You Are My Glory – Chapter 9

When Yu Tu came home, Zhai Liang was playing games with Qiao Jingjing. He glanced up briefly while staying focused on the game, “He’s back, don’t worry.”

Qiao Jingjing’s voice came from his phone, “What took so long?”

Yu Tu, “The subway was stopped. I needed to transfer.”

Qiao Jingjing was distracted. Wang Zhaojun accidentally took a step towards the tower and was immediately hit. The enemy’s Li Bai came from nowhere and hit her with their ultimate.

Wang Zhaojun was so scared that she ran away screaming her head off, “Ah, help.”

Zhai Liang also shouted, “I can’t save you.”

Yu Tu couldn’t help but think how not long ago Zhai Liang was complaining about celebrities and wondered what he would think if he knew that Cotton was one of the most popular stars right now.

Zhai Liang lowered his head to play the game and casually asked, “Yu Tu, did you repair the purifier?”

Yu Tu thought for a moment and replied, “Ask Qiao…Cotton, she’ll give you the answer.”

Zhai Liang had choice words for Yu Tu but didn’t think they were appropriate to voice out. What kind of response was that?

“Don’t want to play a match?”

“I have something to do.”

Zhai Liang felt like something was different after Yu Tu went to Cotton’s house, but it was impossible to put his finger on what was different. After thinking about it for a long time, he asked Qiao Jingjing through the voice chat, “Cotton, has your purifier been repaired?”

After Zhai Liang finished the game and went to talk to Yu Tu, he saw that Yu Tu was on the computer and staring at the screen. He was surprised for a moment. Yu Tu had been very lazy during his vacation and hadn’t even touched his computer. What happened today? Did he make a decision?

Walking over, he saw the image on the screen was a game of Kings of Glory.

“Are you watching a professional game?”


“Why are you interested in this?”

Yu Tu’s answer was indifferent, “Probably a sudden interest.”


Zhai Liang suddenly remembered an important question, “So tell me, is Cotton beautiful?”

Yu Tu thought for a moment and answered, “Her looks are the kind you can see everywhere on the street.”

Zhai Liang was a little disappointed but he still criticized Yu Tu justly, “Isn’t your mouth a little poisonous? How can you say that about a girl?”

Yu Tu, “Tactly.”

A long time later, after Zhai Liang finally saw the true face of “Cotton”… he was so impressed that he wanted to kill Yu Tu. Isn’t her face exactly the one you could see everywhere on the street?

Yu Tu watched game play till two o’clock, and at two o’clock Qiao Jingjing woke up. She couldn’t fall back asleep. She didn’t move from under her blanket as she grabbed her phone and sent a WeChat message to Xiao Zhu.

“Have the driver pick up Yu Tu tomorrow.”

Of course, Xiao Zhu wasn’t online. After a while, Qiao Jingjing recalled the message.

It seemed a little inappropriate to do that…

Also it seemed that she forgot to add Yu Tu to WeChat…

Qiao Jingjing though over it for a while and eventually fell asleep. After seven o’clock, she woke up well rested. Xiao Zhu had been blowing up her WeChat for a long time.

“Jingjing, what message did you recall?”

“What should I do?”

“Did your stomach start hurting in the middle of the night?”

Qiao Jingjing replied to her, “Bring breakfast for two people!”

“Wait!” Just after she sent it out, she changed her mind, “You don’t have to come this morning.”

Then she opened QQ and sent a message to Yu Tu.

“Rabbit god, please bring breakfast ^_^”

After a few minutes, he replied, “Ok, what do you want?”

Qiao Jingjing gave the universal answer, “Anything. By the way, my elevator password is xxxx. Can you come up yourself? Xiao Zhu isn’t here.”


At nine o’clock, Yu Tu was carrying a large bag of breakfast and knocked on Qiao Jingjing’s door right on time.

Qiao Jingjing opened the door and stood in the doorway. Yu Tu hesitated to come in and handed her the bag, “I brought some food.”

She really just asked him to bring food to help break the ice, but…

“…can we eat so much?” Qiao Jingjing was a little stunned.

“I’ve already eaten.”


So this was for one person? What kind of misunderstanding did he have about the stomach of people in the entertainment industry?

Yu Tu saw the speechless look in her eyes and explained, “I didn’t know what you like, so I just bought an assortment.”

“Oh~~ Let’s save some of it for lunch then. I’ll ask Xiao Zhu to deliver less at noon.” Qiao Jingjing remembered, “It’s not very convenient for me to go out, so I can only let Xiao Zhu deliver lunch and dinner here in the future, okay?”

“Dinner?” Yu Tu paused, “So when exactly is my workday done?”

Qiao Jingjing hadn’t thought about the answer. Her eyes fluttered and she deliberately said, “nine o’clock.”

“So long as your hand doesn’t hurt.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…” That’s true.

Yu Tu smiled and said, “You eat first. I’ll wait for you.”

Qiao Jingjing quickly finished the breakfast and went to the living room to find Yu Tu.

The morning sun was shining lightly in front of the French window and Yu Tu was sitting on the sofa across the room, staring at his computer. Qiao Jingjing’s footsteps paused and she felt that this scene was a little incredible.

Yu Tu looked up at her, “Have you finished eating?”

Qiao Jingjing nodded and was a little surprised, “You brought a computer?”

Yu Tu said, “Um.” He waited for her to sit down and asked, “Who was teaching you before?”

“My agent’s husband.”

“He taught you Cai Wenji and Sun Yi?”

Qiao Jingjing nodded, “He asked me to play support, but when I played with you later, I thought Wang Zhaojun was more my style.”

Yu Tu thought over it, “Have you ever watched a professional competition?”

Qiao Jingjing shook her head.

“Let’s watch a few games first.”

Yu Tu clicked on a video, “This is the final from the first half of the year. Luo Shen vs. CS.”

“I know this. Big Sister Ling forwarded it to Weibo with my account.”

“You didn’t watch it?”

“I was filming in Moriyama Laolin. The signal was very bad.”

“Then watch it now.” While they were speaking, the two sides in the finals had finished choosing heroes and entered the map.

The finals from the first half of the year went for seven full rounds, almost all of which were amazing. After watching three matches in a row, Yu Tu paused the video and asked Qiao Jingjing, “What do you think?”

Sure enough, she still needed to make a report!

Qiao Jingjing thought and answered, “They rarely died? Unlike the dozens of deaths in our battles.”

“They know a lot about their damage and whether a fight will be worth it or not, and they won’t start a group fight easily.” Yu Tu said, “Did you notice Zhuang Zhou in the Luo Shen team?”

“The one who played Zhang Fei in the first round? The commentator mentioned his name many times.”

Yu Tu nodded and said, “Zhang Fei was in a pivotal position at the beginning of the second match, so the support position is actually very important, sometimes it’s even the commander of the team.”

So before, A Guo didn’t really say it right when he talked about the support role?

“My skill is very ordinary… Can I win with Wang Zhaojun?”

Yu Tu, “I saw that you are already Gold ranked. Did you play 1v1 matches?”

Qiao Jingjing was very proud, “Yes, I also took MVP many times.”

Yu Tu thought about it and handed her his phone, “Try and play with my account.”

Qiao Jingjing didn’t understand what he meant by it, but she still took his phone and opened his Diamond-ranked account, and successfully selected Wang Zhaojun, who she’d been playing well with recently.

Ten minutes later, Qiao Jingjing thought, is this what it means to be slaughtered without mercy?

She put down the phone and looked a little pale. The game wasn’t over, and her teammates had good tempers, but they kept saying things like, “Focus on development, don’t make waves. Steady, we can win.”

The meaning was for her to stop giving the enemies her head.

She stuffed the phone back in Yu Tu’s hands.

Yu Tu took over and took Wang Zhaojun to return to the tower to low-key develop.

While he had his head lowered to play, he calmly said, “You played Gold well before, but it was difficult when you played Diamond. The competition you’ll participate in with professional players will only be more difficult than just now. I didn’t know what you were facing before, so I thought it was enough to play Wang Zhaojun well, but in fact, Wang Zhaojun isn’t really played in professional competitions.”

Qiao Jingjing squeezed her lips and felt moody. She had asked Yu Tu to come help her mostly on a whim but now she knows that she desperately needed the help.

“I knew it would be more difficult but I didn’t expect it to be so much more difficult.” She cheered up and asked seriously, “So what do I do?”

Yu Tu looked at her in surprise and said very simply, “There is still one month left. You rely on yourself to reach Strongest King rank.”


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