Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce – Chapter 86

No More Changes 2

And it was only one step away.

“You…” Qu Tan’er came to back to her senses and finally understood what had just happened.

“Liancheng gege?” Zhao Qingyun’s face was a little ugly. She stood in the middle of the courtyard in a daze, staring straight at the spot where Qu Tan’er was now sitting.

“Well, you’re here. Sit down.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly, and his eyes signaled to the seat on the opposite side of the stone table.

“You should let go now.” Qu Tan’er lowered her voice slightly. When Zhao Qingyun turned around sadly to sit down, Tan’er had wanted to pull back her hand from the warm palm of Mo Liancheng. However, no matter how much strength she used or how big her movements were, the hand he was holding still didn’t move.

“Don’t forget that you are the princess of Benwang.” Mo Liancheng looked at her with a smile. Although he was reminding her, his tone was threatening.

“So you want to use strength?”

“Benwang doesn’t mind.”

“You…” Sure enough, this man pretended for everyone like he was a good-tempered scholar, who didn’t even have the strength to bind a chicken. He was all deception.

“Liancheng gege?” Zhao Qingyun shouted softly. Her face was even more ugly since they were treating her like she was invisible, and the sadness in her eyes was more obvious.

“What’s the matter?” Mo Liancheng asked with a smile and put on a leisurely attitude. Everything about him seemed relaxed, except for the strength in his hand.

“…” Qu Tan’er was so angry that she wanted to spit blood, but Zhao Qingyun had turned her eyes to her side, and she did not want to be too brazen. Fortunately, she was lowering her head now, otherwise…

“Liancheng gege doesn’t want to see Qingyun?”

“How could that be? Tan’er just heard Wang Ye talking about Princess Yun.” Before Mo Liancheng answered, Qu Tan’er responded directly to Zhao Qingyun.

“Liancheng gege said what about Qingyun?” Zhao Qingyun blushed slightly when she heard that Mo Liancheng had mentioned her.

“Oh, Wang Ye said that Princess Yun is not only beautiful, but also kind to others. If anyone marries you, that person must have earned a blessing in his last life.”

“Is it true?” Zhao Qingyun looked at Mo Liancheng expectantly.

“Wang Ye really said that just now. How could Tan’er deceive the princess?” Look, if such a good girl doesn’t marry quickly it’ll cause pain. She will insist on making people cry to death with all her complaining.

“But why did Liancheng gege refuse to ask for Qingyun? Qingyun has already said that even if Liancheng gege has a princess now, Qingyun doesn’t mind at all. Qingyun is willing to be a secondary consort, even just being a concubine, Qingyun would also be willing.” Zhao Qingyun stared nervously at Mo Liancheng, waiting for his answer.

“Qingyun, Benwang said a long time ago that Benwang is not the person you should choose, and the Eighth Prince’s Mansion is not suitable for you.”

As soon as Mo Liancheng’s words fell, Qu Tan’er next to him blurted, “No, I think it’s quite suitable. Isn’t there a courtyard in the house without an owner? Then it’s better…”

“Then it’s better for me to split the bed and burn it. What do you think?”

With a word, Qu Tan’er was so shocked that she didn’t dare to carelessly drop more words. She was silent.

Threat, she was sure, that was a straightforward threat to her.

Sadly, she didn’t even have the capital to resist.

“Liancheng gege, what did you say?” Zhao Qingyun didn’t hear clearly and was a little confused.

“Qingyun, once Benwang marries a princess, Benwang will never take in another concubine. You know who Benwang is. Since Benwang has identified a person, it will not be changed again.”

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