Jun Jiuling – Chapter 238

Find Someone for You

Liu’er’s hair was scattered around her temples, and there was an obvious red mark on her face, five discernible fingers, and blood stains on her nose and corners of her mouth.

To Liu’er, who was sold as the eldest girl to the Magistrate at the age of six, this was probably the first time she had ever been beaten.

“How worthless!” Fang Jinxiu gritted her teeth angrily and reached out to poke Liu’er’s head. “Why are you crying? A tyrant at home but meek in public!”

“They are too many.” She cried and shouted, “How can I fight them?”

“If you can’t fight, just run.” Chen Qi couldn’t help interrupting.

“My lady hasn’t been found yet.” Liu’er cried.

Fang Jinxiu bit her lower lip angrily.

“Don’t cry.” She said angrily, “What did Master Lin say?”

Liu’er wiped her tears.

“I didn’t see Master Lin. They said Master Lin was not at home.” She cried and looked at Fang Jinxiu again, “Are you lying to me and deliberately causing me to be beaten?”

She was hit too lightly.

Fang Jinxiu stared angrily and raised her hand at Liu’er. Although Liu’er was very embarrassed, she also made a posture of defense and attack.

“You stupid thing.” Fang Jinxiu didn’t hit her in the end. She waved her hand and said, “I’ll go to the Lin family to find someone. You go back and tell the Fang family that you can’t find your lady. What can you do alone?”

Liu’er looked at her suspiciously.

“Do you want the Fang family to fight with others?” She muttered.

Fang Jinxiu didn’t bother to pay attention to her anymore. She turned around and left. Chen Qi hurriedly caught up, still carrying the empty sugar man grass circle.

“Are you really going?” He asked.

Fang Jinxiu walked quickly without saying anything.

“You’re just a child. We only have two people. We can’t fight.” Chen Qi said again, “Let’s inform the people of the Fang family and let them come.”

Fang Jinxiu stopped and looked at him.

“You’re wrong. It’s just one person.” She said, “This has nothing to do with you. You have sold out of your sugar man, so go home.”

Chen Qi ohed and watched Fang Jinxiu walk quickly again. After a while, he followed.

Fang Jinxiu stared at him.

“I’m showing you the way. Do you know where Master Lin lives?” Chen Qi quickly said, “Although you are not a delicate, spoiled lady, you must not be as familiar as I am in this city. The Lin clan lives in a large place. You can’t ask your way there, can you?”

Fang Jinxiu really didn’t know where Master Lin lived, and she really did plan to ask all the way.

Chen Qi’s statement was also right. Liu’er had already made a scene, and the Lin family would be on guard. If she asked directions the whole way, she might get stopped before she even got there.

Fang Jinxiu looked at Chen Qi.

“Well, thank you very much.” She said.

Chen Qi smiled and waved his head to readjust the bamboo pole on his shoulder.

“Come with me.” He said, stepping ahead.

Fang Jinxiu looked at him with a complicated expression and followed.

“You sold out of the sugar men. Why are you carrying this?” She said.

“It takes a lot of effort to make this.” Chen Qi said, “With that effort, I can make ten sugar people and ten sugar people can make ten times the money, so this straw circle is money. How can I throw away money?”

Fang Jinxiu pulled the corners of her mouth and didn’t talk anymore.

Chen Qi hugged the bamboo pole tightly.

Besides, in case of a fight later, this thing can still be used as a weapon to defend oneself.

The residence of the Lin family was easy to find. At dusk, there were no children running and playing outside in the alley near the Lin residence. It was very quiet.

Chen Qi stopped, readjusted the grass circle on his shoulders, motioned Fang Jinxiu to keep up, and strode onward.

“Sugar Man, Sugar Man.” He shouted.

The sound broke the silence and the Lin people hidden in the alley also came out.

Chen Qi was somewhat of a celebrity in Yangcheng. Ten or eight people knew him.

Seeing that it was Chen Qi, these people frowned, but their expressions relaxed.

“What are you doing here, Chen Qi?” Someone said.

“Selling sugar men.” Chen Qi said with a smile.

Everyone looked at his empty grass circle.

“Sell a fart.” Someone said angrily.

“I sold out at the beheading table.” Chen Qi said. “I’m going around and seeing if anyone wants more. I can come back again.”

Chen Qi did all kinds of business, and everyone was used to this.

“Who wants that?” Everyone said impatiently, and their eyes fell on Fang Jinxiu who had followed Chen Qi.

Fang Jinxiu was not wearing lady’s clothes this time. She was wearing a coarse cloth shirt, which Concubine Yuan had specially found for her.

Her wealth was not exposed. It was good for a girl alone to dress less eye-catching and unsafe.

“Of course someone wants it.” Chen Qi said, looking back at Fang Jinxiu with some pride, “How much do you want me to bring to your house?”

“Just three.” Fang Jinxiu said sullenly, “Can you hurry up? Do you still have it at home?

This was probably the girl from that family who came to buy candy for her younger brothers and sisters. Chen Qi sold out and then took her home to get more.

The people of the Lin family no longer looked suspiciously at Fang Jinxiu.

“Don’t wander around here. There is no business for you here. Go back quickly.” They said.

Chen Qi answered and they left along the alley. The Lin family lived here and the neighbors were connected to eight alleys. They had entered from one side and could also go out from other directions. These subordinates of the Lin family also didn’t care and let Chen Qi go.

Chen Qi was slightly relieved when he turned into an alley.

“It’s not like before. This is someone who is guarding it deliberately.” He whispered.

Fang Jinxiu also looked out. At the entrance of the alley, there were three or four men standing, talking and looking out guardily.

“I can’t believe they’re being so vigilant.” She said, “Something must be wrong.”

Liu’er had said that they walked on the street after watching the beheading. Jun Zhenzhen saw the officials of Taiyuan Mansion and said that something was wrong, and then asked Liu’er to tell Mrs. Fang.

What on earth did she see that was wrong? Does it have anything to do with the Fang family? Is it related to the enemies of the Fang family? Does it have anything to do with Master Lin?

So Jun Zhenzhen found Master Lin to ask, and then was deceived by Master Lin?

One may not be able to deceive her, but Jun Zhenzhen is too bold. She even dared to break through knowing there was deception.

“Where is Master Lin’s house?” Fang Jinxiu asked.

Chen Qi stretched out his finger.

After a continuous knock on the door, the door finally opened impatiently, and the person who opened the door also looked impatient.

This was a maid.

“What are you doing?” She said angrily, and then recognized Chen Qi, “Chen Qi, why are you knocking on my door?”

Chen Qi shook the bamboo pole in his arms.

“Mother Wang, buy some sugar men for the young ladies and gentlemen at home.” He said with a smile.

Wang Ma bahed, her expression relaxed, and her hand was put down from the door.

“You kid, you do all kinds of business. Why do you bother us again…” she said.

Before she finished speaking, Fang Jinxiu, who stood behind Chen Qi, stepped forward and pushed the door open, and stepped across the threshold.

Mother Wang was shocked and screamed.

“Who are you? What do you want to do?”

Fang Jinxiu stood in the door and looked at her without walking forward.

“Tell Master Lin that I’m from the Fang family. The same Fang family who mobilized officials from Shanxi and Henan, smashed the county government office gates, and captured the County Magistrate. The Fang family who just let the people of Yangcheng watch an execution without turning around.” Fang Jinxiu said, “Tell him that the people of the Fang family have come to ask for someone.”

The maid turned pale and looked frightened.

Chen Qi looked at Fang Jinxiu with respect on his face.

So bold, so clean and neat, so awesome.


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