Jun Jiuling – Chapter 268


The girl who makes tea!

The young people in the room were stunned, and immediately looked excited.

This was really incredible news.

“What’s going on here? Is it a continuation of an old relationship or a first meeting?”

“I think it’s an old relationship. Isn’t this Thousand-Man Commander Lu from a poor family? Maybe he was a childhood sweetheart with the girl who makes tea.”

“Yes, yes, it is possible that Commander Lu had to marry Princess Jiuling for the sake of his future. Now that Princess Jiuling is gone, no one can stop them.”

“Isn’t there still Princess Jiuli?”

“A princess you say, alas, not really a princess.”

“But no matter what, it’s too arrogant to do such a thing when he’s about to get married.”

“It is arrogant.”

There was a lot of discussion in the room. No matter what, they were all young people of 18 or 19 years. They were studying hard for next year’s big exam, and it was rare to take a day off. This also involved the relationship between powerful officials in the court and the relationship between men and women. Of course, they were very interested.

“Excuse me.” Ning Yunzhao’s voice sounded amid the excitement.

Everyone turned their heads and saw that Ning Yunzhao was still making tea, sifting the tea powder into the water with a relaxed expression.

“I think it’s better to talk less about this Commander Lu, so as not to cause trouble.” He said, “Don’t be unlucky like that Guo Laonu.”

Ning Yunzhao’s uncle was Ning Yan, his status was not ordinary, and his words were often meaningful.

The companions all looked at each other.

“Yunzhao, do you mean that Commander Lu really did this?” a companion asked.

Ning Yunzhao poured out cups of tea one by one.

“I just think,” he raised his head and smiled, “even a mad dog won’t bite a person for no reason. Either the person offends it, or there is an order from above, or the worst is when a person steps out in front of it. In other words, there is no love for no reason in this world. There’s no hate for no reason, either. There’s always a reason.”

His companions nodded.

“So according to you, why is this Lu Qianhu keeping an outer room at this time?” Someone asked with a smile.

“For whatever reason, these are matters that have nothing to do with us. Let it rest.” Ning Yunzhao said.

This made the smile on his companions face disappear.

“According to your words,” he said, putting down the tea cup in his hand, “if you encounter trouble, it’s none of your business. If you are afraid of causing trouble, you should turn a blind eye and not see it? Then we are studying to become wise and enter officialdom for what reason?”

Although they were companions, it was also common for young people to sit together and discuss these things.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for Ning Yunzhao’s answer.

Although the atmosphere was not tense, Ning Yunzhao’s answer would also affect everyone’s views and feelings towards him, which in turn would affect the closeness and distance between them as well.

This was the truth of different ways of thinking, and it was also common for young people to cut off relationships because of these differences.

Ning Yunzhao smiled. He put down the tea utensils in his hand and showed an orderly appearance.

“Of course not,” he said. “I mean when in trouble, find a solution. But at the same time, protect yourself and don’t die without achieving your grand ambitions. That won’t solve anything.”

“I understand what you’re saying, and I also know that this approach is upheld by many people and officials, but I also admire those who know they can’t abide something and are willing to die themselves to alert the common people.” The companion said solemnly.

Ning Yunzhao nodded.

“I also admire them,” he said. “My approach is just my approach. I don’t think my approach is right, and I don’t think other people’s actions are wrong. Right and wrong can only be judged by a saint. I’m not a saint.”

He smiled.

“What I mean is, whether Commander Lu is acting from nostalgia of childhood sweethearts or is greedy for beauty and sex, this is his personal affair and has nothing to do with state affairs.”

He continued.

“Since he dares to do such a thing, he must not be afraid of it being known, and the emperor obviously doesn’t mind. If we attack his personal virtue, it will not cause him any harm, but will put us in danger. I think it’s would be a pity and not worth it.”

“Not only do I think this way, but Commander Lu obviously understands the truth. So think about it, all this while he was able to deal with someone without taking advantage of their deficit of personal virtue.

“For example, Guo Laonu, Guo Laonu did something that violated his duties and violated the rules, and whether this matter is true or is by Lu Qianhu’s framing, in short, this kind of thing has nothing to do with personal morality and behavior, only rules and duties. That’s why he was severely punished by the emperor.”

Ning Yunzhao smiled when he said this.

“I say again, this is just my opinion, not the right one.” He paused. Although he wore a smile, his eyes were solemn, “It’s not that I’m afraid.”

His voice stopped, and the companion next to him laughed.

“That’s why a gentleman can be easily deceived.” He stroked the folding fan and said, “Frankly like this, even with such a traitorous official, there is no means of dealing with him privately.”

Ning Yunzhao smiled and shook his head.

“No.” He said, a little serious and a little joking, “It’s not that this method is not used, but the official method is useless if it is used.”

He raised an eyebrow.

“I’m going to preach on the street myself.”

As he said that, he lifted his robe and made the gesture of a storyteller.

“Commander Lu robbed people’s daughters in an uncultivated and brutish manner. Insulting the princess is a heinous crime.”

The companions burst into laughter, and the questioning companion also smiled and shook his head, all the grudges in his eyes disappeared.

“I have to say, Yunzhao.” He changed his name again, “This storyteller has truly grasped how to resemble the correct appearance easily1“.

The other companions also laughed.

“Yes, I haven’t seen you listen to storytellers before.”

When they drank tea in private rooms, they were looking for quiet. They never went to the hall to join in the fun, so they hardly saw those storytellers and performers.

A trace of unexpected embarrassment flashed in Ning Yunzhao’s eyes, and there was a little smile.

It was because the letter he recently read really described the storyteller unreasonably much.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help looking out the window, his eyes lit up.

“I will step out first,” he said.

The person who was talking had already gone out, and he quickly disappeared after he opened the door.

The companions in the room still hadn’t reacted.

“What is he like this for?”

The companion near the window looked out and saw that Ning Yunzhao had walked out of the tea house and stood on the street.

“He’s not really going to preach about Commander Lu’s forcible robbing of civilian women, is he?” he laughed.

Everyone laughed.

“Of course not, it was Yunzhong who sent letters again.” One person pointed to a young servant walking in the crowd not far from the street.

Everyone recognized that it was Ning Yunzhao’s personal servant.

These days, he was constantly passing Ning Yunzhao’s letters from Yangcheng.

Standing at the door, Ning Yunzhao waved to the servant, and the servant who was turning his head in the crowd looking for which tea house finally saw him, and quickened his pace happily.

At the same time, Miss Jun, who was approaching the gate of the capital, stopped.

“Miss, aren’t we going in?” Liu’er asked.

Miss Jun looked around.

“I won’t enter the city for now. The map shows that there is an inn outside the city that is clean and quiet, and it is adjacent to the Business Street.” She said, turning her horse’s head, “Let’s stay there.”

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Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 手到擒来 (shǒu ​dào​ qín​ lái) – “stretch a hand and grab it”; very easy

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