Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 97

Asking the Master for Punishment

“Will you?” Mo Liancheng smiled and asked.

“Maybe but maybe not.” Qu Tan’er glanced at him. Too lazy to bother with him anymore, she walked passed him, and started back to her room alone.

“Where are you going?” Mo Liancheng asked slowly, but he didn’t follow.

“Going back to my room.” Qu Tan’er replied to him fiercely, and then continued to step forward without looking back. With each step, she deliberately increased her strength a little, making waves of vibration sound on the ground.

Mo Liancheng raised his eyebrows gently and stared thoughtfully at the direction she was going, and the smile at the corners of his mouth was outlined deeper and deeper.

“Master?” Yu Hao came out from behind the tree.

“What, have you also learned Benwang’s trick?” Mo Liancheng glanced at him while leaning against the tree and still did not move.

“This subordinate dares not.”

“Dares not? Benwang sees that you did it very well.”

“This subordinate is here to plead guilty. The princess took the golden order out. This subordinate did not attack the princess and is here to ask the master for punishment.” Yu Hao said, and he knelt down with a putong1.

“Do you think she will turn out to be a spy?”

“This subordinate is unable to tell.”

“She is not suitable to be a spy.”

“But what if the princess hides too deep?”

“That’s possible.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly, and then stepped towards the Frost courtyard. As for the person who was still kneeling, he ignored him.

The cool night wind blew gently, and the breath still left in the place was slowly blown away.

The next day, the East side was white.

In the Snow courtyard, faint light shone into the room from the window.

Qu Tan’er only moved her eyelids slightly, turned over once, and then continued to sleep. She had gone to bed too late last night, and then was scared by the master a few times. She couldn’t come back for a while, and the end result was… she never fell asleep. Sadly, she actually had insomnia last night.

“Master, it’s time to get up. The prince is going to have breakfast.” Jingxin reminded softly.

“It’s dawn.” Qu Tan’er half narrowed her eyelids, and she still seemed to wake up.


“Oh, get up then.” Qu Tan’er was helpless.

She almost forgot that she had to go serve Mo Liancheng.

Does she look like a maid, or was she born to be a maid?

When the two came to the dining room, the housekeeper had already prepared things and was waiting for her to pick them up.

It was just…

“This porridge is quite hot, and the water is also quite warm.” Qu Tan’er glanced at the porridge to bring to Mo Liancheng, and tried the warm water used to wash ones face. A smirk on the corners of her mouth gradually appeared.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Jingxin asked.

“Nothing, Jingxin, go and boil this water. Also, make this porridge cool down as fast as possible. It’s preferable if it’s a little cold.”

Jingxin was stunned, but didn’t ask much. She nodded and busied herself.

Before long, when the two came out of the dining room, the sky had just begun to brighten.

In the Frost Courtyard, in front of Mo Liancheng’s bedroom, “Your Majesty, are you up yet? Tan’er is coming in.” Qu Tan’er shouted softly. It was the first time she had shown such a soft attitude ever since she had cleared up her real personality with Mo Liancheng. Even the expression was specially managed, and no dissatisfaction was allowed to be revealed. Especially after last night’s events, she knew that the temper that should be restrained still needed to be put away.

“Princess, please come in.” Yu Hao suddenly opened the door, retreated slightly, and let Qu Tan’er and Jingxin inside.

“Oh.” Qu Tan’er glanced at him, said nothing more, and walked straight in.


1 – 扑通 – pū tōng – an onomatopoeia for the sound of an object falling into water; plop

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