Jun Jiuling – Chapter 265


The people overthinking became confused, but General Tian, ​​whose thinking was simple, understood it very well.

Because he knew what he wanted to hear, his face was full of regret.

Would he be really be disabled from then on?

“Don’t worry, Lord Tian, ​​I don’t feel sad or regretful.” Lei Zhonglian said with a smile on his always blank face, “I’m very happy that I fulfilled my wish, even if I have to pay the price, it’s worth it.”

That is, if you can kill one more enemy on the battlefield, even if you die, there is nothing to regret.

General Tian smiled cheerfully.

“However, Master Lei, even if you can’t go to the battlefield yourself, you can teach the soldiers.” He said, “You can be an instructor.”

Lei Zhonglian nodded.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I plan to do. Although my hands are crippled and I can’t fight the enemy with dual spears, I am not crippled and my heart is not crippled. I can still teach my disciples and pass down the dual spears technique,” he said.

In the past, his hands were ruined, and his whole person was also ruined, but now that his hands were forever gone, he was more energetic.

General Tian was overjoyed.

“Then let me ask ask Master Lei to come with us quickly.” He said, “Our officials have already asked to report to the top. Master, you can get a ninth rank official position directly when you come.”

Although he would only be a military officer of the ninth rank, but that was also an official position. How many would stay a soldier for a lifetime?

Lei Zhonglian actually got such a promise to jump from a commoner to an official.

The eyes of the onlookers widened.

This was simply a meat pie falling from the sky1, and any fool knew what to do next.

Lei Zhonglian was not a fool, but he still didn’t answer. He saluted and thanked him.

“Thank you for your praise, Lei still can’t obey.” He said.

The straight-forward General Tian couldn’t hold his temper and became angry.

“You are also a martial arts practitioner. How can you negotiate with those scholars like an old woman haggling over a price?” He said, “I’m not afraid to tell you that the limit of what we officials can offer is the ninth-rank official position, and I can give you no greater a future.”

Lei Zhonglian was not angry.

“My lord, I don’t mean it that way. I cannot obey. The first reason is that my dual spear technique is for fighting alone in the jianghu. It is not suitable for soldiers to learn. Soldiers should learn some simple and effective marksmanship, and pay attention to mutual cooperation and battle formation on the battlefield. These are more powerful than my dual spear technique,” he said sincerely.

General Tian’s expression softened.

“You’re right,” he said. “Learning your technique requires a lot of time and energy. We soldiers really don’t have the skills. However, you can also simplify your technique so it will be more effective in group battles.”

Lei Zhonglian thanked him again.

“Thank you for your kindness, sir.” He raised his head, “Apart from the first point. The more important point is that I still want to set up A Righteous Friend, so as to be worthy of my deceased master and brothers.”

Speaking up to here, his voice sounded a little obscure.

“I’ve made them wait fourteen years, and I can’t wait any longer.”

Loyalty and filial piety. These were tenets that General Tian also respected, so he would not force anyone to violate them, and once again he said a few words of admiration to Lei Zhonglian. Then he conveniently mounted his horse and galloped away with the soldiers.

The people watching in front of the door rushed forward.

“Lao Lei, did he really want to invite you to be an official?”

“What’s the matter? Is your hand really disabled?”

“You are Dual-Spear Lotus? Are you really Dual-Spear Lotus?”

Countless questions came to Lei Zhonglian. Lei Zhonglian didn’t panic, but posted a notice of accepting disciples outside the door, and then slammed the door shut.

He didn’t mean to talk about it at all.

“Lei Zhonglian is like this.” Fang Chengyu said to Fang Yuxiu, “People are very rigid. He will do what he wants to do. If he can’t say anything, he won’t say a word more or take one more step than he should.”

“Is it also out of the question to give money?” Fang Yuxiu asked seriously.

Fang Chengyu nodded.

“Not even money.” He replied seriously.

Fang Yuxiu pursed her lips and smiled.

“Miss Jiuling is really amazing.” She sighed again.

“Yes, she is very powerful.” Fang Chengyu also sighed, looking at the crowd gathered for a lively discussion, the smile on his face was even stronger, “Everyone should know that she is very powerful.”

Although Lei Zhonglian didn’t say anything in detail, it didn’t stop the story from spreading. After all, other than Lei Zhonglian and the Fang family, other guards also participated.

The storytellers in Yangcheng were immediately happy again, and they spent money to find details of the ambush, trapping, and staggering through the killing field. The plot around this kind of critical moment was even more attractive and it immediately swept through the whole city and regained the territory occupied by the Ru’nan people.

Although the protagonist in this story was Lei Zhonglian, the image of Miss Jun became more mysterious and powerful.

Many people thought that the well-known Miss Jun was not like this, and they were looking forward to seeing the current Miss Jun, but unfortunately, she had gone away.

This also confirmed that Miss Jun’s marriage was fake.

Otherwise, how could she run around freely? Only relatives who were guests could do this, but a daughter-in-law was not so free.

“Miss Jun has something important to do.”

“It is said that she was invited to seek medical treatment.”

“It’s such a pity that we didn’t ask Miss Jun to prescribe medicine for a diagnosis.”

“Miss Jun will definitely come back. Let’s try when Miss Jun comes back.”

“But when will Miss Jun come back?”

The title of Master Fang’s wife was gradually no longer mentioned. According to the habit of the Ru’nan people, the people of Yangcheng also began to call her Miss Jun or Miss Jiuling, and were eagerly looking forward to Miss Jun’s return.

Compared with the people from Yangcheng who were looking forward to Miss Jun’s return with curiosity, the Fang family were more concerned about where Miss Jun was.

“She should be here today.” Fang Chengyu carefully read the map many times before he tapped on one place.

Fang Yuxiu and Fang Yunxiu stood still and didn’t look carefully, Fang Chengyu shook his head again.

“No.” He said, sliding his fingers on the map, “It should be here, Jiuling is familiar with the wild road, this time without me as a burden, she will definitely walk faster.”

Fang Yunxiu couldn’t help but smile.

“She’s so amazing, she knows everything?” she asked.

“Of course.” Fang Chengyu replied without hesitation, “She is very powerful.”

Fang Yuxiu shook the fan and sat down.

“I remember not long ago that my younger brother swore that us two older sisters were very powerful people,” she said. “It’s been so long, the new one will replace the old one.”

Fang Yunxiu pursed her lips and smiled, Fang Chengyu looked over.

“Second sister, what you said doesn’t make sense.” He said in surprise and seriousness, “Who said that when others are great, you are not?”

Fang Yuxiu froze for a moment, then shook the fan and smiled.

“Makes sense,” she said. “Sure enough, I was wrong.”

While talking and laughing, Madam Fang walked in.

“So happy?” she laughed.

Now there was laughter everywhere in the house, and the whole atmosphere had become cheerful.

“I’m watching where my cousin goes.” Fang Yunxiu smiled.

“It’s really worrying for this child to go alone,” Madam Fang said.

“Don’t worry, mother, my cousin always reports her safe return through the businesses in a timely manner. It can be seen that she is very measured.” Fang Yunxiu smiled.

Madam Fang smiled.

“Yes, she is indeed more sensible than before.” She smiled.

Fang Yunxiu wanted to say something, but Fang Yuxiu spoke first.

“Mother, it’s time for us to reconcile the accounts. Although Chengyu is now doing things, we can’t waste all these years of study.” She laughed.

Madam Fang nodded.

“Of course not, you have few brothers and sisters, you just need to support each other,” she said.

Fang Yuxiu and Fang Yunxiu saluted and retired.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Yunxiu asked after walking out.

Although she didn’t have many thoughts, it’s not that she wasn’t observant. It was obvious that Fang Yuxiu retired on purpose.

“Mother has something to tell Chengyu.” Fang Yuxiu said, looking at the two girls walking outside the door, “It is inconvenient for us to be present.”

What is inconvenient to say while we are present? Fang Yunxiu was a little puzzled, and as Fang Yuxiu looked at her, her expression suddenly became complicated.

A girl was leading another girl over, and the girl walking behind lowered her head timidly. It was Lingzhi, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time.

This chapter is thanks to Davicat! ❤

Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 天上掉馅饼 – tiān​ shàng ​diào ​xiàn​ bǐng​ – “a meat pie falls from the sky”; to have something fall into your lap


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    1. Lol, yeah it’s been a while…. she is the servant who pretended to be pregnant with Chengyu’s baby way back when he was still being treated for his illness. When they were trying to lure out the evildoers, they spread the story that she was pregnant and caught Concubine Su trying to kill her so as to kill Chengyu’s heir.


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