Jun Jiuling – Chapter 240

Let’s Find Someone

The twilight was dispersed by the fierce torch, and the pungent smell of turpentine burned in the nose.

Madam Lin was trembling as she was helped out of the hall. Even if there was a shadow wall1, she could see a group of people moving in the dark.

No one dared to catch Fang Jinxiu again. Chen Qi threw down the bamboo pole to help Fang Jinxiu.

“It’s okay. Your family is here.” He said.

My family.

Fang Jinxiu sucked air through her nose hard before standing up.

“Let’s go.” She said, walking out.

After bypassing the shadow wall, Fang Jinxiu saw Fang Chengyu riding on a horse, surrounded by guards whose torchlight shined like the moon.

The servants of the Lin family stepped back in horror. There were still three or four people lying on the ground in front of the door, curled up and moaning, covering their faces.

“They’re the ones who beat me!”

Liu’er’s scream cut through the suffocating atmosphere.

“They bullied me because they had more people.”

Fang Chengyu hummed.

“Well, now that we have more people, you can bully them.” He said gently.

Liu’er snorted, looked at the few people on the ground, raised her foot and kicked them hatefully.

“You hit me, you hit me, don’t you know who I am.” She scolded while kicking.

Fortunately, a little girl’s feet were not strong, and the people on the ground allowed her to kick and hit.

The whole Lin clan was shocked by this movement. The Lin patriarch even had no time to eat before rushing over.

“Master Fang.” Although his eyes could not hide his anger, his tone was trying his best to maintain control, “What do you mean by this?”

Fang Chengyu dismounted the moment the Lin patriarch arrived. He listened and saluted him politely.

“Old Master Lin, excuse me.” He said, “I’m just here looking for someone.”

Looking for someone?

Looking for someone and so smashed the door?

Also pretending to be polite, this was too much bullying.

Old Master Lin trembled with anger.

“Who is young Master Fang looking for? Did my Lin family hide an imperial offender or a spy?” He asked, “Are you going to send us to the execution table tomorrow? Your family seeks revenge and holds resentment. Now we can only wait for this opportunity. New hatred and old resentment are up to you.”

The patriarch of the Lin family naturally knew the feud that has started between the Fang family and the Lin family at the Jinyun Tower

Fang Chengyu smiled and saluted again.

“Old Master Lin, you think too much.” He said. “There is no hatred. We just came here to find someone.”

Old Master Lin sneered and wanted to speak, and a young lady’s voice sounded first.

“You don’t have to think about it. This matter is very simple.”

Old Master Lin turned around and looked at the girl who had come out through the fallen gate.

“I saw Master Lin and young Lady Fang talking and leaving together in the street, and there is no news that young Lady Fang has returned until now, so we just came to ask Master Lin the whereabouts of young Lady Fang.” Fang Jinxiu said, “This little girl came to ask and was beaten. I came to ask and I was locked up, that’s why there was such a scene.”

Old Master Lin’s expression changed and he looked at Madam Lin, who was being helped by several maids inside the door.

Madam Lin was already trembling with fear.

No wonder she was afraid. After all, Magistrate Li had died and the execution stage had just seen a beheading.

And all this due to hatred with the Fang family.

Speaking of which, the Lin family and the Fang family can be regarded as having hostility.

It would be natural to take this opportunity to clean up the Lin family. This method had also been commonly used by the subordinates of the Lin family for generations.

However, Song Yunping was a merchant. Magistrate Li was a stranger. The Lin family was different. If it really came to a fight, they couldn’t just admit defeat.

Old Master Lin looked solemn.

“You said he was with young Lady Fang?” He looked at Fang Jinxiu and asked.

“Yes, I said so and if I am lying, I will kneel down in front of the door for a day to admit my mistake.” Fang Jinxiu said.

How dare she say that?

Old Master Lin was stunned and frowned slightly.

“If this is wrong, I’ll repair the door for you myself.” Fang Chengyu also said with a sincere expression, “Master Lin, you also know that our Fang family has been swayed by storms recently. It’s really like a bird startled by a bow. Our two families have some minor grievances so putting yourself in our shoes one might suspect this is an opportunity to get revenge. Knowing that Master Lin and my wife left together and have not returned yet, it also makes me very uneasy.”

Old Master Lin’s eyes swept over the two people.

They looked sincere and sounded reasonable.

As for whether it was true or false…

“Third’s wife.” He turned his head to look at Madam Lin, “Where’s Sanlang?”

Madam Lin covered her mouth and sobbed.

“Old Master, I don’t know either.” She cried.

The Lin patriarch frowned.

“Why don’t you know where he is?” He asked, “Where can he go at this time?”

Naturally he was referring to the fact that the county ban on the officials had just been lifted. At this time, they should be staying at home honestly to avoid trouble.

Madam Lin wiped her tears.

“He said he had something to do and went out. I didn’t dare to ask in detail.” She cried.

Was it truely to follow young Lady Fang? What’s the matter?

Old Master Lin frowned.

“How can such a big man not be found?” He said angrily, “Go and ask, look for him, and call Third Master for me.”

The night was getting thicker and thicker, and the atmosphere in the Lin residence courtyard was getting heavier and heavier. This was not because of the Fang family guards standing in the yard, nor because the gate was still laying on the ground.

“Sir, there is no news from Third Master.”

“Sir, no one has seen the Third Master going.”

“Sir, Third Master’s friends didn’t see him today.”

After the news came out one by one, Fang Chengyu’s expression was still gentle, but the Old Master Lin’s expression became more and more ugly.

“This bastard.” He couldn’t help slapping the table and saying, “Where the hell have you gone?”

Unexpectedly, no one knew. Would he even be back that night?

“Has the young Lady gone back?” Fang Chengyu asked in a gentle voice.

A subordinate next to him looked out.

“Young master, this small one has been watching, and there is no signal indicating the young lady has gone home.” He said.

Fang Chengyu stood up.

Old Master Lin also stood up.

“Master Fang.” He said stiffly, “Go back first. I’ll find him and I’ll tell you as soon as possible.”

Fang Chengyu smiled at him.

“I’d better not bother Old Master Lin.” He said, “If we find Lord Lin, we will tell you as soon as possible.”

What did this mean?

Threat? Warning? Shedding presence of cordiality?

Old Master Lin’s expression turned even uglier and he wanted to say something, but Fang Chengyu had already walked out.

Under the reflection of torches at night, the figure of the young man did not seem very thin, but a bit fierce.

“Master Fang, don’t worry. Our Lin family is more familiar with our own people.” The Lin patriarch said.

Fang Chengyu didn’t look back and didn’t talk anymore.

How childish.

How do you even look for your Fang family? Even if everyone has the same amount of hands, it is not as convenient as their own people to find them, at least they know the direction to search.

How will you find your Fang family? Looking around and turning over the whole Yangcheng? Coming here.

Old Master Lin exhaled and stared at the people around him.

“Why aren’t you looking for him?” He shouted, “Look in the brothels too.”

The subordinates answered and went out quickly.

Madam Lin put her the handkerchief aside.

“Uncle.” She said, “Has Sanlang ever been to that kind of place?”

Old Master Lin coughed gently.

“Do I have to go to the doctor?” He covered himself and said, “Okay, think about where he could go.”

After saying that, he walked out quickly.

Fang Chengyu had walked to the street outside the Lin residence.

Fang Jinxiu, who was sitting on the corner, stood up and watched Fang Chengyu come out.

When Fang Chengyu was invited into the house by Old Master Lin, Fang Jinxiu did not keep up, but turned around and left. Of course, she did not go far.

The night was already dark, and there was no one coming and going on the street. Fang Chengyu stood on the street and looked particularly lonely.

“I still can’t find them.” Chen Qi came over and whispered, “I think something must have happened.”


1– A “shadow wall” or zhaobi was a wall used to block the view in traditional Chinese architecture.

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