Jun Jiuling – Chapter 263

This is beyond doubt

Yangcheng storytellers have been very unhappy lately.

It was only two days ago that the clever people set up a clever ruse but suddently, during what should have been the most lively and popular time, the teahouse audience was reduced by half.

This was because there were a lot of foreigners in the city, and although these foreigners were not storytellers, they still robbed them of their business.

These people were from Ru’nan, the place where the stories said that Miss Jun took the sick and weak, the old and the disabled, and trekked back to.

Unexpectedly, Miss Jun had more lively stories to tell from Ru’nan.

These days, people from Ru’nan and from near Ru’nan had come to seek medical treatment.

Many people who could travel so far to see a doctor must be rich in assets at home, which could ensure that the patient’s journey was comfortable so they would not be tired or overworked, which could worsen the disease.

And those who could travel long distances must not be seriously ill and about to die, otherwise they would die before they reached Yangcheng.

Therefore, when they learned that Miss Jun was not in Yangcheng, although Fang Chengyu provided food and accommodation, many people still left. These people were not short of money, so instead of waiting, they went in search of another famous doctor.

But there were also some people who stayed, or who didn’t have the strength to go. Or they didn’t have much money and had already run out.

These people who stayed idle and had nothing to do, especially when they found that the people of Yangcheng did not know the power of Jiuling Hall, were filled with righteous indignation and the need to show off. So outside the residence provided by the Fang family or out on the streets, they enthusiastically told the people of Yangcheng about the various deeds of Jiuling Hall.

Miss Jun returned to her old home, and Old Master Yan pushed down the house to the walls.

Miss Jun did not back down. Jiuling Hall was reopened between the ruins of the broken walls.

A promise of gold, good deeds and fame.

The disabled family waiting for death, and the three types of medicines and two lines of acupuncture vigorously applied.

Old Lady Yan taught her son a lesson, and Juiling Hall was rebuilt.

In the street, a coincidental encounter of old friends, and Miss Jun compelling the man to stay with her.

“Stop, stop, this can’t be said.”

When the talkative man told the last story. He was immediately scolded by the Ru’nan villagers next to him.

Only then did the man notice that he had lost his words and he coughed with a red face.

“I won’t talk about that,” he said.

The people of Yangcheng, whose eyes were lit up and ears were erect, suddenly booed.

“Speak. Say it, just say it.” They coaxed.

“This part didn’t happen, this part didn’t happen.” The people of Ru’nan waved their hands and denied everything. Their expressions were formidable, an invincible look that could not be bent by riches and honor.

Miss Jun was from Ru’nan, and no matter what, it is always disgraceful to force a hug on a young man in the street. Even if their own family knew that their children were naughty, it still had to be maintained before outsiders.

“How much money the Fang family paid for you to come, and what can be said and what cannot be said, was it not prepared in advance?”

There was naturally no shortage of cynicism in this lively scene.

In fact, this kind of questioning and ridicule had continued since the medical seekers from Ru’nan first started arriving, one after the other.

This was also inevitable. After all, the fact of Miss Jun being a divine doctor was too sudden.

Every time there was questioning and ridicule, the people of Ru’nan would be puzzled and angry. As a result, the two sides quarreled.

However, as the people of Ru’nan learned about the various deeds of the Fang Family from the population of Yangcheng, the people of Ru’nan also became calm.

“Actually, it’s not surprising that you think so.”

This time, a man from Ru’nan stopped the quarrel between the villagers and his companions, stood up and looked at the people with a disdainful expression.

“When Miss Jun and Young Master Fang first arrived in Runan, no one believed that she would really open a medical clinic,” he said. No one believed that she could gain a foothold in Ru’nan, and so Hu Gui dared to sell the house. That Old Master Yan dared to tear down the house because she was an orphaned daughter, she was young, her parents were dead, and there were no clan relatives. Such a person, it was really difficult to believe that she had the ability to fight against bullying, this is the so-called judging people by their appearance.”

These words gradually quieted the laughing crowd.

“Isn’t the same with your speculations about certain families?”

He continued.

“Because they are merchants, scholars, farmers, and businessmen, and the lowest class. Even if they have money, they are only rich, so how can they hold the imperial edict and make so many officials bow their heads and obey the decree.”

“But what exactly are you questioning?”

“Isn’t the imperial edict real? You’ve all seen it, and the officials have confirmed it. It’s true.”

“Just like in Ru’nan, when Miss Jun announced on the collapsed house that the Jiuling Hall would reopen, that magic hands would bring the dying back to life1 with no consultation fee, no medical expenses, and no cost for the medicine to cure the disease, we ourselves didn’t believe it.”

“She cured one person, cured two people, and we all thought she was using famous medicine prescriptions bought with the Fang family’s money.”

“But she cured three people, four people, and all the people she could cure were cured, and everyone watched. She didn’t avoid or hide, she did all of it herself.”

“It’s because we saw it that we believed her.”

“The reason why you don’t believe it is because you haven’t seen what she did in Ru’nan, so why don’t you go to Ru’nan. If you don’t believe us, why don’t you go to Ru’nan to inquire?”

“Ru’nan is not far away, and there are many merchants coming and going, or you can also go and have a look.”

“Of course, the matter has passed, and you still don’t believe it when you hear others say it, but you have seen it with your own eyes.”

“Isn’t the young master of the Fang family a living example?”

“When we saw Young Master Fang in Ru’nan, we just thought he was crippled, and we didn’t even think that he was actually a dying paralyzed man.”

“But you know, you watched him grow up. You know exactly what Young Master Fang used to be like, and you have seen with your own eyes what Young Master Fang is like now.”

“So what are you really questioning? Just because you think she can’t do it, so she must be a fake, it must be a lie?”

“To believe something, do you have to find a reason to believe it before you can believe it? Is something not true just because you don’t believe it, or is it false?”

“But there are really a lot of strange things in this world, and they exist.”

“Just because you don’t believe, you must laugh at it and question it.”

The street was silent, and the people who had originally had sneers and mockery had red faces and looked evasive.

Fang Chengyu, who was standing in the distance, smiled.

“Chengyu, did this person cost a lot of money?” Fang Yuxiu asked in a low voice.

“Second sister.” Fang Chengyu looked at her and said aggressively, “These people are really not invited by me, these are to the credit of Jiuling. Everyone is really here for her.”

Fang Yuxiu smiled.

“Yes, I know, Jiuling is very powerful, Jiuling is omnipotent, and responds to every call.” She said.

Fang Chengyu laughed again, his eyes full of pride.

“Yes,” he said.

Fang Yuxiu reached out and poked his forehead.

“She’s such a powerful person yet this was started by you, right?” She said.

Fang Chengyu giggled and did not admit or deny it.

“They always question us for deceiving people.” He looked at the crowd over there again, with a smile on his face, “But they forgot one thing, no one in this world can deceive people just because they want to, and cheating people must also require real ability. If there is no Jiuling who has really done these things, just relying on money, how could we see this kind of response?”

Fang Yuxiu looked at the crowd over there and smiled.

Yes, if there was no real ability and sincerity, how could they be so sincere to her.

Forces are mutual.

The brother and sister were talking, and suddenly there was a burst of firecrackers on the street.

What’s wrong?

The people on the street also looked for the sound, and saw that some people were already running towards the place where the firecrackers were.

“Go and see, someone has opened a new escort bureau!”

Escort bureau?

Zezhou county had many businesses, and there were many escort bureaus, but it was not easy to open one. There must be a famous master who has enough escorts to convince people. This was not something that anyone could open casually.

Who knew which famous martial artist was going to strike out on his own.

Everyone rushed over in curiosity, only to see a slightly remote and somewhat dilapidated door on the street being lit up by firecrackers. The smoke dissipated, and a thin man stepping on a ladder was hanging a plaque on the door with one hand.

The door plaque was somewhat old, like this house, and the words on it had been repainted.

A Righteous Friend, three words shining in the daylight.

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Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 妙手回春 – miào​ shǒu​ huí​ chūn – “magical hands bring the dying back to life” miracle cure / brilliant doctor

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