Jun Jiuling – Chapter 230

Talking about the West Window and Raining at Night Miss Jun walked into the yard, and Liu’er had already flown in like a butterfly. As before, there were no maids in the yard, but only two servant girls, Mai Dong and Bai Shao. At this time, when they saw Miss Jun, they still looked antagonistic.Continue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 230”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 229

Don’t Talk About Gossip At dawn, Lady Ning walked out of the Buddhist temple. As soon as the sun comes out in June, it is extremely hot and sultry. The halls of the Buddhist Hall are full of ice, which adds a little coolness. Lady Ning slammed her fan a few times hard, and theContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 229”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 228

Tao is Ruthless and Sentimental Fang Jinxiu was locked up in the yard, but it couldn’t be considered a prison. The door of the house was unlocked and the gate to the courtyard was not restricted, but no one else came except the assigned maid, and Fang Jinxiu did not go out. But this time,Continue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 228”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 227

Joy is the Most Important Thing to Leave People When the echoes outside the door came in, the Fang family’s mansion was not disturbed. In fact, everyone was already waiting in the yard in front of the gate. When Fang Chengyu had first entered the city, the entourage who entered the county government office hadContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 227”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 226

Swaggering Through the Market Now it’s our turn to laugh. The enemy has been cut down, the root has been pulled out, and the grandson has recovered. This is really a great joy for heaven and earth to celebrate together. Old Lady Fang laughed loudly. Although Fang Yuxiu couldn’t make such a forthright laugh, sheContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 226”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 225

Three Stopping with Etiquette Everything happened so suddenly. Obviously speaking, it was not good. But to be fair, Fang Chengyu’s coercion and inducement were not considered too much during torture. The only thing excessive was Fang Chengyu’s identity as a suffering master and a civilian, and how he had killed the man under the eyesContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 225”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 224

Asking About Life and Death Although no one spoke, the atmosphere in the cell changed. Obviously, Funiu Mountain is a place in Dongping County. Is there anything unique about this place? Old Lady Fang, who was originally angry, was now a little nervous, and County Magistrate Li, who pretended to be unmoved, was also nervous.Continue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 224”

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 223

Lifting Weights Like Asking Questions This voice was gentle and with the brightness of youth, which sounded like a refreshing breeze in the dark and depressed cell. Old Lady Fang shook. She couldn’t say anything because her lips were trembling. “Little brother!” Fang Yuxiu shouted, looking at the young man who had come over andContinue reading “Jun Jiuling – Chapter 223”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 15

Qiao Jingjing’s mind went blank for a moment… After a long time, she answered, “No,” and moved her legs to let him in. Qiao Jingjing vaguely felt that he seemed to smile. He went in and sat down beside her, and his body heat and hot breath were felt by all her senses. After theContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 15”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 14

The next day was Double Eleven, a day that brought great turmoil for many people, but Qiao Jingjing just got to watch the video of herself playing as Niu Mo. Yu Tu really had recorded it. He turned to the computer to analyze with her what she did right, what she did wrong, and whereContinue reading “You Are My Glory – Chapter 14”