Jun Jiuling – Chapter 270


The night in the capital was different from that in Yangcheng. It seemed that there was never a time when it was quiet.

It really was a city that never sleeps.

Miss Jun calmed down and got out of bed.

Liu’er slept soundly by the window.

This was an ordinary inn. It only had two beds and was still considered the best room, but it was very clean. As it was marked on the map of Beijing, if you had some money and didn’t want to suffer but still wanted to be low-key, this was the first choice.

They had come in from the street to check-in. After washing themselves clean, they ordered two bowls of noodle soup, duck, and two side dishes from the noodle shop next door. The master and servant ate comfortably in their room and then fell asleep.

Because she had traveled on the road to Ru’nan before, Miss Jun’s body had already adapted to travel and she regained her spirits after a good night’s sleep. But Liu’er wasn’t the same.

Miss Jun stood beside the bed. She looked at the sleeping Liu’er and picked up the thin sheet that had been kicked out of bed and wrapped it around her.

The windows were wide open, and the moonlight spread across the sky and the earth, complementing the lights that stayed on and the jokes that punctured through the night.

This was the capital, this was the capital.

She had come to the capital.

Miss Jun turned around and got dressed, opened the door and walked out.

The people staying at the inn were there at any time, day or night, so it was not closed and there were many guests enjoying the nightlife. Miss Jun walked out of the lobby and into the night.

After midnight, although there were still people walking on the street, it was no match for the day. Except for a few areas downtown and the place where the brothels were located, everything had fallen into a deep sleep.

Miss Jun passed through the city gate and went east along the street and north through an alley.

There were no bright lights here, only the moonlight paved the way. This was not a downtown area, and there were no unique places to eat, drink or play here on the map of Beijing.

Merely by crossing a street, there were two worlds in front of her.

On one side, the lights were as bright as a fairlyland on Earth, while the other side was solemn, sleepy and inviolable.

She didn’t need to travel to the capital to know that this was the most prosperous night market street, the center of the Beijing. And over there was Royal Street.

Over there were the government offices, the palace, and her home.

Miss Jun stood motionless in the dark and watched.

Elder sister was a rigid person, with regular work and rest, and she managed their younger brother strictly as well.

They must be asleep by now.

But she didn’t know if her brother would play secretly in the clean room, just like she had done before.

No matter what, her sister would always discover her, and she would be taught a lesson.

A smile appeared on the corner of Miss Jun’s mouth.

She didn’t know how long she stood there when a team patrolling the city came over.

There were open patrols in the city, and there were even more guards in the dark, including the Jinyiwei and the imperial guards.

Miss Jun lowered her head and turned to go to the night market street. The team of people patrolling behind her walked past. The lanterns in front of the horse illuminated the way, and some people noticed that she had deliberately raised her lantern.

Miss Jun turned her head and took a few steps to the side of the road.

A woman walking on the street at night was either a prostitute courting guests or a courtesan inviting them to a private banquet, or else a daughter begging for a living in the night market.

This girl could be described as delicate, and she was not dressed up to show off, so she was obviously not the former.

The city patrols took their eyes off her and walked past.

Only then did Miss Jun raise her head to look at them, and saw that the place where they were going was also the night market street.

The streets of the summer night were brightly lit, the rivers passing by the streets were dazzling with flowers and boats, and the sound of string music and laughter floated on the river.

Miss Jun stood on the bridge and looked at the flower boats passing under. The smell of wine and powder blew against her face with the night wind.

She was very clear about what this flower boat was for, so she was not curious, but she was also not shy to avoid it.

What was there to shy away from. Not only did she know what they were, but she had also been to one before.

Of course, her master had taken her on this kind of thing.

When seeing her trailing behind her master, the owner of the flower boat had been very surprised.

Her master said solemnly, “Little kid, you need to know everything. Only by doing this can you be invulnerable to all poisons.”

Of course, she knew that Master’s purpose was to make her, the princess, leave in embarrassment.

But was she the kind of person who could be easily embarrassed?

So let’s see about making the princess’ body invulnerable to all poisons.

She unceremoniously swaggered into the flower boat, watching the scantily clad prostitutes sing and dance.

The singing and dancing on the flower boat was not ugly, and the food was also very delicious.

Thinking back to this, Miss Jun couldn’t help but purse her lips and smile. She didn’t know where the aroma of roasting came from but she looked away from the flower boat and left the bridge briskly step by step. She went to the street.

Most of the shops were closed, but there were temporary stalls set up on the street. The fires were burning and the wind lanterns were shaking, illuminating the people walking on the street in twos and threes.

These stalls sold all kinds of food, and Miss Jun also saw that the team of patrolling the city that had just passed by was sitting at a stall eating, drinking and laughing.

“Miss, would you like to try it?” a vendor greeted.

Miss Jun shook her head and looked past.

She wanted to eat something, but she came out casually and didn’t bring any money.

But it was interesting to watch everything along the way.

Who would have thought that she would be wandering the streets of the capital after midnight.

Her elder sister and younger brother couldn’t have thought of it, Lu Yunqi couldn’t have thought of it, and neither could the emperor.

She couldn’t have even thought of it herself.

Three or four drunken men staggered past with crooked smiles and songs they learned from somewhere, occupying the entire street in a row. Miss Jun avoided them by retreating into an alley where she watched the entire group of drunken people walk by.

It turns out that night in Beijing was like this.

Standing at the entrance of the alley, resting and thinking about whether to go back or turn around again, she heard the sound of footsteps coming from the alley behind her.

This was a bustling downtown street with few people living there. If a place wasn’t a tea house or a restaurant, it was some cosmetic powder store. Miss Jun turned around and looked back. The alley was a little dark, and there were only a few lanterns hanging not far away.

There was faint laughter coming from within.

There were four or five people walking in the alley. Tall and short, fat and thin, all men.

She didn’t know which place they came from, but instead of walking towards the street, they turned inward with their backs to her.

Miss Jun glanced at them, took back her eyes and raised her feet.

“…What am I lying to you for? You are right to listen to me…”

There was a voice from the alley, which seemed a little unhappy, and the voice was slightly raised.

Miss Jun paused her feet and turned her head back again. At her corner of the street, someone walked by with a wind lantern, shining a light on her surprised face.

Such a coincidence?

Zhu Zan?

She looked at the tallest figure among the few people in the dim alley.

Although it was dim and blurry, although they were farther and farther away, he could be recognized if she looked carefully.

Zhu Zan.

Why did he come to Beijing too?

The emperor wanted the Jinyiwei to arrest him and bring him to the capital, but he ran away halfway.

Even though the most dangerous place was the safest place, he shouldn’t have come to the capital. Even if he was traveling in Henan or Shanxi, it would be safer.

What did this guy want to do?

Miss Jun looked at the few people who were walking further and further along the alley, and after a moment of hesitation, she turned around and followed.

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