Lu Han – Medals

Medals (勋章) by Lu Han (鹿晗) Lu Han starred in and wrote this theme song for the Chinese movie The Witness. This movie is a remake of Blind, a Korean movie starring Yoo Seung Ho in the same role. As much as I love this song (and love Yoo Seung Ho), I haven’t been ableContinue reading “Lu Han – Medals”

Hua Chen Yu – Ordinary Path

Ordinary Path (平凡之路) by Hua Chen Yu (华晨宇) I get a visceral reaction every time I listen to this song and I have listened to it a lot. Hua Chen Yu has an amazing voice and he does such interesting things with it. I love so many of his songs and yet this is numberContinue reading “Hua Chen Yu – Ordinary Path”