Jun Jiuling – Chapter 260

Dramatic Narration Beyond Belief “From ancient times till to present, there have been many good men who have been presented with mysterious opportunities in the face of danger. Not only men, but married women are also entitled to this strange right.” “Ti Qian1 saving her father was uncommon in ancient as well as modern times,Continue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 260”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 259

Annoying Others God is so unfair. Third Madam Ning whirled her fan. “So he also sacrificed his life to save the Emperor.” She said, “What is this all about?” Fourth Madam Ning sat on the kang, although she did not have a fan, she waved a handkerchief. “There are many loopholes in the fabrication.” SheContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 259”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 258

Just a Deal Fake. Fang Chengyu knew that many things were fake. That she tried to kill herself was fake. That she made an unreasonable scene because of the matter with that yatou was fake. That she was overbearing at home was fake. Her arrogance and vulgarity were also fake. But could this also beContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 258”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 257

Detailing Secret Thoughts It was a letter from home. The companions let go of their doubts. “There is a letter from home again.” They smiled and said, “You have a lot of letters these days. This is not the first time you have gone out. Why are the uncles and aunts so worried?” “Because theContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 257”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 256

Slowly Discussing the Aftermath Probably for this reason, Thousand-Man Commander Lu seldom talked in front of people. People privately said that the ancient king of Lanling covered his beauty with a mask, but now there is Thousand-Man Command Lu’s genial and silent voice.1 Of course, comparing someone who was more like Zhou Xing2, a ruthlessContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 256”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 255

Dramatic Narration of what happened before The ancestral home of the Fang family was Dongping, Shandong Province, and everyone in Yangcheng knew it. “What does Shandong have to do with it? How do you know what’s right?” People who had experienced every kind of rumors these days were not easy to persuade. The man smiledContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 255”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 254

I Knew What You Wanted All Along Miss Jun smiled. What a smart child. He saw that she had been walking slowly, and that she couldn’t stand it and sat down to talk. “It seems a bit exaggerated to call a soft sedan chair, so as not to be a topic of speculation.” Fang ChengyuContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 254”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 253

Never Understood This Sincerity Before Yes, she thought of many things and understood many things, but she didn’t understand this. When she was running desperately in the dark night, she didn’t expect anyone to help her. She thought that the man at the post station behind her would feel something was strange, and she thoughtContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 253”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 252

Unknown Eunuch? Old Lady Fang raised her eyebrows, but she was not very shocked. “…’s attendant” Miss Jun continued, hiding her gaze. Seeing that Old Lady Fang was not very shocked about the eunuch, in that case just make it about the attendant instead. If she spoke of the eunuch and the Old Lady usedContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 252”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 251

Bending the Knee While Saying Thanks I really didn’t expect it. The Fang family actually had a decree. She took the imperial edict handed over by Fang Chengyu and began to scrutinize it earnestly. “It’s really a decree.” She said. And it was a handwritten imperial edict by the emperor’s father. The feeling in herContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 251”