Jun Jiuling – Chapter 223

Lifting Weights Like Asking Questions

This voice was gentle and with the brightness of youth, which sounded like a refreshing breeze in the dark and depressed cell.

Old Lady Fang shook. She couldn’t say anything because her lips were trembling.

“Little brother!” Fang Yuxiu shouted, looking at the young man who had come over and stood behind them.

The cell was dark. Although she had adapted to the dim light, she still couldn’t see the teenager’s face clearly.

This teenager was both familiar and strange.

His voice was familiar, and his appearance was strange.

She has never seen her little brother stand.

It’s beautiful.

Her younger brother was beautiful, the best and most beautiful in the world.

Fang Yuxiu had only shouted the word “little brother” when tears flowed out and choked her voice.

Fortunately, Fang Yuxiu had shouted enough, otherwise the several officials beside them would not know who came.

“Second sister.” Fang Chengyu looked at Fang Yuxiu and said, “Help Grandma sit down.”

Old Lady Fang was like an obedient child as she was helped to sit down.

“Chengyu.” She finally said hoarsely, “You’re back.”

Fang Chengyu responded with a smile.

“After dealing with the matter over there, I rushed back immediately.” He said, “Grandma, second sister, take a break and leave it to me.”

Fang Yuxiu’s tears that had just stopped blurred her eyes again.

Old Lady Fang also felt her eyes grow hot.

After all these years, she never thought she could hear this sentence.

Take a break. Leave it to me.

She thought she would never hear this in her whole life.

“Well.” She said, “Go ahead.”

Fang Chengyu gave respectful salutes to several officials and turned to the cell.

The railings in the cell had been removed, and the originally narrow space had become a little spacious.

There were two people tied to the torture rack. It was Li County Magistrate and Song Yunping.

The two of them had been pretending to be half dead with their eyes closed. After Fang Chengyu came in, they opened their eyes. Because they already knew that Fang Chengyu had been cured, they sneered and closed their eyes again.

Fang Chengyu stopped in front of Magistrate Li.

“You don’t have to say anything, wait for someone to speak for you.” He said.

County magistrate Li just smiled and didn’t lift his eyelids.

“I don’t know where I offended you. Your family hurt me so much.”

Magistrate Li said, “What you say is what you say. I have nothing to add.”

Fang Chengyu nodded as he looked at him.

“Yes, it is as we say. Therefore, we plan to convict you for treason.” He said.

County magistrate Li’s eyes moved slightly.

Fang Chengyu didn’t give him a chance to speak.

“Lord Li, you are a scholar. You have been an official for more than two years now.” He said gently, “You must know what conspiracy means.”

He spoke and pointed in one direction.

“You will be beheaded in public at the East Street in Yangcheng. You don’t need to be escorted to Beijing and won’t be retried.”

He smiled again.

“That is to say, we won’t give you a chance to talk again.”

A sneer flashed as Li County Magistrate opened his eyes.

“When has there been such a tyrant in Yangcheng?” He said lightly.

These words made the officials sitting around look uneasy.

Everyone’s eyes flickered to a man sitting among them. The man was about fifty years old and he could be described as solemn.

This was Ma Shengzhi, the prefect of Taiyuan.

He was in charge of the proceedings but since he had entered the cell, he hadn’t spoken.

The same was true now. There was no light cough nor warning to be careful. The officials withdrew their gazes.

Fang Chengyu looked at county magistrate Li and smiled, “You don’t have to think about whether this is appropriate or not. You just need to know whether we can do this.”

After saying that, he took a few steps back.

“Lord Li, so you laid plans against our Fang family more than twenty years ago, didn’t you?”

Hearing Fang Chengyu’s words, Old Lady Fang straightened up in her chair.

“Whatever you say.” The county magistrate of Li said calmly.

Fang Chengyu didn’t care.

“I saw your resume.” He said, “You were a Jinshi top scholar at the age of twenty, and successively served as the chief secretary of Luting, Taizhou, joined the army, Qingyang Zhixian, Anyang Zhixian, Dengxian Zhixian, Weihuijiejie.”

He spoke fluently.

“Magistrate of Yangcheng County since then. Moreover, the places where you have worked carefully seem to be around here in Shanxi, Henan.”

Fang Chengyu made a gesture.

“It’s also because of this that you met Wang Caijun, a general in Henan, who was Wang Jiang’s uncle.”

Hearing this, the county magistrate Li smiled.

“You have studied my resume thoroughly, but so what? I didn’t get to know your family until I came to Yangcheng. As you said, I have been in so many places, and I have met many people, both cultured and martial, even ruffians and rogues. What’s the problem? Ask the officials here, which one doesn’t know some generals?”

Fang Chengyu shook his head at him.

“No, no, if there must be a problem, it’s that when everyone else was busy with promotion, you stayed in this place for so many years.”

He stretched out his hand and drew a circle.

“For more than twenty years, you have stayed an official near our Fang’s house.”

Magistrate Li smiled and wanted to speak. Fang Chengyu waved his hand to stop him.

“I know. You have never had any involvement with our Fang family in the past two decades. Except for one year.”

One year?

Everyone looked at Fang Chengyu.

“You have a cousin who used to be a Magistrate of Dongping County.”

He looked at Magistrate Li.

“That’s where you met my great-grandfather.”

Fang Chengyu’s great-grandfather was from Dongping County. He left his hometown to Shanxi at the age of thirty.

County magistrate Li laughed.

“What does this have to do with me? Should I have a deep hatred for you if my cousin-in-law has been the county magistrate of your ancestral family?” He said, “Does your family have a victim paranoia?”

This was really ridiculous. The officials here made low comments.

Old Lady Fang looked at Fang Chengyu with some uneasiness.

Fang Chengyu’s face was still gentle. Magistrate Li laughed.

“You were in Dongping County five years ago.” He said.

“What a joke, can’t I go?” County magistrate Li sneered.

“On September Eighteenth you were in Funiu Mountain.” Fang Chengyu said, “You saw it, didn’t you?”

As soon as this was said, Old Lady Fang stood up and County Magistrate Li finally changed color.


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    1. Oh, that’s flattering! I think I have my hands full with Jun Jiuling, but you can leave the name just in case. If I ever happen to try and pick it up, I’ll message you, though please don’t expect it!


    1. I tried earlier today to find the Chinese raws but couldn’t find them. Do you have a link? I can take a look to see if it is do-able for me, but there might be too many fantasy words I don’t know in that series ><


  1. I found the raws for 九州·朱颜记 on a website called Kanunu8.com and the raws for 九州·青蘅传 on 2015txt.com. You just have to put in the Chinese title and I think you might find it


    1. Thx! I’ll put them on my list and message you if I start either one. I’ll probably try watching the drama too, because that might get me excited for the book 🙂 I don’t want to guarantee anything though! Especially because I don’t know how busy my real-life will get.


      1. The drama isn’t out yet, unfortunately. I think it’s supposed to come out sometime next year. The drama had finished filming around February and for now there are only stills.

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  2. Thanks so much for picking this up! I just read up to Chapter 222 and tried a couple chapters for the MTL and was really considering dropping this! So glad to see these updates!

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  3. Thank you so much for picking this up! It’s a great novel and I was really sad it’s been dropped by the translator. Since it’s been so long since I read it, will probably have to re-read it from the beginning. Will maybe wait for it to be fully translated first unfortunately, or maybe I can mtl part of it. But with so many completed novels on my list I’ll probably pick up those first.
    No pressure tho, I appreciate however much you can work on this, since it’s a very long book^^. Your translation is very good btw!

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    1. Oh I get it. Even as I was reading, I was kicking myself for starting an unfinished book. But I just enjoyed it so much! I only picked up translating it a couple weeks ago, so hopefully I’ll be able to make a dent in it before long. I don’t have a lot of confidence that I will be able to take it through to the end tho ><


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