Jun Jiuling – Chapter 224

Asking About Life and Death

Although no one spoke, the atmosphere in the cell changed.

Obviously, Funiu Mountain is a place in Dongping County. Is there anything unique about this place?

Old Lady Fang, who was originally angry, was now a little nervous, and County Magistrate Li, who pretended to be unmoved, was also nervous.

All the officials here felt it.

“How do you know?”

Two voices sounded in the cell.

Old lady Fang and county magistrate Li.

This was even stranger.

The officials here were a little curious.

“Chengyu, you…” Old Lady Fang had stood up with a look of anxiety.

“This is not from Wang Jiang’s trial.” Fang Chengyu gave a soothing look to the old lady, “I found it myself.”

Before Old Lady Fang could speak again, he looked at Magistrate Li.

“I think things in the world can’t exist outside of cause and effect, so this matter is very simple. You must have something to do with our Fang family. I checked all the information about you and your relatives. I also checked the chronicle of Dongping County. I also searched through some poetry anthology, and then I found a poem.”

“This poem was made by a scholar in Dongping County. The poem is not well written, so there is no need to repeat it. What attracted me is the inscription of this poem. On a poem about climbing Niushan Mountain on the eighteenth day of September, county magistrate Cao Zunyongxian wrote that he made the climb with friends Wang Ziqing, Huang Ye and Li Changhong.”

Fang Chengyu said this and looked at the Magistrate Li.

“Lord Li, this person has the same name as you.”

Unexpectedly, the evidence that Li Changhong appeared in Dongping County was found in the poem.

The faces of the people present were slightly surprised.

County magistrate Li’s eyes flashed for a moment.

“So what?” He said, “What’s wrong with me going to Mount Funiu? As you said, the poem says that I traveled with others, and what does it have to do with your family? Does that mean that those who traveled together that day were all harmful to your family?”

Yes, what’s wrong with going to Funiu Mountain?

The most important thing is what happened on Funiu Mountain that day?

What can make a person plot for decades to harm people?

Everyone here pricked up their ears.

County magistrate Li sneered, and seemed like he was expecting to hear something more specific.

Old Lady Fang was a little nervous and took a step forward again. Fang Yuxiu, who was holding on to her, could clearly feel her grandma’s tense body.

An idea flashed in Fang Yuxiu’s heart.

In this slight silence and suffocation, Fang Chengyu’s relaxed and gentle voice sounded again.

“Lord Li, you talk too much.” He said, “Of course it’s okay for others to have been there, because it’s not someone else who is tied here now, but you. Besides, I said this not to ask you for confirmation.”

Isn’t it for confirmation?

When Fang Chengyu was talking, he walked step by step until he stopped in front of a guard.

He saluted the soldier.

“Brother Bing, can I borrow your knife?” He said gently.

The guard looked at the officials, slightly surprised.

“Master Fang, no lynching.” An official couldn’t help reminding.

Fang Chengyu responded respectfully.

“Da Ren, don’t worry, this youth knows the rules of the country.” He said.

The official stopped talking and looked at prefect Ma, who seemed a little absent-minded.

The guard no longer hesitated to pull out the waist knife.

Fang Chengyu thanked him again and held the knife.

He behaved elegantly and had a thin, youthful body. Holding this murderous knife looked extremely mismatched and somewhat funny.

“This is the first time I have taken a knife.” He explained it to everyone shyly.

Fang Chengyu walked to Magistrate Li with a knife in his hand.

“I just told you. I know you have a secret.”

County Magistrate Li laughed, but his laughter stopped as soon as the young man put the knife on his neck.

“The book says that scholars have strong character and their bones are very hard. They keep their promises to death.” Fang Chengyu said, “You know that I haven’t studied or seen you scholars after so many years of illness, so I want to see for myself.”

The face of the county magistrate Li changed slightly, and the officials frowned again.

“You probably know that it’s boring to be sick, especially when I’ve been ill for so long, so I’ve read a lot of books, many interesting books, one of which is about torture and punishment from ancient times.” Fang Chengyu looked at the county magistrate and smiled, “I have always doubted the authenticity. Now I can try it on Lord Li.”

“Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Don’t come here to put on airs.” County magistrate Li shouted, furious.

When his words fell, the young man’s knife retracted and pierced out again.

County Magistrate Li was sweating.

The knife grazed his shoulder and stuck into the wall behind him.

“You still don’t know who we are? What we can do?” Fang Chengyu whispered close to his ear, “If there was anyone who wanted to save you, my knife could not even approach you just now. Wake up, Lord Li, you are an adult. Don’t be more foolish than a child.”

Lord Li looked at him with a changed expression.

Fang Chengyu also looked at him.

“You know we can do it.” He said, “Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been so careful to plan for so many years to harm us.”

Lord Li’s lips trembled.

“I don’t need to know anything else, just one thing.” Fang Chengyu looked at him and said, “Was this planned by yourself? Or did someone instigate you?”

Lord Li’s eyes were a little erratic and his breathing was short.

“You just need to answer yes or no.” Fang Chengyu’s voice followed loudly again, “As long as this is answered, I can promise you.”

He didn’t say what he promised.

Such a deep feud.

They must kill him, but how to kill is what matters.

A set of punishments for sadistic killing, or a knife cutting the throat.

This is a cruel but kind condition.

The air in the cell was stagnant, and Lord Li’s distracted vision suddenly condensed and then went crazy.

“I did it myself. Why can’t I do it? If your family can do it, so can I. Everyone could do it. Why couldn’t I?” He suddenly shouted with a violent expression, as if his spirit had finally been lost.

Everyone in the cell was shocked.

County Magistrate Li struggled, and the chains made a splash.

“I was just in the back, and I also saw it. Didn’t your Fang family pick it up first…”

At this point in his words, the old lady Fang suddenly took a step forward.

“Kill him,” she shouted.

Her voice was only uttered, and the knife in Fang Chengyu’s hand was neatly pressed against Li County magistrate’s neck. He snorted, and blood splashed out.

The rest of County Magistrate Li’s words were stuck in his throat, his eyes stared and his head drooped.

There was silence in the cell, and then there was uproar.

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