Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 98

Asking the Master for Punishment 2

As soon as she entered the door, Qu Tan’er happened to see that Mo Liancheng was already standing by the bed waiting for her.

“My Lord, it’s time for you to wash your face.”

Then Qu Tan’er swung the wooden water basin in her hand onto the table, smiled gently, and waited patiently for his move.

“Yes.” Mo Liancheng responded softly, put his hands directly into the water basin, took out the towel, twisted it, and then covered his face.

When he had finished washing, he still hadn’t said half a word.

“…” Qu Tan’er looked at him incredulously and then looked at the basin of water she brought herself.

“Isn’t it hot?”

“Very good, moderate heat.”

Moderate heat?

Judging from the hot air rising from the basin of water, it could be said to be moderately hot?

Qu Tan’er twitched the corners of her mouth slightly and really doubted whether there was something wrong with this person’s sense of feeling. To prevent the just boiled water from dissipating heat too fast, she had deliberately accelerated her pace and ran over, and even tested the water temperature at the door. As a result… He said the heat was moderate?

“My Lord, please eat. Today, Tan’er asked someone to cook a bowl of lotus seed lily porridge. My lord, please have a taste.” Qu Tan’er had no choice but to turn to the bowl held in Jingxin’s hand again and signaled to her with her eyes.

Jingxin lowered her head slightly and hesitantly brought the bowl to Mo Liancheng.

Mo Liancheng also cooperated. Whatever Qu Tan’er gave, he used. Now that she gave him porridge to eat, he ate porridge until there wasn’t a drop left, and it was all wiped clean.

“My Lord, does the porridge suit your taste?” Qu Tan’er asked.

“Well, it’s just right. It’s neither sweet nor light. Very good.”

Very good?

It isn’t sweet or light?

But, the question she really wanted to ask – is this porridge cold enough?!


“Accompany Benwang to the study.” Mo Liancheng glanced at her faintly, but didn’t say more. He raised his feet, stepped forward, behaved elegantly, and walked out of the door with extraordinary grace.

“He…” Qu Tan’er stared and wondered if she was dazzled, otherwise…

For the face washing water, she had let Jingxin boil.

For the porridge meal, she had Jingxin make ice-cold.

When washing, it will definitely never be moderately hot.

When tasting the porridge, it will absolutely be impossible to eat.


“Master, fortunately the prince is not angry.” Jingxin breathed a sigh of relief, and felt the nervousness just now was also released.

“I wish he could lose his temper and get angry, and then stare at me and say that I don’t need to come in the future, that I am not allowed to touch his water again, let alone touch his porridge, but…” She wanted to cry.

The idea was so good and she went to such painstaking efforts, but the end result was that her efforts were all for nothing.

“Then shall we continue?”

“Go. Go to the study.” Qu Tan’er took a deep breath, pulled the corners of her mouth, waved her hand, and went straight to the study.

She didn’t believe it. She did all that, and Mo Liancheng didn’t even react at all.

She didn’t want much, merely one sentence demanding that the scoundrel go back to the Snow courtyard if that isn’t too much to ask.


As soon as Mo Liancheng came to the study, he sat in front of the calligraphy table as was his habit. He spread out the drawing paper, thought for a while, raised his empty hand to pick up the brush, and began to paint, while Qu Tan’er standing beside him was still only grinding ink.

As for Yu Hao and Jingxin, they stood aside quietly and waited quietly.

“Ah.” Qu Tan’er suddenly couldn’t stand firmly, and carelessly spilled ink onto the calligraphy table!


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  1. Hahahahaha just a frisky little kitten playing harmless tricks around the feet of the lion 🐱🦁

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