Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 96

It’s Dark, The Moment To Do Great Things 4


Continue to dig the soil. After the box is pulled out, fill the hole precisely. Then, change the position, finding a big tree far away from the original place. Finally…

The hole was dug, and the box was put down, just needing to be buried again.

“Do you think that as long as you change the place, no one will know where you put the box?”

In the silent night, Qu Tan’er was stunned by this sudden sentence, and her frozen body could not move back for a moment and a half. She lowered her head heavily, her shoulders hung down, and she was so depressed that she wanted death.

“My Lord, don’t you know that scary people can scare people to death?” Qu Tan’er didn’t look back, but her little hand, which had just been scared to death, continued to bury the box. No reason to change places now. With this capability, if he wanted her money he could just dig it out.

“Aren’t you still alive?” Mo Liancheng looked at her back and didn’t move. Then, he half leaned against the tree and smiled faintly Originally, he just came to the Snow courtyard to have a look, but didn’t expect that someone couldn’t be idle.

“Yes.” Qu Tan’er gritted her teeth and turned back, filling in the soil heavily, and venting all the accumulated anger in her heart on the soil.

Was she still alive?

She was still alive, that’s why she was half-dead with anger.

“Do you know, if you sent this golden order back to Qu residence, what Benwang would do?” Mo Liancheng asked quietly as he casually played with the golden order.

It went in a circe and still returned to his hands.

“Isn’t it just an ordinary piece of gold? What’s the matter… You don’t want to kill me again?” Qu Tan’er turned around and stared at him discontentedly, but after a second thought, she immediately felt shocked and looked at him suspiciously. Sure enough… Did he give this shit to test her?!

“What do you think?” Mo Liancheng asked rhetorically, paused for half a minute, and then continued, “This golden order was specially created by the emperor to command the soldiers and horses who defend the border areas. Later, the emperor gave it to Benwang. Do you know why Benwang, who does not serve in court and hold great power like the other princes, but is just as fearsome? That is all because Benwang has this golden order.”

“You, you, that… why did you tell me about this?” Qu Tan’er’s eyelids jumped fiercely, and her heart was even more uneasy. She couldn’t help doubting Mo Liancheng’s real motivation.

Telling her confidential things couldn’t hold good intentions.

“Now that you know Benwang’s secret, do you think Benwang will keep you?”

“…” Qu Tan’er was silent.

Sure enough… He still wanted to kill her, but…

“Wait, that’s what you want to say. I didn’t say I wanted to listen. Moreover, I didn’t force you to say it.” Did this person exist to fuck her over?

“Benwang also didn’t force you to take out your ears and listen.”

“You did it on purpose.” She was sure that he absolutely, absolutely, deliberately wanted to harm her.

“If you have to say so, then Benwang admits it.”

“You’re not afraid that I’ll tell the First Prince that the golden order has always been on you? Maybe I’ll betray you for brocade garments and jade meals1.” Qu Tan’er suddenly laughed softly, patted her clothes, stood up, and relaxed.

Think he can cheat her, what?

If he really wanted to kill her, he would have done it long ago, and there was no need to waste so much time chatting with her.

Chinese Idioms

1 – 锦衣玉食 – jǐn yī yù shí – “brocade garments, jade meals”; life of extravagance/luxury


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