You Are My Glory – Chapter 5

Because it was only the two of them, they were randomly matched with three strangers. Qiao Jingjing thought for a moment and chose Sun Yi again. Sun Yi is a little more difficult as a hero than Cai Wenji, and needs more thought to play, especially regarding positioning and timing the release of the skills.Continue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 5”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 4

It was probably that her exclamation points worked. Although Yu Tu didn’t invite her again for the next battle, I’m so Panicky did. Qiao Jingjing continued to use Cai Wenji, but this time the marksman had changed to I’m so Panicky. After a bit, “School is Starting, I’m so Panicky” was killed and gave firstContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 4”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 3

Once she made her decision, Big Sister Ling did things vigorously. After Qiao Jingjing wrapped in Hengdian, the team immediately returned to Shanghai and began her special training. Everything was well prepared: new accounts, a special phone for competition, even the coach. It was Big Sister Ling’s husband, A Guo. When they first got married,Continue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 3”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 2

After seven or eight years in showbiz, if you were to ask Qiao Jingjing what she is most afraid of, the answer must be Weibo’s hot search. Now the hot search headlines are exactly about her: “Qiao Jingjing’s image has collapsed.” The top headline linked to a video that was posted by a marketing account.Continue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 2”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This story was written by Gu Man (顾漫). The raws can be found here. Please note that my version won’t include any gameplay descriptions or game character notes. I wanted a version that was streamlined for my own re-reading, and for anyone else who is looking for the same thing. For comprehensive translator notes,Continue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 1”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 1

Mr. Inside Scoop, I’ll give you the real deal. I went to Z middle school in X city and was classmates with a very popular female star. It’s easy to guess who. Truthfully, she was not beautiful at all in high school. Well, she wasn’t ugly, but her looks were much worse than now soContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 1”