You Are My Glory – Chapter 14

The next day was Double Eleven, a day that brought great turmoil for many people, but Qiao Jingjing just got to watch the video of herself playing as Niu Mo.

Yu Tu really had recorded it. He turned to the computer to analyze with her what she did right, what she did wrong, and where the problems were.

“These are the most commonly used support heroes. They have different skills, but if you learn one well, then your game understanding will be in place for the others.”

Then they watched several videos of professional players using Niu Mo.

Qiao Jingjing felt bitter. It was Singles Day and it was okay that she was single and just spending the day studying, but couldn’t she be a handsome hero? Did it have to be a bull demon?

After 4 p.m., Yu Tu said he had to leave early.

“I have a gathering with colleagues from my unit in the evening.”

“I think you have a little too many gatherings.” It made it seem like she, a female star, was actually not social at all.

Yu Tu didn’t feel relieved, “Isn’t it a normal frequency? And the theme is Singles Day.”


Yu Tu coughed and then said, “They said they want to ask me something about work.”

“…Go ahead.”

Yu Tu didn’t forget to tell her, “You can practice as the support Zhang Fei while I’m gone.”

Qiao Jingjing was a little depressed. He left to go out to play by himself but didn’t forget to give her homework?

She followed him to the door and felt bored just thinking about how he would go to a lively party, but she had to stay at home, pitifully alone, “If only I could go out to play with you.”

Once she said it, she felt that it sounded a little inappropriate. Even if she were not Qiao Jingjing, going somewhere with Yu Tu would still be inappropriate.

She said it without thinking, but Yu Tu answered, “If I took you, would you dare to go?”

Qiao Jingjing was startled, but she saw his face flash with regret at his slip of the tongue.

Looking awkwardly at each other, she quickly sent him away, “Have fun, bye.”

This gathering felt a lot more comfortable. Everyone toasted with their glasses, and his colleague Xiao Hu sighed, “This year is still the same group as last year.”

Da Meng said, “Sadly, next year we won’t all be here. Yu Tu will be going to an investment bank, in a world like that, can he stay passionate like us?”

“Which means we’ll be one man short.”

“We might have another like Lao Guan.”

Yu Tu, “What’s wrong with Lao Guan?”

Lao Guan was the chief designer of the model Yu Tu was working on. He had a doctorate degree and had come back from the United States. Yu Tu was able to become the deputy director designer at such a young age in part because of Lao Guan’s support.

“His wife is going to divorce him.”

“How come?” Lao Guan and his wife were famous for their loving relationship, otherwise she wouldn’t have given up her high salary and come back from the United States.

“Why wouldn’t she? As soon as you leave, his overtime will double. He won’t ever be able to see her. How could she not be angry?”

Yu Tu frowned, “What about the others? There were two other people there before I left for vacation.”

Da Meng said, “What’s the use of more people? Can they match you for competence? What’s more, with Lao Guan’s arrogant temper, who else would he be willing to put up with besides you? If he isn’t satisfied, he’ll only do it himself and endure.”

Yu Tu silently picked up a cigarette from the table.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Another colleague said, “Lao Guan and his wife already reconciled and today he showed off the breakfast she lovingly made him.”

“That’s right, Da Meng, you’re just single and jealous.”

Da Meng said, “Bah!” and everyone’s mood lightened. Xiao Hu thought, “By the way, Lao Yu, I have a question to discuss with you about something that has been inspiring me lately.”

Before Yu Tu replied, Da Meng said, “Ai, you two. Don’t forget to keep it secret, don’t talk about technology outside.”

“Can’t I talk to Lao Yu about foreign technology? Otherwise what can we talk about in the future? The housing prices in Lujiazui?”

As the two men bickered, Yu Tu’s eyes dimmed. Their industry was governed by a system of strict confidentiality, and they couldn’t mention specific technical details outside of their unit. When he left, he would probably only ever be able to pick up clues from news articles.

He leaned against the back of the chair and lowered his head to light the cigarette.

After the meal around eight o’clock, the colleagues decided to indulge throughly and go to a KTV to sing. Yu Tu wasn’t interested, so he said goodbye to everyone and left first.

The restaurant where they met up was in the Gateway and below it was Line 1 of the subway.

The subway station was crowded as usual.

This was a magical city. Go south to Xinzhuang, change to line 5 to get to the Zhuanqiao Aerospace City. Go north to the People’s Square to change to Line 2 to get to Lujiazui Financial Center.

Two opposite directions. One lonely, one prosperous.

It’s like a fork in the road of life.

The subway came and went, and Yu Tu stood still in the crowd for a long time.

Qiao Jingjing was playing games at home.

She had no particular feelings about Singles Day, but at the thought that Yu Tu was eating and drinking with his friends while she could only play games alone, she suddenly felt the sadness of being single.

However, she didn’t know whether all the masters had gone out to celebrate or if all the bachelors couldn’t amass their energy, but her Wang Zhaojun was actually carrying the game, and her record was excellent for several consecutive games.

She took a screenshot and posted it to Weibo, and most of the comments were praising the goddess for being great.

But there were also some exceptions.

For example, this–

Little Wife Dudu: My goddess is so beautiful, so rich and thin, but she can only play games on Singles day… I’m ugly and fat, but at least I have a husband.

…This must be a true fan.

Qiao Jingjing, who was so thin and beautiful, started another game but when the team battle was just getting started, Yu Tu unexpectedly called. Qiao Jingjing ruthlessly denied the call and waited till the end of the game to call him back.

Once connected, Yu Tu said, “Are you playing with Wang Zhaojun again?”

“…Are you spying on me?”

“Just saw it,” his voice seemed to carry a smile, and he asked, “Would you like to go out to play?”

Qiao Jingjing stood up and said, “Where are you?”


Qiao Jingjing ran downstairs happily.

Yu Tu saw that she was fully disguised again, but even her hair seemed to be full of joy. She was relaxed in her heart and laughing.

Qiao Jingjing asked, “Why are you back? Is the place where you met also nearby?”

Yu Tu also wanted to ask himself this question.

“Basically.” Yu Tu said, “I didn’t want to go with them to sing.”

“Oh, so where are we going?”

Yu Tu thought for a moment, “Want to see a movie?”

There was a cinema on the ground floor of a nearby shopping mall. The two walked over and checked what movies were playing while they walked.

“This one?” Yu Tu pointed to a literary and artistic romance film, thinking that girls should like it.

Qiao Jingjing glanced at it, “No, are you being serious? Everyone knows that I’m in a feud with the female lead.”

Yu Tu, “…I don’t know much about your circle.”

Yu Tu checked again and choose a purely male-lead movie to be safe. “What about this?”

“Well, this looks good but the leading actor just broke up with his girlfriend and she happens to be a good friend of mine. No matter how good the movie is, I can’t betray a friend.”

Yu Tu, “…”

He stuffed the phone into her hands, “You choose.”

Qiao Jingjing was already familiar with Yu Tu’s phone and swiped left and right, “Let’s go see this animated film. There’s only spots let by the aisle… fingerprint.”

She had quickly selected their seats, and paused to hold out the phone so Yu Tu could scan his fingerprint to pay. In that moment, she had forgotten that she could simply return the phone directly to him.

Yu Tu didn’t take it back from her, he just lowered his head and gently pressed his thumb on the phone in her hand.

Just then, Qiao Jingjing felt as if the rest of her had been gently pressed too. After a moment of palpitations, she raised her head and happened to look into Yu Tu’s deep eyes.

It seemed that after a long time, or maybe just a moment, Yu Tu took back his phone.

He looked at the time, “We have to walk faster. There’s only fifteen minutes left.”

The two of them stopped talking and walked quietly to the cinema together. After entering the mall, Yu Tu suddenly said, “Let’s go in separately.”

Qiao Jingjing was taken aback.

“Don’t turn around, someone is following us.”

Then, he quickly walked past her. After a bit, Qiao Jingjing received the QR code he sent through We Chat for her to pick up the tickets.

Yu Tu: You pick up the tickets and go in first.

Jingjing: I’ll have to pick up both at the same time. How will you get in?

Yu Tu: I’ll tell you when we get into the cinema.

Qiao Jingjing felt like watching a movie was unexpectedly exciting. She first picked up the tickets, put one on an empty table according to Yu Tu’s instructions, and then went in first. It was just like the spy film she starred in before!

She had entered the theater and sat down by the aisle when the lights went out and advertisements began to play on the big screen. The seat beside her was still empty. Qiao Jingjing became a little anxious. The ticket wouldn’t be taken by others, would it?

She took out her phone and lowered her head to check her WeChat, but before she could send a message, a shadow fell over the screen. A figure appeared beside her in the dark. The man bent down and asked in a low voice, “Is there anyone sitting here? I found a movie ticket on a table outside.”

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