Jun Jiuling – Chapter 239

What Does It Have To Do With You?

It was dusk but not yet time to light the lamps, so vision was blurred. There were many people standing in Master Lin’s living room, feeling more depressed.

Madam Lin sighed at Fang Jinxiu.

“Miss Fang, my master is really not at home.” She said, “Miss Jun has never been here either.”

“I saw them talking and walking together with my own eyes.” Fang Jinxiu said, “Is Madam Lin lying?”

Madam Lin looked a little helpless and angry.

“I dare not lie.” She said, “It’s just that I don’t know what else Miss Jun and my master have to say.”

Anyway, Lin Jiner was also Lin’s biological daughter. Even if she hurt people first, the result was still very miserable. As the saying went, even a cruel tiger will not devour its cubs. Yet Master Lin not only did not seek revenge, but also sent his daughter to the temple.

Even if it was explained and concealed, Lin Jiner’s matter couldn’t be covered up completely, which humiliated the Lin family.

The Lin family had clearly been forced into helplessness by Miss Jun. Even if they had to suppress their hatred, they still would never want to communicate again.

Fang Jinxiu was not ashamed by the needle hidden in Mrs. Lin’s words.

“I also think they have nothing to say, but since they were talking, there must be something to say.” She said, “I frankly told Madam Lin that I don’t know what it was, and I believe Madam Lin doesn’t know either, so please invite Lord Lin. I won’t ask Lord Lin what was going on, but just ask him where Miss Jun was going. After all, it is getting late and she hasn’t come home yet.”

Madam Lin’s expression changed for a moment.

“I really don’t know.” She said, “You also know that Magistrate Li was arrested in the county recently, and everyone else in the county government office has been under guard and questioned. The master hasn’t gone out for several days. Today, prefect Ma announced the lifting of the ban, and the master just went out.

She paused here and hesitated a little.

“Why did he go out?” Fang Jinxiu saw her hesitation and asked.

Madam Lin sighed in her heart and looked at this aggressive little girl. She had never thought she would have faced such a girl’s questioning before, and from a merchant.

To be honest, she heeded Master Lin’s decision regarding Lin Jiner but she was very dissatisfied.

But now she has no regret.

As this member of the Fang family had said, the Fang family was the same that mobilized the military officials and horses from Shanxi and Henan provinces, smashed the county government gate, caught the County Magistrate and just today let the people of Yangcheng see that the Fang family did not turn around during the execution.

The Fang family really couldn’t be provoked.

Madam Lin sighed.

“Miss Fang, I really don’t know.” She said and paused again.” The master only said something was wrong, but he didn’t tell me what it was. I couldn’t ask either.”


There must be something wrong. Sure enough, something happened.

Fang Jinxiu took a deep breath.

“Then where did he go?” She asked.

Madam Lin shook her head.

“My lord didn’t say.”

Fang Jinxiu looked at her, and Madam Lin also looked at her calmly.

“Did he say he couldn’t come back today?” Chen Qi interrupted and asked.

Madam Lin’s expression was slightly stagnant.

“He said he wouldn’t be back.” She said. At this point, she shook his head anxiously, “But I really don’t know where he is.”

Chen Qi laughed.

“Madam Lin, you’re really something. You don’t even know where your husband is.” He laughed.

Madam Lin turned red, and she looked at Chen Qi with angry eyes.

If it weren’t for the word Fang family. This shabby man couldn’t stand in front of her, let alone say such brazen words.

“Then Madam Lin, please tell me where Master Lin may have gone.” Fang Jinxiu said.

Madam Lin clenched her hands tightly.

What do you mean? Are you going to ransack the house or round him up? Who do you think you are?

But she dared not say that.

Because the Fang family really dared to ransack a house.

The county government office was smashed, and she didn’t dare to say that the Lin family’s house was tougher than the county government office.

“He, I really don’t know. Maybe he’s at the government office.” Madam Lin gritted her teeth and said slowly.

Before she finished speaking, a maid hurried in and whispered a few words in Madam Lin’s ear.

Fang Jinxiu saw that Madam Lin’s face changed sharply, and her eyes suddenly sharpened, as if the light suddenly lit up in the room.

“Miss Fang.” She raised her voice, and the original fear dissipated, replaced by cold disdain. “I forgot to ask, do you want to find my master or does the Fang family want to look for him?”

Fang Jinxiu’s heart skipped and she understood.

Her expulsion from the Fang family had been exposed.

“What’s the difference?” Chen Qi laughed dryly and said. He moved a step towards Fang Jinxiu and held the bamboo pole tightly. “Miss Fang’s question is the Fang family’s question.”

Madam Lin sneered.

“Really?” She said, “But I heard that Third Miss Fang has been kicked out of the Fang family.”

With her words, the maids in the room also straightened up.

“You want to swagger and cheat us in the name of the Fang family, right?” Madam Lin sneered and waved her hand, “Take her out.”

The maids suddenly gathered around aggressively.

“Don’t move.” Chen Qi shouted and threw the bamboo pole in his hand.

The grass circle on it was thrown off and hit the surrounding maids, causing a scream and some to retreat.

Taking advantage of this gap, Chen Qi jumped over and put the bamboo pole to Madam Lin’s neck.

Madam Lin screamed.

“Don’t move.” Chen Qi shouted, “All step back.”

The maids turned pale with fear, and Madam Lin just screamed repeatedly, but the powerful maids quickly waved their hands and everyone retreated.

“If you have something to say then please say it.” They said tremblingly.

Although the bamboo pole is not a knife, Chen Qi was a man with strength. It was not impossible to strangle a person with a bamboo pole.

Fang Jinxiu looked at Chen Qi with a complicated expression and said nothing.

“What do you want to do? Are you going to loot? Do you think you can escape?” Madam Lin shouted in a shrill voice.

“Madam Lin, I don’t mean anything else. I just want to know where Master Lin is?” Fang Jinxiu took a deep breath and said calmly.

“What does where my master is have anything to do with you?” Madam Lin shouted.

“I said I was looking for Miss Jun, and the people of the Fang family were also looking for her.” Fang Jinxiu said.

Madam Lin smiled when she heard Fang family.

She was not afraid at all now. Even if someone was putting a bamboo pole against her neck, she was not afraid.

Fang Jinxiu was also in Jinyun Tower at that time. The ruining of her daughter also had something to do with her. She couldn’t do anything to Miss Jun, but can’t she beat this drowning dog who was kicked out of the Fang residence?

“The people of the Fang family. Fang Jinxiu, your biological mother harmed the young master of the Fang family, so I really don’t know what you have to do with the Fang family.” Madam Lin sneered and grabbed the bamboo pole. “Let me tell you, you are no longer from the Fang family. Don’t scare people by carrying the banner of the Fang family. You said that the Fang family wants to find someone? Then why would they let you, a person who harmed the Fang family, come? Do you think I’m stupid?”

Fang Jinxiu clenched her hand and bit her lower lip.

Will the people of the Fang family come?

Will they believe her?

Will they believe that she saw Miss Jun and Master Lin together?

Or will they, like Liu’er, suspect that they are deliberately making trouble, causing conflict between the Fang and Lin families?

“I’m telling you, even if you kill me, you can’t get out of the Lin residence!” Madam Lin shouted in a shrill voice, grabbing the bamboo pole hysterically.

The crazy woman almost made Chen Qi fall down.

“If I don’t let go, I’ll kill her.” He also pulled back abruptly and shouted.

Madam Lin hissed and rolled her eyes.

The maids in the room made way in a mess.

“Let’s go.” Chen Qi shouted at Jinxiu.

Fang Jinxiu watched him move.

“Let’s go? Where can we go?” She said with a smile.

Chen Qi stared anxiously.

“Go wherever you want.” He said.

Fang Jinxiu looked at the maids in the room, looked at the people of the Lin family who heard the sound coming outside, and smiled again.

Even if they go out, what’s the point?

“Don’t worry about me. KILL her!” Madam Lin shouted in a hissing voice.

Avenge Jiner, avenge Jiner.

After all, Chen Qi was holding a bamboo pole, not a knife. The servants of the Lin family rushed in and rushed him, and the maids also took the opportunity to pounce on Fang Jinxiu. They were in total chaos, and there was a sound outside.

“Madam, madam, it’s not good. The people of the Fang family have surrounded our house.”

The people in the room were suddenly stationary and the noise died down.

People from the Fang family?

When everyone calmed down, they heard the noise outside and saw the torches lit up like half of the sky.

Touch, touch, touch.

There was a loud noise coming from the outside, which was the sound of smashing a gate. The gate of the Lin family was not as strong as the gate of the county government office. After three times, there was a bang.

It seemed like the door was knocked down.

Madam Lin’s face was pale and bloodless, and her eyes were shocked.

Was the Fang family really here?

The people of the Fang family were really here.

Fang Jinxiu lowered her head, slowly relaxed her tight body, and a tear fell on the back of her hand.

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