Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 91

Pawning a Certain Order 2

“Master, it’s past noon, are we going to leave the house?” Jing Xin asked.

“Of course we’re going out! Anyway, it’s imperative that I go out sometime and the same is true for going now.” Qu Tan’er nodded and said affirmatively.

“But there is someone guarding the gate.” Jing Xin glanced at the gate, feeling a little worried.

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s go over first and then talk about it.” Qu Tan’er hastened her footsteps and walked directly to the gate.

Only… when the two of them had just approached the gate of the palace residence, the guards simply bowed their heads and greeted her respectfully. Then, the two of them walked to the middle of the entrance, slowed their steps, and waited to be stopped, but…

Finally, they really stepped out of the gate. Everything had gone suspiciously well.

“Um, I said, we are going out of the residence?” Qu Tan’er smiled lightly, tilted her body slightly, and kindly reminded the guards beside her.

“Princess, please go slowly.” The guards to the left and right responded at the same time.

“Well, won’t you stop me?”

“This lowly one dares not.” Doesn’t dare?

Said so easily?

Qu Tan’er was stunned. It was very strange. “I haven’t been banned from leaving the palace? Didn’t the prince tell you anything?”

“Replying to the princess, this lowly one has not received any orders.” The guard replied.

“Then do you want to send two people to watch us?” Qu Tan’er chuckled at the corners of her mouth. Unexpectedly, she was so clever her whole life yet confused for so many days, studying the high wall and not going out the gate.

“This lowly one dares not.” The guards still said only those words, and even their movements did not change.

“Oh.” Qu Tan’er nodded, turned around, then turned back, and then repeated, “We are really going out?” There were many such dramas on TV, and usually it was prohibited for the princess to go out. Even if she did go out, people would follow her.

“Princess, please take care.”


Qu Tan’er and Jing Xin wasted no more time. They went straight into a gold pawnshop.

“Young lady, how can I help you?” The shopkeeper of the Jinxing pawnshop asked with a smile when he saw someone coming in.

“Look here, how much is this piece of gold worth?” Qu Tan’er took out the Golden Order from her sleeve and handed it to the shopkeeper.

“This…” The shopkeeper took the Golden Order and glanced at it, then studied it, and slowly put the thing down again, “This piece of gold is indeed real, but it seems to be something like a military order. I can’t just appraise it casually.”

“What’s the problem? Just tell me how much silver it’s worth.” Qu Tan’er waved her hand, too lazy to care about military this or that. As long as she saw the banknotes. That was the most important thing.

“Miss, although it is made of gold, it is not pure gold, so it is not worth it’s weight in gold, so…”

“So what?”

“Miss, your piece of gold is only worth a hundred taels of silver at most “The shopkeeper grabbed the Golden Order and looked at it, then put it down again.

“One hundred taels?” Qu Tan’er squinted slightly, wondering if she had heard it wrong. She assumed it would be worth more, but unexpectedly, it was only worth one hundred taels.

“Does Miss want to pawn it?”

“Forget it, it’s wrong. I’d better go to another house. Jingxin, let’s go.”

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One thought on “Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 91

  1. Hahahahaha he should’ve given her the silvers🤣 but if course he wants to see what she does with it 🤔

    Thanks for the chapter


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