Jun Jiuling – Chapter 228

Tao is Ruthless and Sentimental

Fang Jinxiu was locked up in the yard, but it couldn’t be considered a prison.

The door of the house was unlocked and the gate to the courtyard was not restricted, but no one else came except the assigned maid, and Fang Jinxiu did not go out.

But this time, she walked out the courtyard door. The dusk was already heavy, and the lights were on at home, so her eyes were as bright as stars.

Although the residence was remote, there were occasionally maids walking on the road, and they were shocked to see Fang Jinxiu.

After Concubine Su’s suicide, Jinxiu wasn’t thrown out of the family, and there was no harsh treatment in terms of food, clothing or accommodation, but she was ignored as if there was no such person.

The maids stood still, and Fang Jinxiu saw them. She subconsciously turned her head.

It seems that she was afraid of being seen.

Concubine Yuan saw this scene and her eyes suddenly soured.

Fang Jinxiu, the third lady who always acted like a man, careless and fearless, who didn’t care about fame or other people’s opinions, had become so fearful.

Just like a hero whose faith had collapsed, like a small tree whose branches were pulled away.

She took a deep breath and whispered to the maid beside her.

The maid nodded and walked quickly off the road, calling out to the servant girls.

“What are you doing?”

The servant girls looked up and stepped back a few steps.

Fang Jinxiu was also a little cramped.

But the maid didn’t look at her.

“Come on, hurry up, the young master is at the old lady’s place now. After dinner when he has finished speaking, he is going back to rest. You can go to the young master’s yard to help clean it up.” She waved her hand and urged.

Do you still need them to clean up the yard of the young master?

Whether the young master was at home or not, Lady Fang cleaned up three times a day.

But everyone was smart. They understood that the maid was telling Fang Jinxiu where Fang Chengyu was.

However, after all, this is the third daughter, the birth daughter of Concubine Su. Can she know where the young master is?

The servant girls looked hesitant but knew that the maid was from Concubine Yuan. Concubine Su had such a big effect, yet the Lady and the Old Lady still had great trust in Concubine Yuan.

Since it’s Concubine Yuan’s arrangement, then follow it.

They responded by hurriedly following the maid to Fang Chengyu’s yard.

Concubine Yuan also turned around and left the road.

Quiet resumed. Fang Jinxiu stood in a daze for a moment and laughed at herself again. She looked up and bit her lower lip, and walked away quickly.

On the way, she met more maids, but everyone turned un unseeing eye on her. Fang Jinxiu walked to Lady Fang’s yard.

This place was familiar and strange.

She stood outside the door in a trance. There was a lot of excitement in the yard. Lady Fang’s curtain was picked up by the girls and someone came out. Fang Jinxiu subconsciously hid behind the big tree beside her.

The laughter stirred up the whole night sky.

“Grandma, don’t send me off. I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”

“Second sister, rest soon too.”

The gentle and clear voice of the boy.


Fang Jinxiu grabbed the bark and poked her head to see.

The lantern glowed, and the young man walked slowly in the crisscross of the path. He listened to Fang Yunxiu as he faced sideways and nodded with a smile.

The handsomeness of a plump posture. He no longer looked as lifeless as before.

Fang Jinxiu burst out with tears and a smile.

He’s really cured. He’s really safely back.

She couldn’t help stepping out, picking up her feet then stopping again.

What did she go out for? Congratulate him on not being killed by her biological mother? Congratulate him on finally escaping ten years of the poison from her biological mother?

Fang Jinxiu tightened her hold on the bark and watched Fang Chengyu come over.

“Eldest sister, I bought you a gift.” He said.

“You still had time to buy us a gift.” Fang Yunxiu smiled strangely.

“Of course, you have to buy a gift when you go out.” Fang Chengyu said with a little smugness in his voice, “Although I haven’t gone out before, I still know this rule.”

Fang Yunxiu and Fang Yuxiu both laughed.

Fang Jinxiu couldn’t help laughing.

He hasn’t changed at all. He’s still so sensible and funny.

She watched them go walk away with tears in her eyes, and Lady Fang’s courtyard was restored to quiet. The girls began to disperse, and the night servants were busy with their errands. Everyone seemed to see Fang Jinxiu but not.

Fang Jinxiu stood in a daze for a moment, turned around and walked back slowly.

The girls in the yard didn’t know when she would come back. They were not panicked by Fang Jinxiu, and they were not surprised by her return.

“The water is boiled and the rice is also ready.” They simply said as usual.

Fang Jinxiu also ignored them and entered the house as usual.

The room was lit with lights and was luxuriously decorated. There were even ice basins to dispel the sultry heat in summer.

Fang Jinxiu looked at the room, which was familiar and strange to her. The familiarity was that this was her home she had lived in for many years, and what was strange was that it was no longer her home.

Her gaze was startled and fell on Arhat statue by the window, which was sitting next to a small package.

This was not originally here, it was new.

Fang Jinxiu walked over slowly, as if thinking of something, but she felt disbelieving. She hesitated for a long time before reaching out her hand to open the package.

There were a lot of small things in the bag, including palm-sized sachets, mud-pinch puppies and kittens, bells, and all in a mess. They seemed to have beed bought all the road.

Fang Jinxiu’s tears surged again.

“Sister, I bought you a gift.”

So it turned out that those were for her.

The night gradually calmed down. Some people couldn’t sleep happily, while others fell asleep sadly. When it was brightening into day, the midnight snack stalls in the street put out their fires, and the morning soup and tea stalls set their fires up instead.

It had been almost twenty years since Mr. Niu first sold tea at the entrance of this alley. He moved much slower than when he was young, but his craftsmanship was more skilled. Although it was slow, a pot of fragrant hawthorn tea was very tempting wafting through the morning air.

While he was busy, someone came to the stall.

“Boss, I want a bowl of tea.”

This is the voice of a young man. Old Man Niu looked up.

The young man was very handsome and well-dressed. At first glance, he was a rich man, but the old man Niu, who was familiar to everyone in this street, couldn’t recognize him.

Whether you know or not does not hinder business.

“Young man, up so early.” Old Niu said, serving a bowl of tea in a sharp way.

The young man sat down on the small bench beside him and drank it with smalls sip, and his eyebrows were full of satisfaction and happiness in the heat.

After making tea for so many years, first to support the family, and second to watch the people drink it happily. At this moment, the old man was also very happy.

“Uncle, I remember there should be a sugar seller nearby, right?” The young man asked.

Old man Niu didn’t remember until he thought about it for a moment.

“Well, six or seven years ago.” He said, looking at the young man again. It seemed that he was still quite young. Did he eat it when he was a child?

“Yes, I ate it once when I was a child.” The young man said with a shy smile, “I haven’t come out for many years, and I didn’t know that he wasn’t here anymore.”

What does it mean to not come out?

Old Man Niu was a little puzzled, but the young man didn’t talk anymore. He finished drinking the tea and stood up.

“I want another bowl to take away.” He said, taking out the money and handing it over.

Old Niu packed a bowl neatly.

“Just send it back after drinking the bowl.”

The young man smiled and walked away with the covered bowl. Old Man Niu looked at the gate of the city where he was going. So early, has the gate even opened yet?

With a crisp crack, Lei Zhonglian shook the whip with his left hand. His right hand was heavily wounded and hung in front of him bound in cloth, but his man was not dispirited at all, but in high spirits.

“Young lady, we’re here.” He said happily, pointing to the front, “The gate opened so early.”

The gate was not only opened, but a young man also stood in front of the gate.

“Jiu Ling.” He also saw the carriage and shouted happily.

Miss Jun raised the curtain and looked at Fang Chengyu, who came quickly.

“Are you thirsty?” Fang Chengyu stood in front of the carriage. The first thing he did was to pass the tea. “I just tasted it. It tasted good.”

Miss Jun smiled and stretched out her hand to take it.

“It’s still hot.” She said, pinching her finger to her ear, “I walked all the way last night, and now I’m really thirsty.”


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