Jun Jiuling – Chapter 248

Where Did You Come From?

Old Lady Fang smiled when she looked at him.

Yes, if she can’t be found in one day, then in two. If not two, then three. As long as they were still alive, then they’ll keep looking for her. What’s the big deal?

Just like when the Old Master was gone, her son was gone, and her grandson was poisoned, she had to survive. If she lasted for a day, she could survive the next day and the third day.

As long as she wasn’t dead, she wouldn’t fall down.

“As long as there is at least one of us, we will keep looking for her.” Old Lady Fang looked at her daughters-in-law and granddaughters and said, “Since God wants our Fang family to live such a life, we are not afraid and won’t retreat. Let’s show how we’ll live.”

Madam Fang, Fang Yunxiu, Fang Yuxiu and others nodded solemnly.

“Yes, grandmother”, or “Yes, mother”, they said in unison, “don’t worry, I will look for her.”

“Okay, now we have to divide into shifts. Yunxiu, Concubine Yuan and I will go back to rest first. Chengyu, you and your mother will continue to look. We’ll replace you after the afternoon.” Old Lady Fang said, looking at the maids and merchants beside her, “You all rotate in shifts.”

Everyone agreed in unison.

“Elder Madam, I’ll arrange it. We are very well staffed today,” Manager Gao said.

It was lively. People and horses galloped in from outside the city gate.

“Fang née Cao!1 Don’t mess around anymore.”

Before the man and horse had approached, the rider shouted harshly.

Although these people were dressed in regular clothes and covered in dust, everyone still recognized that they were the several officials of Taiyuan Mansion who had left Yangcheng yesterday. It was Ma Shengzhi, the prefect, who led the scolding.

Prefect Ma’s face no longer had the previous dullness, and his expression was furious, while the officials behind him all had complicated looks.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” prefect Ma jumped down without waiting for the horse to stop and shouted to Old Lady Fang, “Was the imperial edict given to you by the first emperor to disturb the people? Do you know what you’re doing?”

He looked around again at the people near and far who were looking secretive and evasive.

“Do you know what this means?” He lowered his voice and raised his eyebrows.

A family of merchants had actually taken out the emperor’s imperial edict.

What this means?

Of course, Old Lady Fang knew what this meant.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have avoided leaking the secret for even half a minute all these years.

This imperial edict was their support, but it must also have the ability to kill them, and there was much doubt and speculation involved, so it was bound to cause a great uproar.

Old Lady Fang looked at prefect Ma.

“My Lord, I know what I’m doing.” She said, “The imperial edict is not for disturbing the people, but the imperial edict is also to protect our family. Now that our family has fallen into such a disaster, why should I have to wait?”

Prefect Ma stretched out his hand and patted Old Lady Fang.

“What disaster has your Fang family encountered?” He gritted his teeth and whispered, looking at Fang Chengyu beside him, “Now your grandson is cured. Your enemy was killed in ambush. It is the time for happiness after misfortune. Wasn’t it just that a daughter-in-law didn’t come home overnight? Are you going to bring the sky down?”

“My daughter-in-law is our family’s sky.” Old Lady Fang also gritted her teeth, with a somewhat determined and violent expression, pointing out to the sky, “If something happens to her, the sky will fall and our Fang family will fall.”

This old woman was really crazy.

Prefect Ma’s complexion was ashen, but before he could speak a female voice came out from the crowd.

“What’s the matter? Who had an accident?”

The sound ended. Prefect Ma and other officials had not yet responded when Fang Chengyu turned his head, followed by the Fang family’s women.

Fang Jinxiu, who had been standing outside their group, looked on disbelievingly.

The guards around the outside of the circle turned their heads.

Behind them, and they didn’t know when she came, stood a girl. Her clothes and temples were a little messy. She was dusty, and she looked a little embarrassed, but her face was soft, her eyes were bright and she was energetic.

She carried a bamboo basket in her hand. There were some herbs inside, just like a herb picker who came back in the early morning.

There was silence.

Miss Jun glanced at everyone, looking surprised and confused.

“What’s wrong?” She asked again.

What’s wrong?

Fang Jinxiu only felt that her heartbeat had stopped and her mind went blank.

Jun Zhenzhen. You’re killing me!

The whole scene froze in silence.

This silence was because some people in the Fang family had calmed down. They calmed down, and the onlookers naturally followed suit.

Not everyone recognized this girl.

After all, Miss Jun was a girl. Even if she used to be arrogant and famous for her marriage match with Young Master Ning Shi, she was only famous in name, not everyone had seen her or was familiar with her.

Only girls knew her well.

Most of the onlookers present now were men, and no one knew her.

For example, Prefect Ma.

Following Prefect Ma’s line of sight, the officials also looked at her, especially the squinting servant standing at the end.

This person was young.

It was just that she was well-dressed and could be described as gentle. The ladylike and wealthy aura couldn’t be concealed by the messy clothes and hair.

Was she the one who caused the Fang family to look for her through the night?

Although they hadn’t seen her before, they could see who she was from the expression of Old Lady Fang and the others.

Jun Yingwen’s daughter, the granddaughter of the Fang family, and the legendary Young Lady who cured Master Fang.

Prefect Ma obviously knew her identity, but he still pointed his finger.

“Who is she?” He asked loudly.

This was obviously a rhetorical question.

Old Lady Fang hadn’t yet spoken before a screaming female voice sounded.


Before anyone had time to react, Liu’er ran out from some unknown place and rushed to Miss Jun, hugging her and crying loudly.

“Miss, where have you been? You scared me to death.”

There was no need for Old Lady Fang to open her mouth again. Everyone present knew who the girl was.

What happened?

What the hell is going on?

Everyone was stunned. The person they couldn’t find all night had suddenly appeared.

“Zhen Zhen, where have you been?” Madam Fang couldn’t help asking and walking over quickly.

Miss Jun was hugged by the crying Liu’er. She looked at the people gathered in front of her. Obviously, she was also very puzzled.

“I went to gather herbs.” She said.

1 – Prefect Ma calls Old Lady Fang “方曹氏” (Fāng Cáo shì) where 氏 attaches to her maiden name.


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