Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 101

Why Don’t You Follow Benwang? 2

“It seems that this painting cannot be finished by Benwang. It’s also time to play the play qin and practice the feel for it.” Mo Liancheng stood up from the chair slowly. He glanced at her who was still stunned and unresponsive. He just raised his eyebrows and walked out without saying much.

Seeing Mo Liancheng was about to leave, Yu Hao followed him closely.

However, when Mo Liancheng was about to walk out the door, he suddenly stopped again and continued the unsaid part of his sentence, “When Benwang finishes playing the Qin, you can go with Benwang to the grand palace.”

After saying that, he left without looking back.

“Jingxin, just a moment ago, did I just bring this on myself? Asking him to kick me out, asking him for xiushu, but failing to get it. Now everything is inverted and I’m firmly sitting in the princess’s seat. Should laugh or cry?” Qu Tan’er was speechless. In the end, she was still here and she couldn’t even smell the air outside.

“However, Yuela will be very happy.” Jingxin said calmly, not happy, but more worried.

“…” Qu Tan’er was speechless.

What Jingxin said was the truth. Su Yuela would really be very happy. Though that kind of happiness, even she couldn’t tell whether Su Yuela was happy for her or herself.

In fact, it only took an hour for Mo Liancheng to finish playing the Qin and for them to go to the grand palace.

Only once the luxurious carriage and team of escorts left the Eighth Prince Mansion did Qu Tan’er find out that today was Mo Yihuai’s twenty-eight birthday.

Along the way, no one spoke.

Raising ones head only to see the other’s head bowed, the atmosphere seemed awkward.

Unfortunately, no one broke this silence.

The carriage was neither fast nor slow. As soon as it reached the middle of the street, it suddenly stopped.

Qu Tan’er looked at Mo Liancheng and saw that he didn’t intend to speak, so she directly opened the curtains and looked out. At a glance, she could see it was a large, ostentatious welcoming procession.

There was no need to guess about this situation. It was definitely the wedding for a large family.

The street was not wide, and the two teams of people seemed to be unable to get through.

“My Lord, a member of the bride’s escort has come in front of the carriage.” The driver said.

“Oh, I don’t know which man or lady is sitting in this carriage.” A woman who seemed to be a matchmaker came over with a smile on her face. She dared not be careless when she was not clear about the identity of the carriage that had suddenly blocked the way.

“You can retreat.” At this time, a man in a big red wedding dress walked over and glanced at the matchmaker. Then, he said respectfully, “I don’t know which prince is sitting in this carriage. This small one was passing by to greet relatives and obstructed the prince. I hope the prince will forgive me.”

“Our Eighth Prince is in the car.” The driver replied.

“This small one has met the Eighth Prince and will immediately make way for the Eighth Prince.” Hearing that it was Mo Liancheng, the man hurried to turn around and make the people behind him get out of the way.

The matchmaker shouted, “Officials, this is not in accordance with the rules. How can the welcoming family go back before the wedding? This is unlucky. If it comes out…”

“Meddlesome. Let them go back.” The man gave the matchmaker a fierce look.

At this time, Mo Liancheng slowly opened his mouth and said, “No, we will turn around the carriage and go back.”

“But… Thank you for your help.” The man who was on his way to welcome the bride was stunned.

“Oh, thank you, Eighth Prince. The Eighth Prince is really a good man who understands things.” The matchmaker suddenly opened her eyes and smiled.

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