Jun Jiuling – Chapter 236


Although she didn’t know what Jun Zhenzhen had said to Master Lin so that he would endure his daughter’s humiliation, Fang Jinxiu didn’t think that Master Lin would be grateful to Jun Zhenzhen, let alone happy to see her.

There shouldn’t be anything to say between them.

Fang Jinxiu looked over carefully. Jun Zhenzhen was talking. Master Lin listened carefully and looked a little solemn.

After Jun Zhenzhen finished speaking, Master Lin also opened his mouth and shook his head as if he was sighing. Jun Zhenzhen immediately said something again, and Master Lin smiled.

“It seems that they had a good talk.” Chen Qi said behind Fang Jinxiu.

Fang Jinxiu seemed to have forgotten his existence and was shocked and almost jumped out, and this movement seemed to attract the people talking on the street to look over.

Fang Jinxiu pushed Chen Qi back into the alley.

Chen Qi, who was caught off guard, almost fell to the ground.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Don’t talk.” Fang Jinxiu stared and shouted in a low voice.

Chen Qi quickly covered his mouth and nodded seriously. Fang Jinxiu was too uninterested to care about his surprise. Once again, she carefully pressed against the wall and probed out.

Master Lin and Jun Zhenzhen could no longer be seen on the street.

Where did she go?

Fang Jinxiu stood up and looked around. People came and went on the street, hawkers hawked, people gathered to talk and laugh. The excitement was still the same, but she could not see Master Lin and Jun Zhenzhen.

“Maybe let’s go.” Chen Qi carefully came over behind her and whispered, “Do you want to find them? I know the city very well, and I know the hawkers along the street. It’s not difficult to find someone.”

Fang Jinxiu withdrew her sight.

What are you looking for her for?

When she was Third Miss Fang in the past, she didn’t talk to her much anyway.

Now that she was no longer part of the Fang family, she had nothing to do with her.

“No.” She said in a muffled voice, standing still but not walking.

Chen Qi thought for a moment.

“Yes, let’s leave other people’s affairs alone. What matters most now is your business.” He said, pointing out to a teahouse on the street. “Come on, Miss Fang. Let’s go there first and sit down to discuss where to go, when to leave, whether to ride a carriage or ride a horse. Think carefully now and be worry-free on the road ahead.”

This time Fang Jinxiu did not act like she was about to rush out of the city gate as before, but hesitated.

Chen Qi seized the opportunity.

“I think it will be good to ride a horse. It’s fast.” He said. It seemed that Fang Jinxiu had agreed. He seriously considered the next question and walked to the teahouse.

Fang Jinxiu hesitated to follow.

“… But it’s hot and it might be too hot to ride a horse. Let’s take a carriage.” Chen Qi turned around and said seriously.

“Decide where to go first, and then look at the distance to decide whether to ride a horse or take a carriage.” Fang Jinxiu said with a serious face.

Chen Qi nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, yes, you’re right. I was confused.” He touched his head and laughed.

The two of them entered the teahouse.

“Chen Qi, are you here to cheat money?” The owner of the teahouse greeted Fang Jinxiu with a smile, but his eyes swept over her.

Chen Qi bahed at him twice.

“I’m doing small business well.” He said. While pouring out a few coins from his purse, he counted carefully, carefully picked out three, and raised his chin to the owner of the teahouse, “Bring quality tea.”

What quality tea was there in this teahouse? What quality tea can one drink for three yuan?

Fang Jinxiu watched him carefully put the rest of his money into the purse on the table. She counted only a dozen at a glance, and yet he looked like he was holding a mountain of gold and silver.

She had never seen such a small amount of money since she grew up. The smallest amount of money in her wallet when she went out would still be a handful of silver.

“Has Miss Fang, who is used to living a good life, ever drunk such tea?”

Chen Qi suddenly looked up and smiled, and the owner of the teahouse also brought the tea. Chen Qi pushed the tea bowl in front of Fang Jinxiu.

The big pottery bowl contained brown, odorless tea.

“Do you think I haven’t drunk it?” Fang Jinxiu said. She picked up the bowl and took a big sip.

After she had learned to ride a horse, she had once gone out for business. Everything had been inconvenient on the way, and she once rested in a simple teahouse on the roadside.

However, it was not because she didn’t have money, but because she couldn’t buy good tea even if she had the money.

And at that time, the novelty of being outside had overcome the inconvenience of the trip, and drinking bad tea was just a fun embellishment.

As an embellishment of daily life, it may not be fun.

She took a few more sips. She had adapted to the bitterness of tea and found it was quenching her thirst.

Her stomach growled.

Chen Qi looked at her and Fang Jinxiu blushed.

She hadn’t eaten well these few months, but she hadn’t actually stopped eating or drinking. She even had snacks. To be honest, she had not been hungry.

She had gone out in the middle of the night the previous night and didn’t sleep at all. She then rushed to see the beheading in the early morning and hadn’t had a drop of water until now.

She also felt hungry.

“Boss, boss, come on, oily meat…” Chen Qi turned his head and shouted to the owner of the teahouse, stretched out two fingers, and put another one to his mouth, “One bowl.”

After saying that, he smiled at Fang Jinxiu again.

“Sorry, I don’t have much money now. I can only treat you to a bowl of fried pork. Hope you don’t mind.”

Fang Jinxiu wanted to say something but Chen Qi opened his mouth first.

“Of course, don’t refuse. We all know in our hearts what my situation is and what your situation is. Since the situation is like this, let’s be frank. Don’t be sad, let alone say something kind and think of debt repayment.” He said with a smile, “We are just friends. It’s simple to sit down for dinner and have tea.”

Fang Jinxiu wanted to open her mouth, and Chen Qi took the lead again.

“Of course, don’t sympathize with me. I don’t sympathize with you either.” He said with a forced smile.

Fang Jinxiu rolled her eyes at him.

“I have nothing else to say, but it’s not all as you think. Though can’t you shut up?” She said.

Chen Qi smiled and stretched out his hand again to cover his mouth and didn’t say any more. Fang Jinxiu picked up the chopsticks politely, picked up an empty bowl on the table and dished half.

“I won’t eat, I won’t eat. I’ve eaten.” Chen Qi quickly waved his hand and said.

“I can’t finish it.” Fang Jinxiu said, pushing half of the bowl to him, “It’s not good to waste food.”

Chen Qi smiled and stopped being polite.

“Actually, it’s quite good.” He said, “Lao Pang’s fried meat is better than that of a big restaurant.”

The owner of the teahouse laughed when he heard it.

“Yes, yes, I did it very authentically. It’s not bad at all.” He said, “The craftsmanship of Qingfu Building was originally taught by my ancestors.”

Fang Jinxiu smiled and ate with her head down without saying anything.

Chen Qi also ate happily.

One bowl of meat and two cups of tea were soon finished by the two. During this period, Chen Qi also suggested that Fang Jinxiu not leave the city for the time being and wait until they choose where to go.

“You can stay at my house first today.” Chen Qi said.

Fang Jinxiu took a look at him.

It wouldn’t be nice to have a girl stay in the house.

“There is no one else at home, only one mother.” Chen Qi said.

After saying that, she felt that it would be even more wrong.

“Anyway, I mean…” He quickly opened his mouth again.

Fang Jinxiu interrupted him.

“I’ll stay at an inn.” She said.

Chen Qi was a little surprised.

“Do you have any money?” He asked.

Fang Jinxiu looked at the small burden in her hand. Last night, she had carried it on her back and didn’t even go so far as opening it. When she was eating just now, she looked and found that there were two bags of money, a bag of broken silver and a bag of gold leaves in it.

They had been cut into pieces to facilitate daily expenses.

She didn’t know if it was Concubine Yuan’s words, whether it was from sitting all through the night, or watching the beheading, or just that she had eaten enough, but the depression in her heart had dispersed a lot.

She didn’t think about the past, didn’t think about the blood feud of more than ten years. She just joined Chen Qi to drink tea and eat meat, treated to food, eat it, eat, and why do you think so much?

She decided to use this money, stay in the inn, leave for the road, and start a new life.

“I have money.” Fang Jinxiu said to Chen Qi.

Chen Qi said oh and looked at her little burden.

“If you have money, it’s better for you to pretend to be generous.” He muttered.


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