Jun Jiuling – Chapter 249

This is Another Misunderstanding.

Gathering herbs?

These words stunned everyone.

The whole of Yangcheng was overturned because of her, and everything was chaos. Everyone was full of conjecture and panic, yet she appeared so easily and said something about gathering herbs.

It’s like that one year when panicked parents screamed at the Yangcheng Lantern Festival that their child was taken away by a beggar. The government locked down the city. The public inquired. Everyone was exhausted and no one appreciated the lanterns at all that night. Then the child came out from under the bridge with a bunch of sugar men, saying that they had eaten some of the sugar men and accidentally fallen asleep under the bridge.

Children don’t know life or death, what it means to part, and how important their safety is to their families.

But Miss Jun was not a child anymore.

Madam Fang trembled with anger. She had no thoughts at all now.

The pleasant surprise of regaining something after losing it2, the peace of mind of having everything finished3, and the shame of being toyed with.

She has none of that at all now. The only thought she had was to slap the girl in front of her.

Ruthless, loud, slap.

She had wanted to do this almost every moment last year, but she never really did it.

Of course she didn’t think about this all the time now, but once she thought it, she should just do it.

Madam Fang came over quickly and raised her hand to Miss Jun.

But at the same time, someone rushed over, seemingly unintentionally but just a step earlier, and hugged Miss Jun’s shoulders.

“Cousin!” He shouted happily, “It’s find now that you’ve come back.”

Madam Fang’s slap was blocked and fell on his shoulder.

Fang Chengyu only just seemed to notice his mother’s actions.

“Mother.” He turned his head to look at her and pleaded sincerely, “Don’t be angry, okay?”

Isn’t this a fake marriage? He can’t even bear to see her lift a finger herself? Can’t she just be angry with her after making such a big deal?

It’s truly like he took a wife and forgot his mother!

Madam Fang looked complicated.

Unexpectedly, she could also taste the flavor of a son protecting the daughter-in-law.

It felt really sour.

Everyone else had come to their senses. They don’t know what to say and had complicated expressions.

If it were the Jun Zhenzhen of the past, everyone would have already scolded her.

But if was the Jun Zhenzhen of the past. No one would have looked for her like this.

Prefect Ma sneered.

“Gathering herbs.” He said, looking at the girl hugged by the youth, snorting and looking at Old Lady Fang again, “Gathering herbs.”

This is ridiculous. Is your family acting together?

What do you intend to do?

He looked at Miss Jun, sounding aggravated.

“Why do you collect herbs? You are not a doctor or a medicine harvester. Why did you go to collect herbs?”

Yes, why did you collect herbs?

The servant standing next to the official also looked at the girl sharply.

Did you want to go out of town to collect medicine?

So were you outside the city all night last night?

Where have you been? You. Were you really out collecting herbs?

Miss Jun looked at prefect Ma.

“I’m indeed a doctor.” She said apologetically.


Prefect Ma frowned at her.

“You, why are you a doctor?” He asked.

Asking a doctor why she is a doctor seems to be an unreasonable question.

Miss Jun thought for a moment.

“Because my grandfather was a doctor.” She replied seriously.

My grandfather was a blacksmith!

Prefect Ma shouted to himself, “Why did I become an official?”

“My lord, this is indeed the case.” Old Lady Fang came forward and said, “My in-laws are a medical family. Although my son-in-law had become an official, the inheritance of the family has not been lost. She has learned medicine at home since she was a child.”

Jun Yingwen was not an official on Shanxi Road. However, because he was a relative of the Fang family, prefect Ma naturally checked his resume before he came, and he also knew that he had practiced medicine.

But, but.

Prefect Ma looked at Miss Jun again.

“Why did you collect herbs?” He shouted again.

Although the question was back to the beginning, its meaning was different from the first question.

Why did you go to collect medicine at this time? Why did you collect medicine as a young lady of the Fang family?

“My lord, my cousin is trying to treat me.”

Miss Jun hadn’t answered. This time Fang Chengyu had replied.

Treat him?

Prefect Ma frowned.

“My lord, this matter is a long story.” Old Lady Fang also spoke again, “You must know that my Chengyu was going to die of illness.”

I do know this.

Prefect Ma looked at her.

“You can also see that my Chengyu is much better now.” Old Lady Fang continued, pointing to Fang Chengyu.

Everyone also nodded.

So what?

“Chengyu was cured by my granddaughter.” Old Lady Fang said, “She used the Jun family’s medical skills.”

Jun family’s medical skills?

Everyone was stunned and looked at this unfamiliar and familiar girl. Unfamiliar in the face that most people had never seen, and familiar in the reputation that most people had heard.

Miss Jun, who had made trouble with both the Fang family and Ning family since she had come to Yangcheng. Did she have this kind ability?

Everyone was in an uproar.


“Let’s start from a long time ago.”

The hall of the Fang family was full of people. Prefect Ma and other officials were invited off the street and into the Fang residence. Old Lady Fang ordered people to bring tea and began speaking.

“At the beginning, when Chengyu fell ill we searched for famous doctors everywhere, but found no solution. At that time, my daughter’s father-in-law was still living, and we also invited him. He also came at that time, but there was nothing he could do.

“What I didn’t expect was that father-in-law had been thinking about Chengyu’s illness, devoted himself to researching, and tirelessly wrote down many folk prescriptions, but unfortunately he died before solving it…”

“What was even more unexpected was that when father-in-law died, my granddaughter not only inherited the medical skills passed down through her family, but also remembered Chengyu’s illness. Since then, she followed the notes from father-in-law…”

Was it like this?

So it turned out to be like this.

People in the hall were looking at Miss Jun.

The servant standing behind the crowd frowned slightly, as if confused and yet having suddenly understood something.

It didn’t matter at present whether this Miss Jun had superb medical skills, one could inquire later.

Rather, the meaning of this sentence was that the Fang family had long known that Fang Chengyu was poisoned? Sickness was God’s will and poison man-made, so had they always been guarding and planning?

“… She searched through the medical books, in Runan, in Funing…” Old Lady Fang’s voice continued.

Looking at Old Lady Fang’s habit of reminiscing as she talked about the past, prefect Ma interrupted with a little impatience.

Who cares how hard someone worked to treat the heart disease?

“These things don’t matter.” He said, “Everyone knows that your family was framed by enemies, and that it was not easy for you to plan to turn over a new leaf.”

After saying that, he looked at Miss Jun.

“But why on earth did you go to collect medicine overnight and not return? Your family didn’t know anything about it?”

Yes, why?

At just this time.

Was this a coincidence?

The servant raised his eyelids and looked at Miss Jun.

“It was a coincidence.” Miss Jun said apologetically, “I didn’t expect such a mistake to cause such a misunderstanding.”

Were there mistakes or misunderstandings?

Everyone in the room looked at her and Miss Jun sighed softly.

“I did talk to Master Lin, and he didn’t lie. After that, we parted. I was going back but when I passed a street, I saw a man.” She said.

What did you see?

Everyone pricked up their ears and listened intensely.

“A firewood seller.” Miss Jun said.

A firewood seller?

“What’s wrong with the firewood seller?” Old Lady Fang urged impatiently, “Don’t dillydally. What is this all about?”

Do you want to make up lies?

The servant narrowed his eyes.

Miss Jun looked hesitant and seemed a little uneasy.

“The main reason is that I’m afraid you won’t believe it if I say it.” She said, “The firewood seller was carrying a child with a flower in his hand.”


“This flower is a medicinal herb that is very important for Chengyu’s recuperation and it is very rare. I have been looking for it for a long time and haven’t found it.” Miss Jun continued, “So I asked the firewood seller where he picked it. Because I wanted to get to the medicine earlier, I asked the child of the firewood seller to send a message to my family, and I went straight to collect the medicine.”

She said this much with a look of apology and helplessness.

“It seems that the message didn’t arrive.”

Chinese Idioms

1– 兵荒马乱 – “soldiers mutiny and troops rebel”; turmoil and chaos caused by war

2– 失而复得 – “to lose something and then regain it”

3– 尘埃落定 – “the dust has settled”; get sorted out/be finalized

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