Jun Jiuling – Chapter 230

Talking about the West Window and Raining at Night

Miss Jun walked into the yard, and Liu’er had already flown in like a butterfly.

As before, there were no maids in the yard, but only two servant girls, Mai Dong and Bai Shao.

At this time, when they saw Miss Jun, they still looked antagonistic.

In the past, the antagonism was because of fear and helplessness, and now the antagonism was because of fear, helplessness and shame.

Miss Jun’s expression remained the same.

She never put them in her eyes before, and she still didn’t.

“Didn’t you hit curtain yet?” Liu’er shouted inside, “What are you doing with the pestle?”

Liu’er was as fierce as ever.

Mai Dong and Bai Shao quickly closed the curtain.

Fang Chengyu and Miss Jun went in.

“Miss, miss, sit down quickly.” Liu’er had brought tea in person, “Are you tired? Are you hungry?”

Miss Jun sat down and took the tea with a smile.

“I’m not tired. Not hungry.”

Hearing her say that she was neither tired nor hungry, Liu’er immediately unleashed her thoughts.

“Miss, you don’t know that a lot of things happened after you left.” She said excitedly, “Just the night you left with the young master, you didn’t know. It scared me to death…”

With her starting at that time, it didn’t seem like she would be finished before dark.

Fang Chengyu looked at Liu’er, who danced around Miss Jun, smiled and turned around and went out.

“What’s scheduled for dinner?” He stood under the porch and asked.

Mai Dong quickly handed over a list.

“This is arranged by Sister Liu’er.” She said.

Fang Chengyu looked carefully. He didn’t know what food was delicious, since his diet had been so monotonous and light for the past decade.

“I’ll go to the kitchen,” he said.

He would go to the kitchen to ask carefully, taste and have a look around. Isn’t it said that delicious food is full of color, fragrance and taste?

Mai Dong responded and watched Fang Chengyu go out.

“Why did you let the young master go by himself? Why didn’t you follow him?” Bai Shao came over and whispered.

Mai Dong looked at her.

“Why don’t you follow him?” She hummed.

Perhaps because of the lessons of Lingzhi.

The two girls stared at each other for a moment.

“However, now the young master is recovered…” Mai Dong said in a low voice after a moment of hesitation.

He had been sick and asked her for treatment, but now he’s cured. Does he really have to go too far about some things?

Bai Shao hummed.

“The young master is cured, and the young lady is even more serious.” She said, “Furthermore, if something annoys the young lady, since she can cure the young master, do you think she can make the young master sick again?”

Mai Dong subconsciously looked at the house and shrank.

“I’m not sure if the young lady would, but Liu’er definitely,” she whispered.

Bai Shao bahed and laughed again. Swinging their heads, the two put away their jokes and stood solemnly again.

When Miss Jun woke up from her nap, it was evening and the air smelled fresh. It turned out that it was summer rain outside the window. She didn’t know for how long it had been falling.

She sat up and saw Fang Chengyu sitting on the kang bed reading.

“You’re awake.” He immediately noticed and said with a smile, while pouring tea at the side.

“It’s better to sleep soundly at home.” Miss Jun said, getting up and picking up the tea, “Didn’t you sleep for a while?”

“Closed my eyes for a while.” Fang Chengyu said, “Liu’er is still sleeping.”

Miss Jun took a few sips of tea.

“She’s exhausted. Let her sleep well.”

With so many things happening, sometimes it is not the parties involved who are most tired, but those who are onlookers and don’t know the details.

Fang Chengyu nodded.

“Would you like to eat? The kitchen’s meal is ready.” He said, “I also told my grandmother and mother that we won’t eat together tonight and to have a good rest.”

Miss Jun nodded.

“I’ll go freshen up and have dinner.”

Fang Chengyu shouted at Mai Dong. Mai Dong quickly came in to accompany Miss Jun to bathe. By the time Miss Jun combed and changed her clothes and came out, the light had been lit in the room. The table was also set.

“It’s hot out and you’ve been on your way for many days, so the preparation is lighter fare, and I don’t know if it suits your taste.” Fang Chengyu said as he passed the chopsticks.

Miss Jun took them and sat down.

“I’m not picky about eating.” She smiled and said, “You can eat anything and eat everything. It’s also fun to taste all kinds of things in life.”

Fang Chengyu nodded with a smile. Mai Dong and Bai Shao served them, bowed their heads and retreated.

The two of them in the room sat quietly for dinner. After dinner, they paced slowly in the room to listen to the rain outside.

“There is a field at home, and you, like your grandmother, should keep exercising every day from now on.” Miss Jun said, “Although you’re cured, your body was very hurt and you have a bad foundation.”

“I know.” Fang Chengyu said, stretching out his hand and clenching his fist. “I got up this morning and walked several times and hit your and grandmother’s wooden stake.”

With that, he put his fist in front of her.

“Do you think it’s still red?”

Miss Jun laughed.

“Sister, look, I wrote three big characters today, and my hands turned red.”

She seemed to see Jiurong standing in front of her with his hand stretched out again and acting coquettish.

Her smile was a little sour and happy.

Anyway, she can still have a chance to see Jiurong again.

Bai Shao and Mai Dong came out of the house.

“Young master and young lady, the hot water is ready, and the bed is also prepared.” They saluted.

Before they realized, it was time to go to bed, but how would they sleep now?

In the past, they had to treat the disease and in Runan, they had to be prepared. Now there was no need to treat diseases or to be prepared. Do they still sleep together?

After all, they are not a real couple.

Fang Chengyu bowed his head and grabbed his fingers.

“There’s one more thing that I haven’t told you yet,” he said.

“Then let’s talk about it.”

Mai Dong and Bai Shao pulled the door closed and retreated.

Miss Jun never wanted anyone on duty here.

“I killed County Magistrate Li myself.” As soon as Fang Chengyu entered the inner room, he lowered his voice.

Miss Jun looked at him.

“Of course it’s not because I hated him too much that I couldn’t control my emotions.” Fang Chengyu said, “It’s because he wanted to tell a secret about our Fang family, which should remain unknown.”

That secret.

It turns out that that was why the County Magistrate Li… makes sense.

Miss Jun nodded.

“Let’s sit down and speak.” She went to the table first.

The kang had been laid with pillows side-by-side and bright bamboo mats.

Miss Jun sat up straight, and moved inwards and motioned Fang Chengyu to sit down.

Fang Chengyu did not hesitate.

“This was the case at that time.” He said, sitting cross-legged and talking.

After listening to Fang Chengyu’s story, Miss Jun nodded.

“You’re right. There must be a secret in your family.” She said, “and this secret can mobilize military and horse officials from Shanxi and Henan, and this secret has not been disclosed to the public. Even you don’t know it. I don’t think your mother knows.”

Fang Chengyu nodded.

“That’s probably the reason why Uncle Lei said that my father was killed by officers and soldiers. Why did my grandmother say it was impossible with such certainty?” He said thoughtfully.

Miss Jun nodded and said nothing.

The two of them were silent for a moment.

“No matter what it is, since Grandma can’t say it, it must be something that can’t be said. We should believe her.” Miss Jun said.

Fang Chengyu nodded.

“Yes, so I didn’t ask a word.” He said with a smile. After saying that, he leaned on his chin and changed his posture. “Speaking of which, I felt strange and puzzled by a lot of things when I was a child. This explanation makes sense.”

“What’s the matter?” Miss Jun asked offhandedly.

Fang Chengyu talked about his childhood with great interest. There were many things that he couldn’t remember clearly and he thought about it as he spoke. When he finished talking he saw that Miss Jun had been leaning on her pillow for some time and had fallen asleep.

Although she had slept all afternoon, she should be really tired.

Fang Chengyu gently put the thin quilt on her waist, looked at the kang in the other room, and hesitated for a long time.

She also had said that his body was badly worn out and he had a bad foundation. Although she let him travel alone after the robbery of Baiheliangshan, there was nothing she could do so as not to delay the matter in Yangcheng.

Now that he was home, he had better sleep with her so that she wouldn’t worry when she wakes up in the middle of the night.

When she says she doesn’t need to sleep together, then they can separate.

Fang Chengyu extinguished the lamp in front of the bed, put down the gauze curtains, laid down carefully, and closed his eyes to hide the joy in them.

The drizzle outside the window pattered on the banana leaves, making the night quiet and Fang household fell into a deep sleep.

Fang Jinxiu lay in the dark as usual, with her eyes open, and suddenly there were footsteps outside, and then the door was pushed open.

Who’s there?

She asked in her heart, but was too lazy to move.

“Third Miss.” Concubine Yuan’s voice sounded in the dark.


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