Jun Jiuling – Chapter 253

Never Understood This Sincerity Before

Yes, she thought of many things and understood many things, but she didn’t understand this.

When she was running desperately in the dark night, she didn’t expect anyone to help her.

She thought that the man at the post station behind her would feel something was strange, and she thought that the man would definitely chase after her.

So all she could think of was running fast, faster, the faster she ran, the more chance she had to win.

She had prepared clothes, herb collection tools, and all the evidence. As long as she could escape and return to the city, everything would follow logically and nothing would be suspicious.

But it was based on the premise that she could escape.

Otherwise, all her preparation would be to no avail if she were caught on the spot.

When she was running wildly, in her heart, she regretted a little. She didn’t expect that Yuan Bao, who was very honest in her memory, would be so shrewd. When he looked at her at the door of the room, her hair really bristled.

Maybe she shouldn’t have been so reckless. Now there was speculation, but maybe she shouldn’t have been so eager to gather evidence alone.

It was too dangerous.

It was not the first time she had encountered danger.

When she walked to the palace with a hidden knife and a straight back, didn’t she know how dangerous it was ahead?

She went into danger alone, and then died alone.

Would it be the same this time?

In this way, single-handedly1 rushing out to investigate in the dark night, and then killed alone in the dark night.

Several times, she seemed to hear the sound of horses’ hoofs behind her, and even the sound of bows and crossbows.

She kept running, but she didn’t expect to run till dawn into the city, just like she arranged.

It was done.

She actually did it.

Then she looked at the noisy Yangcheng and understood what had happened.

In order to find her, the Fang family actually took out the imperial edict, which was a bigger deal than the big move of searching the city.

The imperial edict.

It was also this imperial edict that had attracted those officials in the post station, and made the man no longer care about anything else. Everyone rushed toward Yangcheng and the Fang family like a beast moved by smelling fish.

She was indeed a little surprised that the Fang family had a decree, but she had already suspected that the Fang family was hiding secrets. This surprise was more than having her speculations confirmed.

What really surprised her was that they would treat her so well.

So she really didn’t understand. Why did Old Lady Fang bring out the decree?

Holding the imperial edict, keeping unspeakable secrets, and encountering the death of relatives one after another. Enemies hiding behind all kinds of crises, and a group of women who had to take up their family business, support the business, and endure being called cursed.

In the past ten years, no matter how hard it was, no matter how much she hated it, she never brought out the imperial edict. Now, just because this granddaughter didn’t return all night, it worried her to death so whatever it took, she would rather show reveal the secret that couldn’t be revealed if it meant finding her.

Actually, there were many ways for the Fang family to look for her. It might have been the most useful to search the city by decree, but it was also the most irrational and inappropriate.

If Fang Chengyu had not been cured, it would be understandable to do so. But now Fang Chengyu had been cured.

As long as one thought about it rationally, this choice should not have been made.

Old Lady Fang said that she might be useful in the future because she cured her grandson. That’s why she did it.

Others may become crazy speculating about a future that hasn’t happened yet, but these women in the Fang family would not. For those suffering there is no tomorrow. For those who are struggling to survive, they never think about the future and just care about the present.

So it was very simple for them to do this, because in the present moment, they were caring and chaotic, caring and crazy.

They already cared about her to this extent.

Although it began because she had cured Fang Chengyu, it was not just because she cured Fang Chengyu.

For her, Old Lady Fang didn’t care about the consequences. For her, the people of the Fang family were desperate.

She really didn’t expect this.

She originally was just asking for the Fang family’s money, but she didn’t expect them to give her their sincerity.

Real sincerity.

Young Lady Jun had never cared for or wanted sincerity.

Her identity determined that she didn’t need and couldn’t get sincerity. Whether sincere or not, people would act respectful to please her and guard against making her dislike them. What was the need for sincerity?

However, it really gave people a good feeling.

Speaking of which, she hadn’t even embraced her parents like this.

Her mother was the crown princess and had to take care of their father and deal with the complicated affairs of the Eastern Palace. There was also a nanny, a wet nurse, court maids and a eunuch, so she never had to take of the two sisters personally.

Her sister always felt that she was hated when younger, just being stared at and told don’t do this or that. So when their mother sought them, she would think to hide rather than hug.

In fact, on the day of her marriage, she was a little scared and her sister probably saw that she was afraid and wanted to hug her, but she avoided it because she wasn’t used to it.

Miss Jun rested her head on Old Lady Fang’s shoulder.

In fact, hugging felt good. It was not uncomfortable. It was very warm, especially after escaping from extreme danger.

Old Lady Fang didn’t feel comfortable, but very stiff and uncomfortable.

Grandma, you are so kind to me.

Really inexplicable! What are you doing? I don’t understand what this means!

What are you doing hugging others? You are not a three-year-old child!

“Of course we treat you well. Chengyu is the only male heir. If he suffers from another illness or disaster, who will treat him?” Old Lady Fang said angrily, stretching out her hands to push the girl away, “Get up, don’t hug, what does this look like?”

Fang Chengyu looked from the side with a smile.

Miss Jun let go of her.

“Don’t just think you’ll be fine after this.” Old Lady Fang said with a stiff face, “You acted too ridiculously this time and said things were strange in a way that scared everyone.”

“Yes, it’s really my fault this time.” Miss Jun nodded seriously and saluted Old Lady Fang again, “I didn’t think it through well and took risks.”

Old Lady Fang hummed, her expression still a little uncomfortable.

“So what do we do now?” She said.

It was just that she had no words to resolve her uncomfortableness. Did an elder really need to ask these two children what to do?

She looked even more uncomfortable after asking this question.

“What you have to do now is to eliminate the trouble of the imperial edict.” Miss Jun didn’t care about Old Lady Fang’s embarrassment. She spoke seriously, “and take this opportunity to recuperate.”

Old Lady Fang nodded and coughed softly.

“The imperial edict is a good thing. Don’t talk nonsense. What trouble,” She corrected.

“In this world, fortune and misfortune go hand in hand,” Miss Jun said, smiling again with some emotion, “No one feels this more than me.”

Such sage wisdom at such a young age2. How could there have been so many sad springs and hurting autumns?

Old Lady Fang stared at her.

“I will make arrangements for the imperial edict.” She said, “Following this execution we will finish wrapping up the past matters together. If you both won’t go rest, then this old one can’t bear it and will leave to rest first.”

After saying that, she seemed to fear being hugged again and left in a hurry.

Fang Chengyu and Miss Jun looked at each other and smiled.

“Let’s go back, too.” Miss Jun said.

Fang Chengyu walked up to her, turned around and bent his knees.

This is?

Miss Jun was stunned.

Fang Chengyu turned his head slightly and asked, “Jiuling, you ran around all night. Are your legs or feet hurt?”

Footnotes and Chinese Idioms

1 – 单枪匹马 – dān qiāng pǐ mǎ – “single spear and horse”; single-handed or unaccompanied

2 – 老气横秋 – lǎo qì héng qiū – “old and decrepit”; proud of one’s age and experience

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