Pachinko – Opening Title Sequence

I watched episode 1 of Pachinko last week and it was good! That said, it’s the Pachinko opening credit sequence that has left the strongest impression and I can’t stop watching it. This song, this video is just reverberating through me.

I have been trying to digest *why* I feel so captivated by it and I think it has to do with the way it captures the inevitability of time, and the immutability of humanity. The way it juxtaposes the sepia-toned photographs with the characters’ dynamic dancing really brings to the forefront how easy it is to ‘other’ people of the past and forget that, no, actually people are fundamentally all the same, regardless of era.

The characters that we see in the video are coming from different eras as well. The little girl, the young woman, and the old woman are all the same person. One of the characters is her lover, one her son, etc. They may exist in different time periods but watching them together like this just cuts through that division of time and brings them all to life so vividly ‘for today’.

(the song is Let’s Live For Today by The Grass Roots)


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