You Are My Glory – Chapter 8

After a while, Yu Tu regained presence of mind and said, “Long time no see.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded and said, “Long time no see.”

Yu Tu was silent for a moment, then suggested, “Let’s go and see your purifier?”

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

Qiao Jingjing coughed, “I haven’t gone out of the house for several days. I’m a little dizzy. Why don’t we go out for a walk first?”

Yu Tu raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Okay, I admit it.” Qiao Jingjing sighed but her expression was lighthearted, “Before, I wanted to use the big move of ‘no electricity’, but I didn’t expect that Ding Chaoqun had already used it. I was really reluctant to destroy such a lovely purifier so… it is doing it’s job well right now.”

Yu Tu looked a little surprised, and hesitated before finally saying, “It’s a little cold outside.”

Qiao Jingjing followed his line of sight and glanced down at her legs. Yu Tu quickly looked away. She smiled secretly in her heart.

“Okay, I’ll go up and change clothes.”

A few steps away from Qiao Jingjing’s community of buildings was the Binjiang Avenue of Huangpu River. Although it is only one river away from the Bund, it is much more sparsely populated.

Qiao Jingjing added a pair of pants to her outfit. With her hat, mask and sunglasses, her whole person was covered tightly and one could not see her appearance at all. It’s just that she had been a star for a long time and she naturally had a striking bearing. In addition to the handsome man next to her, they inevitably attracted the frequent stares of passers-by.

Qiao Jingjing suddenly said, “I think it might be a little unsafe to walk with you.”

Yu Tu, “…Shouldn’t I be the one saying that?”

He should be worried about being discovered by her fans at any time, right?

“No, sometimes I go out for a walk with Xiao Zhu, that is, the girl you met just now. There are really never this many people watching us.”

Qiao Jingjing felt around in the huge pocket of her sweater and actually found a mask that she pulled out and handed to him, “Don’t let me be found out. It will make headlines.”

Yu Tu was very suspicious that a grown man wearing a pink mask wouldn’t be more eye-catching. And isn’t it too coincidental that this would be the mask in her pocket?

Reflecting on the games they’d been playing together these days, and how he was tricked into coming today…Yu Tu felt certain that it wasn’t a coincidence. But Qiao Jingjing raised her hand so persistently that he had to take it and put it on.

Then he saw Qiao Jingjing’s eyes bend proudly, and he inwardly smiled. He really didn’t expect this high school classmate to be so…childish?

After putting on the mask, the two walked a little further. As they walked, Qiao Jingjing was relaxed and did not make any moves to talk first, so Yu Tu voiced his doubts, “How did you end up playing games with me?”

“Ah?” Qiao Jingjing seemed lost in thoughts but turned her head when he spoke, and her eyes blinked, “You invited me? By mistake. Did you forget?”

Of course Yu Tu did not forget but, “Why are you in my QQ friends?”

Qiao Jingjing felt depressed. Does the situation of secretly adding your QQ need to be explained? She gave him a look and asked dramatically, “Do you have amnesia?”

Yu Tu suddenly understood and there was a trace of embarrassment.

“Do you still want to ask why I called you out today?” Finding that they were a little awkward with their chatting, Qiao Jingjing decided to get to the point quickly.

Yu Tu looked at her and waited for her to continue.

Qiao Jingjing thought for a moment and asked him, “Do you have Weibo?”

Yu Tu nodded, “I do.”

“Then you should look at mine.”

Yu Tu took at look at her Weibo account and saw the latest thing that she posted.

Qiao Jingjing V:

I just bought a super cute rabbit purifier which is so easy to use. The key thing is that it’s super cute, right?

She also posted a selfie with rabbit ears and the purifier.

His eyes stayed on the picture for a moment. He pulled down the comment section and saw that not long after it was posted the comments had already exceeded 50,000 and continued to rise. Most of them were replies about how their goddess is cute, and also about the purifier recommended by their goddess.

Just at that time, a WeChap prompt popped up on his phone screen.

Mu Yi: Are we so rich? Surprisingly we’re able to hire a female star to advertise for us?

Yu Tu clicked into the WeChat group of coworkers from the research institute and found they were all hotly discussing this topic. About three or four of them had posted screenshots of Qiao Jingjing’s Weibo post at the same time.

Wang Chun: Qiao Jingjing is so popular. How much is it to get a post like that? @XieYueYiLun isn’t your husband working at the company we coordinate with? Go and ask.

Xie Yue Yi Lun: Asked him and he says they didn’t hire her! They already couldn’t afford c-list celebrities so how dare they even think of Qiao Jingjing.

Xie Yue Yi Lun: My husband says they ran out on Taobao because there were too many orders. There was little stock and they didn’t expect this to happen.

Li Lun: The only publicity before this was when all the employees posted the advertisement to their friends, right? Now it’s just exploded.

Yu Tu put away his phone and looked up at Qiao Jingjing.


Qiao Jingjing’s eyes flowed, “It’s not like I have a conflicting endorsement, so I sent the message to support the motherland’s space industry.”

Yu Tu looked at her for a moment and suddenly smiled, “Thank you.”

With that, he started walking away.

Qiao Jingjing was dumbfounded, “…wait!”

As soon as she caught up, she saw that the corners of Yu Tu’s mouth were slightly raised. Qiao Jingjing suddenly felt cheated and was a little annoyed, “You are too unkind.”

“I thought unkindness was to lie to me about your company’s competition for Kings of Glory.”

Qiao Jingjing felt a little guilty, but still said righteously, “I wasn’t lying to you. I really am going to play in a Kings of Glory competition.”

Yu Tu raised his eyebrows slightly and expressed a trace of doubt.

“Do you know that I’m the Kings of Glory ambassador?”

Yu Tu nodded, “Before, every time I opened the game there was an activity where you’d send out arcana.”

“Well, in short, in about a month, I’ll be competing with professional players.” Qiao Jingjing was too lazy to explain the whole thing, “You can just look through my Weibo.”

Three minutes later, Yu Tu finished glancing through her Weibo.

“…so you’re going to the KPL live game next month? You’ll be playing with randomly drawn players?”

“Five lucky players, six including me, plus four professional players. The professional players who’ll participate haven’t yet been announced.”

Yu Tu was silent.

Qiao Jingjing asked Yu Tu a little nervously, “What do you think of my gaming level? If I go to the competition…”

Yu Tu deliberated for a moment and then answered politely, “If there is even one more player like you on the team, I don’t think you can win.”


Qiao Jingjing felt depressed.

“So,” Yu Tu mused, “do you want me to teach you?”

It’s really a time-saver to talk to smart people, she thought. Qiao Jingjing pretended to be indifferent, “Is it okay? It wouldn’t be online like before. That kind of approach is a little inefficient… it is better to have you teach me face-to-face. Anyways, if you’re on vacation, it shouldn’t affect your work…”

Qiao Jingjing suddenly felt her heart twist up. Of course, her appearance was flawless. Very at ease!

Yu Tu felt it was a little difficult.

“I haven’t watched a professional game before. I don’t know how good they are, so I don’t know if I can teach you well.”

“It doesn’t matter. I can’t ask anyone else to teach me. You saw that.”

Yu Tu had just seen the video of her playing being exposed and of course he understood what she meant. However, he stared at her, “Do you trust me?”

“Ah?” Qiao Jingjing felt the question was a little inexplicable, “You’re my classmate.” And there isn’t any conflict of interest.

What else could Yu Tu say? He sighed for a long time and suddenly felt it was a little funny.

He remembered how long ago, when he was a freshman in high school, one day a girl suddenly ran up to him and said arrogantly, “Yu Tu, teach me math and I’ll treat you to KFC.”

How similar it is.

He forgot why he refused at that time, but there seemed to be no reason to refuse at this moment. He really didn’t have anything going on, so he nodded and said, “Okay.”

It was Qiao Jingjing who was stunned. Although she had acted confidently as though she knew he would definitely agree to her request, could it be so simple?



“You’re willing?”

Yu Tu nodded.

Qiao Jingjing was happy and immediately turned to walk back.

“Then let’s stop walking and go back to play games.”

Yu Tu could hardly keep up with her pace, “Isn’t it inappropriate with your parents at home?”

“Who told you my parents were here? They’re in my hometown.” Qiao Jingjing immediately edited her previous script and said happily, “My house only has a rabbit air purifier at home.”

The walk back was completely different from before. There was no awkwardness at all because… Yu Tu kept asking her questions about the game.

Qiao Jingjing was a little overwhelmed. Is this what it’s like when a top-student turns on teaching mode?

When the were downstairs in her building, Yu Tu finally stopped asking questions and felt a little helpless, “What was your coach even teaching you?”

Qiao Jingjing felt the god-level student’s contempt and was dejected, “You even study how to play games?”

“You don’t need to study it. You can figure it out after playing a few matches. These details will sometimes determine the winner.” He looked at his watch, “It’s too late today. I’ll head out.”

Qiao Jingjing saw that it was ten o’clock.

“Then tomorrow, um, nine in the morning? And can you come here?” Qiao Jingjing asked him. “You know it isn’t very convenient for me to go anywhere.”

Actually, Yu Tu felt like that would be a little inappropriate but it seemed like there was no where else for them to go.

After thinking about it, he still said, “Yes.”

“Well…goodbye.” Qiao Jingjing waved at him.


Yu Tu very courteously pressed the elevator button and waited for Qiao Jingjing to enter before turning around and leaving.

Qiao Jingjing almost cheered when the elevator door closed.

“Xiao Zhu!” She jumped around her house happily, “A childhood dream came true!”

Xiao Zhu excitedly looked up from the sofa where she had been reporting to Big Sister Ling. Hearing her words, she quickly put down her phone, “What dream?”

Qiao Jingjing, “A god-level student is going to teach me math!”

Xiao Zhu, “???”


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