fang Jinxiu’s back and curled her lips.

“There’s nothing to be angry about. It’s a matter of course that you’d have a guilty conscience.” She snorted and ignored Fang Jinxiu, walking forward with her head held high and chest up.

Chen Qi carried the sugar man to give chase.

“You don’t have to be angry about this. This is a thing you expected for a long time. You have to get used to it.” He said.

Before he finished speaking, Fang Jinxiu stopped and stared at him.

“What do you know? What are you used to?” She asked.

Chen Qi blinked.

“Being driven, kicked out, heart, holding resentment. Hate…” He stuttered.

Fang Jinxiu’s face was very ugly and she bit her lower lip.

“Why do I have resentment? What do I resent? Should I resent them for giving birth to me and raising me?” She shouted.

Chen Qi quickly raised his hand to cover his face.

“No, no, I’m not saying you are resentful. I mean they will think so.” He said. “Others will definitely think of you this way and won’t believe you.”

As Su’s daughter, she really didn’t deserve to be trusted.

Yes, this was indeed what she had known for a long time.

Fang Jinxiu looked depressed.

“But that’s just someone else’s opinion. I know you’re not like this.” Chen Qi said in a hurry. “Sometimes we can’t influence other people’s ideas, but we can have a clear conscience when we look at it.”

Fang Jinxiu turned her head without saying anything and walked slowly along the street.

“Look at me, such as me.” Chen Qi followed her, “They always like to talk about my ancestors, such as the princes, parents and children, as if it was so beautiful then. Then they look at me with pity. In fact, they are either pitying me or gloating to make fun of me, but I don’t care, because I don’t regard myself as a prince. I am me. What do my ancestors have to do with me?”

He paused again.

“It doesn’t matter. Generally speaking, I still enjoy the blessings left by my ancestors now. I can go to Jinyun Tower to make a fortune every March 3rd.”

He tilted his head and thought more.

“In a word, I think this is very good. I don’t think life would be so good if my ancestors were still there.”

Speaking of this, he paused again.

“Well, I think about it sometimes, but I don’t think I’m pitiful. I just think it’s interesting to think about it.”

Speaking up to here, he shook his head again.

“What am I talking about? Anyway, don’t…”

He spoke so much that he couldn’t help but be shocked to find that Fang Jinxiu was gone from in front of him. Then he saw that she had sat down by the roadside.

“Miss Fang, what’s wrong with you?” He asked carefully.

Fang Jinxiu just looked at the street.

“I’m tired. Taking a break.” She said in a muffled voice.

It was good if she was willing to answer. Chen Qi was slightly relieved and sat down a little farther away beside her with the sugar man on his shoulder.

“I’ve been out for a long time. I’m really tired.” He said.

Fang Jinxiu ignored him and looked at the people on the street. Chen Qi did not ask again, nor was he quiet. He actually held the sugar man and hawked for business, which soon attracted a few children who twittered noisy.

Unexpectedly, the remaining sugar people were sold, and a glow also filled the street.

Chen Qi happily counted the money.

“The money from drinking tea and eating meat has been earned back.” He said.

Fang Jinxiu glanced at him and patted her legs to stand up.

“Have you had a good rest?” Chen Qi quickly got up and asked.

Fang Jinxiu looked at the street, and there was an inn within sight.

“I’ll stay there.” She said, “Thank you very much. I’ll see you later.”

After she said that, Chen Qi quickly followed.

“I’d better send Buddha to the West so I’ll leave when you’ve settled down.” He said, but as soon as he caught up, Fang Jinxiu stopped again.

What’s wrong? Who did she see again?

Yangcheng was not good. The place was too small. It was too easy to meet an acquaintance by simply turning around.

Chen Qi looked at Fang Jinxiu’s gaze and heard the crying before he saw the person clearly.

Liu’er ran around, her hair was scattered, and there were conspicuous palm marks on her face, which attracted the people on the street to look at her sideways.

Chen Qi laughed.

“This girl was beaten.” He said.

Fang Jinxiu frowned and rushed over, grabbing Liu’er, who was crying while running.

“Did the Lin family beat you?” She asked.

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