Jun Jiuling – Chapter 241

Something To Discuss

What words!

Fang Jinxiu turned her head and glared at him. 

Chen Qi hurriedly shrank his head and made a silence gesture.

There was a noise in the street, and it turned out that officials from the county government had also come over.

Magistrate Li had been executed, and all the other officials in the county had been checked and no problems were found so they were released. This move was not small, and the officials of Taiyuan Prefecture also left behind two places specially.

Unexpectedly, that morning the execution platform was set up and the Fang family caused a sensation of the three-attempt beheading, and in the afternoon, they smashed the door of Official Lin.

The Fang family didn’t have to guess, with how many eyes were staring, this matter had clearly been quickly reported to the county officials.

However, seeing that the matter did not cause trouble, and Fang Chengyu and the patriarch of the Lin family entered the door to have a discussion, everyone was somewhat relieved. At this time, they heard that someone had come out, so they hurried to persuade them.

“No matter what’s going on, let’s talk about it tomorrow. If you have something, you can say it well.” Wei’s official said to Fang Chengyu.

Fang Chengyu did not speak.

Young people were always stubborn, and they did not know the importance of doing things not only by their will, so the officials had to implore. Then came another uproar, and a group of people gathered around Old Lady Fang riding in a carriage.

The officials breathed a sigh of relief, it would be easier to have an adult in the family come.

Old Lady Fang came over and ignored the officials.

“Still not found?” She looked at Fang Chengyu and asked directly.

Fang Chengyu lowered his head for a moment and raised it to look at Old Lady Fang.

“Grandma, I must find her.” He did not answer, but said, “She can’t have had an accident.”

Fang Chengyu’s voice was already hoarse, and the word accident was a bit vague.

But when it fell into the ears of Old Lady Fang, it fell like a thunder, and her face suddenly turned pale.

Something happened.

She had heard too much of this term in the past few decades.

The tense body of Old Lady Fang trembled uncontrollably.

Master has had an accident.

Uncle has had an accident.

Something has happened to the young master.

She simmered over it over and over again, and finally it got to the point where it was clear and fair.

Isn’t everything all right? Isn’t it all right? Why did something happen again?

Old Lady Fang staggered.

Standing on the corner of the street, Fang Jinxiu couldn’t help but step forward, but Fang Chengyu had already supported Old Lady Fang.

“How could something happen?” Old Lady Fang took a few deep breaths and tried her best to calm herself down, “Master Lin can’t do anything to her. It wasn’t possible for him to do anything before, it can’t be possible this time either.”

At this time, the Fang family was full of vigor. The officers and horses of Taiyuan Prefecture were all deployed properly. How could the little official in Yangcheng County, Official Lin, cause this stroke of bad luck?

“She said things were weird,” Fang Chengyu said, “She doesn’t lie.”

Old Lady Fang nodded.

“I know she doesn’t lie.” She said, “I mean Official Lin can’t be so bold, and things shouldn’t be weird.”

Fang Chengyu was silent for a moment.

“Grandma… things are really weird,” he said.

Old Lady Fang looked at him with a solemn expression and a bit of sorrow.

He believed her. Since he came back, he has always seen her in his heart. He is not the same young man who had once regarded her full of disgust.

Now his illness and legs have been cured by her, if something happens to her, probably half of his life will die with her.

“Grandma, do you remember why I killed Li Changhong in prison?” Fang Chengyu continued.

Why this again?

When Fang Chengyu was in prison, he only killed after hearing her words, which were shouted to prevent Li Changhong from telling one thing.

Old Lady Fang was concentrating, a little hesitancy in her eyes.

“Chengyu, there is something, I can’t tell you yet…”

He looked at the officials who were still standing around.

The officials who were listening with ears erected looked slightly embarrassed.

Of course they knew that the Fang family had a secret, but the Fang family obviously did not let others know this secret.

“Elder Madam.” An official said in a deep thought, “It’s not too early. The Lin family and you will send people to find Official Lin. It’s better to go back and wait for the news. If you have anything to do, go home and sit down and talk. Don’t be impulsive anymore.”

“Yes. Madam Fang, everything is fine.” Another official said earnestly.

“Elder Madam, you and County Magistrate Li have held a grudge for many years, and there was human and material evidence. The two provinces of Shanxi and Henan have also helped wash away your grievances.” Another official said, “but you can’t take advantage of this to be unscrupulous and take the opportunity to retaliate against just anyone.”

“We didn’t take the opportunity to retaliate,” Old Lady Fang said.

“I know.” The official said, “but others will think this way, and the people in Yangcheng will think this way.”

Old Lady Fang was silent.

What happened to the Fang family recently was indeed very appalling. It was daunting.

They were business people. In the past few decades, who could guarantee that they had not had a lot of grudges with people. They were the victims of the enmity of Li County magistrate and Song Yunping. Everyone could understand that, but there was no such connection with Official Lin. At this point of smashing the door and breaking the house, like Miss Jun had said at the beginning, it was just a quarrel between girls.

Because it was just girls arguing, then smashing the door and breaking the house, as other people saw it, it was their Fang family who acted too unreasonably.

At this time again, this was really not good.

Seeing Old Lady Fang’s thoughtful expression, the officials once again understood it with reason and were moved with affection.

“Look.” They said, pointing their fingers at the alley of the Lin family. “You see, the people of the Lin family are also trying their best to help you find them. They are not just acting perfunctory to deceive you. They are also sincere.”

Old Lady Fang looked over and saw the heads of the Lin family standing at the entrance of the alley.

“Elder Madam, listen to our words. Let’s go home and sit down to discuss things. Don’t stir up the crowd like this.” The officials said, and they straightened their backs.

This was both comfort and warning.

Old Lady Fang was silent.

“Old Lady Fang.” Chief Lin also walked over at this time, “I can assure you that my Lin family has no incomprehensible grudges against your Fang family, and Sanlang, I understand very well, would never do this kind of thing. This kind of thing, Old Lady Fang, my Lin family has been in Yangcheng for hundreds of years. We don’t want to do this kind of self-destructive thing.”

He finished speaking and saluted her slightly.

“Please rest assured, we will find Sanlang and give the Fang family an explanation.”

Old Lady Fang remained silent, her expression a little hesitant.

Standing on the side, Fang Jinxiu grabbed her hand.

“Hey, what do you mean?” Liu’er’s scream came from the crowd, and people didn’t know from where. Her temples were still scattered under the torch light, and the palm print on her face was swollen. Sweat and dust had mixed on her face making her appearance very embarrassing.

Obviously she had been rushing around searching.

“Are you still looking for my lady?” She stared and asked, “What going on here? Demolish the Lin family, level Yangcheng, turn everything upside down. Find her soon.”

What is she saying.

She is truly naive, the officials frowned and looked disdainful.

Turn everything upside down, who do you think your lady is?

“Don’t worry.” Old Lady Fang finally spoke, looking at Liu’er, “Isn’t everybody looking? You can go back with us, tell us again all the details, and see if there are any omissions…”

Go back?

Liu’er suddenly jumped up.

“What do you mean?” She yelled, “Do you care about my lady? Anything else you don’t understand? What’s wrong, how clear is this? My lady is gone, she’s gone. It’s been half a day, half a day, do you know what half a day means? It is enough for my lady to die dozens of times.”

She spoke and wept loudly.

“Are you just waiting to collect the corpse?”

The girl’s cry echoed back on the street in the middle of the night, sounding especially harsh.


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