Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 95

It’s Dark, The Moment To Do Great Things 3

“Thank you. No, your things are not mine. Naturally, my things will not belong to you either. It’s better for everyone to make this clear distinction.” Qu Tan’er shook her head and explained directly.

She is her, he is him, not her but his, he is hers… She felt dizzy, the more she talked, the more confused she became.

“Are you so short of silver?” Mo Liancheng ignored her words and asked what he wanted to know.

“Money can make the Devil grind millstones1. Don’t you want more money, Lord?” What a joke, does anyone think they have too much money? Even if she were given a mountain of gold and a mountain of silver, she would never think she had too much money.

“What about the golden order Benwang gave you?”

“Pawned it.” Qu Tan’er didn’t want to hide anything, let alone sound panicked. Indeed, if it’s pawned then it’s pawned. There is nothing left to say. Besides, she always had an intuition that it was absolutely a hot potato. It was wisest to get rid of it earlier.

“Pawned it?”

“Can’t do anything about it. You gave it to me. That’s my stuff so I can use it as I want.”

“If you give it to the First Prince, you wouldn’t just get two hundred taels of silver, but more money than you can spend in your life.” Mo Liancheng looked at her thoughtfully, as if trying to test something, and told her about this missed opportunity with a little kindness.

“Thank you for reminding me.” Qu Tan’er smiled falsely and gave him a blank look. She ignored him again and picked up the shovel and covered the box with dirt.

Go to the First Prince?

Anyways, it wasn’t like she didn’t want to live too long. Once, half a year ago, Mo Yihuai came to the Qu residence, but she didn’t even see him in private. Still, her so-called eldest sister was so jealous that she wanted her to ruin her face. And he asked her to go directly to Mo Yihuai. Did he want to see her in a coffin?

“Lord Qu didn’t mention the golden order to you?” Mo Liancheng spit out a faint voice, but his voice was a little too low, giving people the illusion that he was just talking to himself.

It’s just…

“Sorry, my memory has never been very good, so I often forget what people say afterwards.” Qu Tan’er shrugged her shoulders indifferently.

Indeed, Qu Jianglin said something to her before she got married, saying that she should win the trust and favor of Mo Liancheng, and inform him of Mo Liancheng’s situation at any time, and so on. However, on the first day of her marriage, she was left alone in the empty room, so she guessed that Lord Qu was so angry that he probably spit blood.

“Oh, that’s how it is.”

“Your Majesty, what else do you have to do?” After covering the box completely, Qu Tan’er raised her head slightly and stared doubtfully at the person who was standing there watching her.

“It’s really nothing.”

“It’s getting late. Don’t you need to go back to your room to rest? Also, the Snow courtyard is not far from the Frost courtyard, so I won’t send you.”

Mo Liancheng just raised his eyebrows, but didn’t say much. He really turned around and left as she wanted.

“…” Qu Tan’er squeezed her lips tightly and stared suspiciously at Mo Liancheng’s back.

When did this man become so talkative?

She asked him to go back, so he really went back?

Even if there were more doubts, Mo Liancheng had really left.

“It seems that it’s really not safe to put you here. Heaven and Earth knows that I was originally already not bad, but to exchange some kind of order banknotes… Alas, there’s nothing I can do about it now.” Qu Tan’er shook her head and felt a little helpless. Unexpectedly, she had worked hard to dig the hole and buried the box. As a result… it was all in vain.

Chinese Idioms

1 – 有钱能使鬼推磨 – yǒu qián néng shǐ guǐ tuī mó – “money will make the Devil turn millstones”; you can do whatever you want if you have money


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