Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 99

Asking the Master for Punishment 3

And a few drops of the ink she was grinding accidentally spilled on Mo Liancheng’s half-drawn portrait.

Mo Liancheng just raised his eyebrows, his mouth was tight already. He glanced at the drawing paper, and with a casual flip of his hand, he laid another piece of rice paper flat and continued to draw.

“…” Qu Tan’er was stunned, and the black lines between her forehead were about to emerge.

No way, that’s all?

The next moment, the person who grinds ink was still grinding, while the person who paints continued to paint.


A scream again, and the effect this time was a little more violent than the first time. Another portrait that was about to be completed, because a certain woman was not careful and added a few deliberate elements, had a few more spots of ink in addition to the original appearance.

Qu Tan’er raised her eyebrows. Regarding this accident, she had used a bit of strength to grind the ink, and it speckled the drawing paper… It just so happened to be the portrait carefully drawn by the master, which was completely destroyed again.

“My Lord, it’s all the fault of Tan’er. It is Tan’er who was careless.”

“Since the painting has been destroyed, then repaint it.” Mo Liancheng spoke such an understatement. He said it so simply and he seemed calm to do it. There was no dissatisfaction on his handsome face. It really gave one the illusion that he had no temper, or was it too much pampering of another person?

“My Lord, don’t you blame Tan’er?” Qu Tan’er bit her silver teeth and tried her best to make her expression sad.

Damn, if he is a man, then just let that internal heat out. Acting so tepid is depressing.

Besides, she used all these tricks, she should have something to show for it.

“Well, indeed you deserve some blame.” Mo Liancheng glanced at her faintly and casually took out a blank rice paper. As for the abandoned portrait, it was moved aside again.

“It’s Tan’er’s fault. It’s all because Tan’er is too reckless and annoying the prince. It’s better for the prince to ask Tan’er to withdraw. Tan’er is sure to find a nimble maid to come serve you. Please rest assured.” Look, her thoughts were more for him. In any case, she should withdraw and burn incense for him to worship to Buddha, thanking him for his great kindness.

It’s just…

“There is no need to get a maid. You can do it.”

“But, Tan’er can’t do anything well.” She felt dizzy. This man really deserved a beating. Anyone could see that she wanted to get out of there.

“I’m very satisfied.”

“But I’m not satisfied!” Qu Tan’er finally exploded, and she didn’t care whatever prince he was. She stared directly at him. However, even when she became angry like this, Mo Liancheng was still in a good enough mood to continue painting?

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

“Can’t you see that I did it on purpose? Can’t you say just two words? Get out! These two words are very easy.”

“You want to leave, but what a pity that the person Benwang likes… Do you think Benwang will let go so easily?”

“Like me?” Qu Tan’er was stunned and stared at him suspiciously.

“Indeed. Otherwise, what do you think Benwang is doing?” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly, and his eyes finally turned away from the drawing paper and stared at her. Such an embarrassing and ambiguous relationship between him and her and he was actually so simple and direct. He spoke so lightly and mysteriously. Why did it feel so weird?


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