Jun Jiuling – Chapter 244

A Bamboo Stick Can Tear Apart a City

Of course there is a difference between indifferent people and grateful people.

“You said everything was good, so why this fuss with Official Lin?” Concubine Yuan said from the side, “this shouldn’t be happening now.”

Of course, if one thought about it carefully, now was the perfect time.

Now that the Fang family had used irresistible force and taken down the enemy in one fell swoop, with the soldiers and horse officers of Shanxi Road all helping, maybe Jun Zhenzhen wanted to take advantage of this to resolve her enemies .

For example, the Ning family who had refused to marry her into their family. For example, such girls who had intended to humiliate her.

“She wouldn’t do that kind of thing.” Fang Yuxiu said, “If she wanted to do it, she would have done it a long time ago. There is no need to wait until now.”

This was also true, Concubine Yuan was embarrassed.

“I think so too.” She immediately replied, “Miss Jun is much better and more dependable than before. Since she is with Master Lin, it must be necessary.”

Madam Fang sighed.

“No matter what is necessary, she shouldn’t do it alone. It’s too dangerous.” She said.

A crowd of people were waiting anxiously, and a guard hurried forward.

“Madam, the elder Madam asked to be brought a walking stick.”

Hearing this sentence from the guard, everyone in the room was a little surprised and a little worried.

Did the old lady suffer too much and feel uncomfortable, but she has to hold on so she needs a cane?

A bit of worry and grief was added to everyone’s faces.

Madam Fang knew the walking stick that Old Lady Fang wanted.

It was true that Old Lady Fang rarely used any kind of cane, but she had always had one.

It was a bamboo cane.

After the death of Old Master Fang, Madam Fang was probably overwhelmed with grief. She had to use this walking stick, but it took only a few days before she put it away. Later, she used it again after the death of her son.

At that time, Old Lady Fang kept her cane day and night. But it was put away soon.

Then there was the accident with Chengyu, and Old Lady Fang cried with her cane.

Old Lady Fang lost her husband and son, her husband’s family broke up, and relying on her was a group of women and children. She had no weapons but herself and this cane.

The cane was kept in Old Lady Fang’s room every day. More than ten years had passed and made it seem obsolete.

One year, for their grandmother’s birthday, Fang Yunxiu personally made a new walking stick, but Old Lady Fang put it in the warehouse, and still kept the bamboo cane in her room.

For her, this cane held her hopes.

Was it time to need the cane again?

Did Jun Zhenzhen really have an accident?

Madam Fang looked anxious.

“Go get the elder’s walking stick.” She said, standing up. Her expression changed and she finally made a decision, “Tell everyone, we will all go too. We must find the young lady.”

Hearing this statement. Fang Yunxiu and Fang Yuxiu couldn’t hide their joy, the two sisters held their hands tightly, their expressions were joyful and firm.

Concubine Yuan also nodded, and walked away in response.

The street outside the Lin residence’s alley was still full of people.

Bright torches lit up half of the sky. But for the night that shrouded the sky and the earth, the brightness seemed to add to the loneliness.

The officials and the head of the Lin family once again surrounded Old Lady Fang to persuade her. But no matter what they said, the old lady just ignored it.

“I’m waiting for my walking stick.” She just replied.

What is with this damn walking stick?

Everyone felt speechless and helpless.

Wasn’t this old lady confused after such great joy and great sadness?

Fang Jinxiu had retreated back to the sidelines.

“Are you tired? Do you want to hire a doctor for your grandmother?” Chen Qi couldn’t help asking.

Fang Jinxiu was silent for a moment.

“No,” she said, “I don’t need to worry about this.”

Chen Qi yawned.

“Then let’s go back and rest,” he said.

Of course Fang Jinxiu ignored him. Instead, she sat down on the side of the street.

Although there was nothing for her to do, she still wanted to confirm whether she would really return safely.

Chen Qi rubbed his face and sat down without saying anything this time, and Fang Jinxiu stood up abruptly.

“Have you changed your mind again?” Chen Qi asked in shock.

Fang Jinxiu ignored him and looked ahead.

There was a noisy sound of carriages and horses.

Everyone also looked over, and saw that another group of people had come over. Unlike the shady and oppressive men here, they were all women.

Because of today’s memorial service to grandfather Fang and Master Fang, the female relatives in the family had removed their hairpins and were wearing plain clothes.

“Mother.” Fang Chengyu shouted.

Old Lady Fang also got out of her carriage.

“Mother.” Madam Fang hurriedly walked to the front and held out the cane in her hand, “I brought the walking stick you wanted.”

Old Lady Fang reached out to take the cane, and looked at Madam Fang again.

Including Madam Fang, Fang Yunxiu, Fang Yuxiu, Concubine Yuan, and the servant girls from home were all here.

“Why are you all here?” Old Lady Fang said.

“Mother, we are all family. Since we are looking for someone, of course we have to find her together. One more person means more power.” said Madam Fang.

“Yes, elder Madam, if you can’t ride a horse then you walk, if you can’t do that then do whatever you can.” Concubine Yuan said with a smile, “It’s better than sitting at home and waiting while doing nothing.”

Old Lady Fang looked behind them, and sure enough there were carriages and horses.

She hadn’t yet spoken before there was the sound of horseshoes coming from the street.

Everyone saw that it was manager Gao bringing a group of people on horseback. There was a shopkeeper as well as shop attendants, and Lei Zhonglian with his wounded right hand still wrapped in a cloth.

“Elder Madam, everyone from Yangcheng has been called, and the message is sent from afar,” manager Gao said.

Compared to Fang Chengyu and Miss Jun, he had come back later because he wanted to help deal with the aftermath of the fake bandit officers and soldiers caught in Huaiqing Prefecture.

He had only arrived this afternoon, and his face was dusty.

Old Lady Fang glanced over these family members, and a smile appeared on her ashen face.

“What are you doing? It’s just looking for someone. Look at you all, so inspiring. It makes us seem like we want to overthrow the city like bandits.” She laughed.

Just so. Just so.

So the officials thought.

“Elder Madam, don’t do this, leave this to us.” said the leading official.

Patriarch Lin’s face also didn’t have the previous gentleness, but a look of displeasure.

“What do you mean? If you can find them, then find them.” He brushed his sleeves.

Old Lady Fang looked at them. The smile on her face gradually dissipated, and she held the cane in her hand.

“It’s not a big deal even if the city is torn apart,” she said slowly.


The people present were stunned, and before they recovered, they saw Old Lady Fang smashing the cane in her hands to the ground.

This action suddenly caused the people around to take a step back, and the women whispered.

With a snap, the bamboo stick shattered on the ground, and a slender scroll rolled out of it.

What is this?

The people who stood nearby looked over with surprise.

Is this cane actually not just a cane?

Old Lady Fang leaned over and picked up the scroll, tearing off the greased paper outside, and the torch shone on the bright yellow.

A Golden Order!

The expressions of the people present suddenly changed, and they were shocked and disbelieving.

The old lady under the torch opened the scroll and raised it up. Her expression was determined, and the fire in her eyes was like electricity.

“Carrying the Mandate of Heaven, the Emperor’s edict is as if delivered by the Emperor himself.” She enunciated every word, “Search Yangcheng above and below the earth, search for Lin unimpeded. If there is resistance, kill without mercy.”

Imperial decree!

It turned out to be an imperial edict!

Madam Fang looked at the bright red characters and the jade seal under the torch. She was numb in shock, and she reached out her hand to cover her mouth to stop from blurting out an exclamation.


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