Jun Jiuling – Chapter 250

I Really Didn’t Expect It. Didn’t get the message? Is that it? Isn’t this reason a little sloppy? The people in the room were silent. “Isn’t this a little too coincidental?” Someone couldn’t help blurt out. Miss Jun didn’t seem offended and nodded in agreement. “It really is a coincidence.” She said, “I don’t believeContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 250”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 249

This is Another Misunderstanding. Gathering herbs? These words stunned everyone. The whole of Yangcheng was overturned because of her, and everything was chaos. Everyone was full of conjecture and panic, yet she appeared so easily and said something about gathering herbs. It’s like that one year when panicked parents screamed at the Yangcheng Lantern FestivalContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 249”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 248

Where Did You Come From? Old Lady Fang smiled when she looked at him. Yes, if she can’t be found in one day, then in two. If not two, then three. As long as they were still alive, then they’ll keep looking for her. What’s the big deal? Just like when the Old Master wasContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 248”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 247

Different Thoughts The people inside and outside the yard retreated like a tide, disappearing into the pale night in a blink of an eye, leaving only the people of the Lin family. “Search the city! Are they crazy? Are they really going to search the city?” Patriarch Lin said. Official Lin didn’t care what theContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 247”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 246

A Misunderstanding The small manor was brightly lit, and the two servants were shivering under the eaves. As they looked around the yard, they trembled more. There were a variety of people in the yard, including officials from the government, well-armed soldiers, ordinary courtyard guards, some who seemed like servants, and even an injured manContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 246”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 245

A Fright The inconspicuous cane that had been used by Old Lady Fang at will, and discarded in her room at will, had actually hidden an imperial edict. Indeed, this cane was very important. Every time there was a big event and every time she encountered a hurdle she couldn’t overcome, Old Lady Fang heldContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 245”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 244

A Bamboo Stick Can Tear Apart a City Of course there is a difference between indifferent people and grateful people. “You said everything was good, so why this fuss with Official Lin?” Concubine Yuan said from the side, “this shouldn’t be happening now.” Of course, if one thought about it carefully, now was the perfectContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 244”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 243

This Must Be Done Haven’t finished talking yet? He still has something he wants to say. What else is there to say? The officials and Chief Lin frowned slightly, but took a few steps back generously. No matter what Young Master Fang wants to say, Old Lady Fang is not an impulsive youth. After all,Continue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 243”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 242

Night Questions At this time, the Chengbei Station thirty miles away from Yangcheng, had fallen into the quiet of night. Chengbei Station was located at the junction of Yangcheng and Gaoping. Its location and jurisdiction were a bit embarrassing. You could get to either of the two cities as quickly as you wanted. There wasContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 242”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 241

Something To Discuss What words! Fang Jinxiu turned her head and glared at him.  Chen Qi hurriedly shrank his head and made a silence gesture. There was a noise in the street, and it turned out that officials from the county government had also come over. Magistrate Li had been executed, and all the otherContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 241”