Don’t See New Chapters? Blame F4 Thailand

Apologies to anyone who has been looking for new chapters and forced to turn to the MTL instead. My mind has been wholly taken over with obsessing about F4 Thailand and there truly isn’t much room in my mind for other stories right now.

F4 Thailand is the newest iteration of Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden/Boys Over Flowers and it is -I kid you not- RIDICULOUSLY fantastic. Better than fantastic. Mindblowing.

Only 4 episodes have aired so far (and only 1 episode airs per week) and I’m basically living my life in the time between each episode by rewatching past episodes and refreshing the MyDramaList forum page to see if there are any new topics of discussion. There is fantastic coverage of this drama over there and I recommend anyone who is watching the show, or curious about the show to check it out.

There is so much about F4 that is worth talking about, but as for why I can’t stop obsessing? It’s because this version has done something that should NOT be possible. They took one of the most toxic romances in dramaland and have somehow figured out what was so compelling about the story in the first place, keeping all the major story moments yet adding substance to each moment in a way that leaves my jaw on the floor each episode. There is an ocean-full of depth to each character, and I am in love with all of them.

I *know* this story, I have seen it told and retold over and over again, and yet I cannot wait to find out what is going to happen next. I truly don’t know what else F4 has up its sleeve, but I trust it is going to be good.

****Edit 4/9/2022

The show finished today. It was a beautiful, amazing ride and I am so so so happy to have found this show and also found the fans who knew how to look deeper than the surface. It kept me engrossed till the very end and blew my mind with it’s story telling too many times to count. Thank you for everything, F4 Thailand.


5 thoughts on “Don’t See New Chapters? Blame F4 Thailand

  1. I get your obsession 🤔 I started out obsessed with the Asian shows on Netflix and Amazon, which drove me to find translations of the original works… which blew my mind by how good they are and how much they are usually changed for the worse when translated to screen. I’ve preferred reading over TV completely BUT if I found a TV version that did justice to the original work I’d love TV again. I don’t think I’ll be able to see your version for a long time🥺

    Please throw us a bone now and then because this is such a good story 🙏


  2. Hi there! I do not want to bother you, and I know how obsessed one can get with a drama but I was wondering if you have any plans on continuing translating Jun Jiuling. It’s such a good story that I can’t help but ask. I am not trying to hurry you or anything, it doesn’t matter to me when the new chapters come, I just want to ask if I can hope to see some in the future or if I have to give up on the story.

    Thanks in advance and hope you’re enjoying F4 xD


    1. I intend to! My interests are usually cyclical, where I move on to new interests then come back to old ones, and it works that way with books too. I started with Jun Jiuling because I kept coming back to the story and I thought I could improve on the MTL for others at the same time. I just have too many competing interests for my attention these days lol.


      1. I am similar actually so I understand xD I cycle through different interests constantly, which is why I’m not pressed about when the new chapters will come out bc I have many other things to keep me entertained in the meantime. Thank you so much for answering. I’m looking forward to more Jun Jiuling in the future, whenever you get back to it!


  3. Pls take pity on us & translate a few more chapters of Hilarious Consort. Yours is the best translation so far. Thank you very much.


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