Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 104

Calmly Countering Every Trick 2

“What, is Eldest brother familiar with my princess?” Mo Liancheng watched their encounter with a faint smile, but he didn’t show any expression. It seemed that he was familiar with their situation and not seeing anything improper.


“Not familiar.”

I’m really not familiar with him! Qu Tan’er repeated these words in her heart.

The first two words Mo Yihuai said, and the last two words were what she said, but they worked together, which was very appropriate and vivid.

“Elder Brother, why are you so concerned about Eighth sister-in-law? Be careful that Eldest sister-in-law doesn’t get jealous, or you will be in trouble then.” Mo Jingxuan interrupted and laughed heartily, as if he had just taken the tense atmosphere as a joke.

“Ha ha, indeed, I’m really worried that she will be jealous.” Mo Yihuai suddenly laughed, turned his eyes back from Qu Tan’er’s face to Mo Liancheng. However, whether the “she” in that sentence referred to Qu Paner or someone else was thought-provoking.

“…” Qu Tan’er kept silent. As if she were bowing her head shyly, she studied the embroidered shoes on her feet. They had good craftsmanship and exquisite embroidery. It would definitely be a valuable collection if brought back to modern times.

“Royal father is getting older, and wants to cede the throne. I wonder, who does Eighth prince think is the most suitable to sit on this throne?” Mo Yi asked leisurely.

“Then I wonder who Eldest prince thinks it will be?” Mo Liancheng asked indifferently, not even shocked at being asked. The position of Crown Prince had been vacant for many years. The former Crown Prince was also his third brother, the direct son of the queen. At the age of three, he was established as the Crown Prince, but he died inexplicably. Now it is time for someone else to take the position. However, will that person be Mo Yihuai?

Qu Tan’er was originally studying the new shoes, but when she heard what they were talking about, she couldn’t help listening stiffly and quietly.

These two people really didn’t come here falsely. This dark tide. This turbulence. They fought fiercely, even if it meant drowning.

“What do you think about me sitting in this seat?” Mo Yihuai deliberately asked, as if he was testing something.

“Eldest Brother wants to sit on the thrown?”

“Shouldn’t it be this prince? Benwang is the first prince of Dongyue Kingdom with many supporters as well as prestige and power. Just ask, in the whole Dongyue Kingdom… Apart from benwang, who else can sit on it?” Mo Yihuai smiled frivolously, as if he didn’t seem to mind saying these words in front of Mo Liancheng.

“What Eldest Brother said is indeed true.” Mo Liancheng smiled lightly and did not refute.

“Will Eighth Brother stand by benwang’s side?” Mo Yihuai asked directly, staring at Mo Liancheng’s face, waiting for his answer.

“If it is destined for Eldest brother to ascend to the throne of God, then benwang won’t have much to say.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly. But if someone wants to disobey fate, one is afraid that Mo Yihuai will not be able to sit firmly on the throne.

“Ha ha!” Mo Yihuai was overjoyed and smiled deeper. He seemed to have expected Mo Liancheng’s answer. He just wanted to confirm it again. “Since the Eighth prince said so, I will rest assured.”

“You should rest assured.”

“What did the Eighth prince say?”

“I didn’t say anything.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly, as if he had never said anything just now. He raised the glass casually and tasted it slowly.

Although Mo Yihuai didn’t believe it, it was difficult to ask again. His eyes turned to Mo Jingxuan, “Fourteenth brother, what do you say?”

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