Jun Jiuling – Chapter 252



Old Lady Fang raised her eyebrows, but she was not very shocked.

“…’s attendant” Miss Jun continued, hiding her gaze.

Seeing that Old Lady Fang was not very shocked about the eunuch, in that case just make it about the attendant instead.

If she spoke of the eunuch and the Old Lady used any means to investigate, she would beat the grass and start the snake1, completely exposing her own behavior last night.

“Do eunuchs’ attendants become attendants for others? Did the eunuch bring this attendant with him, or were they sent to serve the local official?” Fang Chengyu asked.

Miss Jun shook her head.

“I really don’t know about this.” She said.

She really didn’t know whether Yuan Bao was still the eunuch of the emperor or was given to others by the emperor? Was it arranged by the emperor or others?

“It’s not surprising if you think about this carefully.” Old Lady Fang said, “After all, our family has an imperial decree, and it is reasonable for the emperor to send attendants to watch over it.”

Miss Jun nodded.

Originally, on the way back, she thought about how to explain how it was reasonable to recognize Yuan Bao. Unexpectedly, the Fang family took out the imperial edict, so it was much easier.

Old lady Fang took the initiative to accept it without many doubts.

“So what other doubts do you have about this matter?” Old Lady Fang asked.

“The doubt is who is behind it.” Fang Chengyu said.

Old Lady Fang frowned.

“That attendant may not be like Li Changhong.” She said.

“Whether he is or not, this matter ends here now.” Miss Jun said.

Old Lady Fang looked at her, and Fang Chengyu nodded happily.

“Okay.” He said, “For now, as long as we know there is someone behinds us, it doesn’t matter who it is.”

Old Lady Fang frowned slightly.

“You mean, do we have to do the same as with Song Yunping and Li Changhong?” She said.

Miss Jun nodded.

“From the events of Song Yunping and Li Changhong, it can be seen that they do not dare to harm us with great publicity, and now we have also given them a fierce warning and lesson.” She said, “In view of these two points, they will not take action for a while in order to lull us into thinking that the enemy no longer exists and the crisis has been resolved.”

“We also have to pretend that the crisis has been resolved.” Old Lady Fang said, “Keep fishing.”

“Yes, you can’t show intention to harm others, and you can’t show intention to guard against others.” Miss Jun said sighing. “There is no complete preparation in this world and no guarantee that it will remain unchanged.”

Old Lady Fang also sighed.

“This is also the pleasure of being born.” She recovered her spirits again and spoke solemnly.

“It’s endless fun to fight against the heavens and people.” Fang Chengyu smiled.

“Being happy depends on whether you’re a winner or a loser.” Miss Jun said. There was nothing amusing about losing.

She was not happy to be hacked to death.

Similarly, in the past, as the loser whose husband and son both died, Old Lady Fang had nothing to find amusing.

Both sides thought silently.

Fang Chengyu alone laughed, and Old Lady Fang gave him a sideways glance.

If she says anything, you will be foolish. It’s not like there’s anything to be happy about.

“Okay, you go down and rest.” She said, standing up herself.

Miss Jun stayed sitting.

“Grandma.” She said, “One more thing, I don’t understand…”

Old Lady Fang interrupted her before she finished speaking.

“You don’t have to understand this yet.” She said, “You just need to know that our family does have a decree, and this decree is indeed true. As for the origin of this imperial edict, I can’t tell you.”

“I know it’s true, but why…” Miss Jun said again.

Old Lady Fang also interrupted her again.

“I don’t want to lie to you, but at the beginning, our family had vowed to keep their promise and not tell anyone the origin of this imperial edict.” She said.

After speaking up to here, there was a moment of silence.

“I’m not saying that you are an outsider.” She continued, “But this matter can only be known by one person. It passed from the father to the son, and from the son to the grandson. The old master was so ill that he had no time to tell your uncle and that’s why he told me this secret and I waited to tell your uncle, and the result was…”

In the end, the son died suddenly.

“Now even Chengyu doesn’t know about this.” Old Lady Fang looked at Fang Chengyu. “I’ll tell you later.”

Fang Chengyu nodded with a smile and said nothing.

“So I won’t tell you, but not because I treat you as an outsider.” Old Lady Fang said to Miss Jun again.

Miss Jun smiled.

“I know.” She said, “What I don’t understand isn’t about the origin of the imperial edict.”

It wasn’t the origin of the imperial edict?

Old Lady Fang was taken aback.

What didn’t she understand?

“I don’t understand why Grandma took out the imperial edict at this time?” Miss Jun said, looking at Old Lady Fang’s complicated expression.

Old Lady Fang was stunned.

She asked about this? What didn’t she understand?

What’s not clear about this?

Because you are Jun Zhenzhen, you are my granddaughter.

Old Lady Fang opened her mouth to say it, but she stopped when the words reached her mouth. Suddenly the complicated expression faded away.

Because she’s her granddaughter?

In the beginning, this granddaughter was clamoring to death and forcing her to ask the Ning family to accept her marriage agreement, but even after learning that she had hanged herself in the inn, the thought never came up to seek justice with the imperial decree.

Now just because Liu’er shouted that Miss was acting weird, and because Fang Jinxiu said she had left with Official Lin, and because Fang Chengyu stressed that things were dangerous, she did not hesitate to take out the imperial edict just to find her.

She couldn’t remember how she made this decision at that time.

It was like a dream.

“When grandfather passed away, you didn’t take out the imperial edict, or even when you couldn’t tell uncle, you didn’t take out the imperial edict when he had an accident…” Miss Jun continued.

“At that time, we didn’t know that they were killed by treacherous men.” Old Lady Fang interrupted her and said, “What do you want to do with the imperial edict?”

“Take out the imperial edict to show your identity and let the world know how solid the Fang family is.” Miss Jun said.

Old Lady Fang snorted.

“Ridiculous. Can’t we do it without the imperial edict?” She said, “You really look down on us.”

Miss Jun smiled.

“Of course not. I mean that you don’t have to work so hard in this case.” She paused for a moment, “Then after you knew that Chengyu was poisoned, you knew that someone was hurting you, right? Why don’t you use the imperial edict to track down…”

Old Lady Fang frowned and interrupted her.

“He was already poisoned. What could we do if we traced it? It wasn’t worthwhile.” She said woodenly.

“Then in fact, it seems even more impossible that you took out the imperial edict now.” Miss Jun spoke the words and looked at Old Lady Fang, “Your enemies were killed in ambush, and Chengyu was cured. I may have just been in a little danger but you weren’t sure about this danger. Why did you take out the imperial edict?”

Old Lady Fang thought about what she was going to say but didn’t know what to say, and she was a little inexplicably irritated by it.

“What are you trying to say? Don’t you understand why I had to come up with the imperial decree to find you? There is nothing to not understand about. It’s very simple, because you are still useful.” She said angrily, “You could cure Chengyu. It’s useful to keep you. Do you understand?”

When her words fell, Miss Jun stood up and stepped forward, reaching out and hugging her.

What, what are you doing!

Old Lady Fang couldn’t help but tense her body and take a step back in shock.

The petite girl hugged her shoulder firmly, soft, thick, a little messy, her face and hair still muddy.

“I understand.” The girl said softly in her ear, “Grandma, you are so kind to me, you are so kind to me.”

Footnotes and Chinese Idioms

1 – 打草惊蛇 – dǎ cǎo jīng shé – “beat the grass and startle the snake”; inadvertently alert the enemy/punish somebody as a warning to others

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